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Storage for a million photos: Dell offers first 1TB PC

By Chris Mellor
March 16, 2007 12:00 PM ET - Dell Inc. is the first computer system supplier to offer 1TB (1,000GB) hard drive upgrades for PCs targeted at users who need to store large amounts of digital media.

The higher capacity, which comes in the form of  a Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Deskstar 7K100 drive, is particularly needed for storing video content, such as high-definition video for gaming, Dell said.

So how much can you store on a 1TB drive? Some examples include a million photos, a million minutes of music or 16 days of DVD quality video.

Dell's vice president, Neil Hand said in a press release, "This type of capability used to be available only to the largest corporations. With the spectacular advancement in hard drives and the engineering in our systems, we're now able to bring it to consumers."

The first Dell PCs to use the Hitachi drives will be its own Alienware-branded gaming PCs. Dell's XPS systems will then follow suit. A check on the US Alienware site shows four 1TB drives can be shipped.

The Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 drive spins at 7,200rpm with a 3Gbit/s serial ATA interface. The drive uses perpendicular recording, has five platters, a read access time of 8.5 milliseconds and a write time of 9.2 milliseconds. It has a 32MB cache and an 8.7 millisecond average seek time.

Dell is also launching a 'video time capsule service'; users can use to upload videos to where Dell will store them, initially on the 1TB drives, for a claimed 50 years.

It is also to be expected that external USB-connected drives used for backup by manufacturers like La Cie will offer products with twice the capacity of current 500GB-drive ones currently available. Dell's 1TB drive is priced at $540.

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