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Apple hoi polloi annoyed at Leopard delay

On virtual soapboxes, Mac fans weighed in -- and not in a happy way, either

April 14, 2007 12:00 PM ET

Computerworld - Mac users, whether casual or fanatic, aren't taking the bad news sitting down. When Apple Inc. announced Thursday that it will delay the release of Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" by four months, they jumped on their soapboxes -- the Internet's forums and news story comments and blogs -- to rant and sometimes even rage at the Cupertino machine.

Here's an unexpurgated sampling of what Apple backers had to say -- and where they said it:

Excuse me while I go postal...

OMG I do NOT beleive [sic] this! This is the most f$#%cked up news of 2007! Delay Leopard in order to develop a f#^@$$%#ing cell phone Brilliant, Apple. Just totally f@#%@ing brilliant. Dude, I'm gettin a Dell. Vista is already out. -- MacVault, MacRumors.

It hurts when I laugh... "Oh, it's like Steve Jobs kicked me in the Ballmer." -- MacPCJustCreate, MacWorld

"I was looking forward to taking several hours and having problems to install it, now what am I going to do?" -- dbater, MacWorld

"What's the problem Steve -- can't afford enough engineers to work on two projects at once? Jeez, that's too bad, things are rough all over." -- dailyrev, MacWorld

On Apple boosting iPhone's priority at the expense of Leopard...

"It's surprising that removing 'Computer' from their name was not followed up by replacing it with 'Gadgets and Gizmos Only.'" -- Allotriophagy, MacRumors Forums

"When they announced the iPhone, it was reported on for days by every news organization, TV news, Internet news. Soft news shows did 5 minute iPhone puff pieces. If Apple announced it wouldn't ship when they said it would, it would knock Imus off the front pages of newspapers. A delayed Leopard will not have nearly that effect." -- rdowns, MacRumors Forums

"Apple seriously dropped the ball on this one, delaying their flagship OS over a stupid little trinket. It shows where Apple's interests are waning towards, trendy gadgets instead of their loyal customers." -- grbear, MacWorld

"You know, October isn't that bad. This way they can concentrate on all their new important stuff: the iToaster, iCanOpener and all the other iGadgetCrap." -- partsmutt, MacWorld

They're snickering in Seattle...

"I've gotta admit, this puts Apple is an awkward situation, given how much flak they gave to Microsoft for their delays with Longhorn." -- irmongoose, MacRumors Forums

"Listen carefully. You hear that sound? That's the sound of the thousands of engineers at Microsoft attempting in vain to suppress their laughter." -- welshandrew, MacRumors Forums

"All of their whining about Microsoft delays is coming back to bite them with delay of iTV and Leopard." -- Puddleofudd, Computerworld

Money, money, money...

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