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Survey: Microsoft Office 2007 Adoption Plans

Just 37% of respondents to a Computerworld/Office Letter survey say they plan to upgrade to the next version of Office

By Mari Keefe
December 4, 2006 12:00 PM ET

Computerworld - In October 2006, Computerworld conducted a survey of reader perceptions and adoption plans for Microsoft Office 2007. The 727 respondents included readers of both Computerworld and The Office Letter who were invited to respond to an online survey. Most respondents (68%) were in IT management.

Computerworld customers with IT management and staff titles and Office Letter subscribers were also invited via e-mail to participate in the survey over a two-week period in October. Additionally, subscribers to Computerworld newsletters were invited to participate in the survey.

The top-line results are presented below. Significant variations, based on company size or whether organizations had beta-tested Office 2007, are mentioned in the accompanying descriptions.

Here's what respondents had to say.

About the Respondents

What is your company's size?
 Small (< 100 empl.): 39%
 Medium (100 - 500): 18%
 Large (501 +): 43%
Base: 727 respondents

Are you familiar with Microsoft Office 2007?
 Very familiar: 17%
 Somewhat familiar: 45%
 Not at all familiar: 38%
Base: 727 respondents

Is your organization currently beta-testing Office 2007?
 Yes: 26%
 No: 68%
 Don't know: 6%
Base: 727 respondents

Adoption Plans

Does your organization have plans to adopt Office 2007?
37% Yes, 44% No, 19% Don't Know
Response Detail:
 Yes, in next 6 mos.: 11%
 Yes, in next 7-12 mos.: 11%
 Yes, in next 13-18 mos.: 9%
 Yes, later than 18 mos.: 7%
 No plans at this time: 39%
 Will skip this version: 5%
 Undecided/don't know: 19%
Base: 727 respondents (Numbers do not add up to 100% due to rounding.)

Nearly 40% of all respondents plan to adopt Office 2007. The percentage is nearly the same among small, midsize and large companies. While 22% of all respondents plan to adopt Office 2007 within six to 12 months, larger companies plan to adopt at a slightly slower pace. Just 19% say they will adopt it within a year.

Nearly three quarters (72%) of respondents who were Office 2007 beta testers say their organizations plan to adopt Office 2007. About half (52%) of those respondents plan to adopt it within a year.

Overall, 44% of all respondents will not adopt Office 2007, with 39% indicating no plans and 5% saying they will skip this version of Office.

If you/your organization have no plans to upgrade to Office 2007 or are skipping Office, why is that?
 Already committed to Office XP or 2003: 25%
 Software upgrade costs too great: 24%
 Features are not sufficiently compelling: 15%
 User interface changes too dramatic; user (re)training will be an issue: 8%
 Other: 14%
 Don't know: 15%
Base: 457 respondents with no adoption plans or who were undecided/didn't know (Numbers do not add up to 100% due to rounding.)

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