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Porn site domain name up for sale

The owner said he won't sell it unless he knows who's buying

By Linda Rosencrance
February 10, 2004 12:00 PM ET

Computerworld - The domain name for the pornographic Web site, which is often confused with the government site, is now up for sale.
"[The owner's] son is four and a half years old and is going to be starting kindergarten, and he's getting to that age of reason where he's starting to inquire about what Daddy does," said Nancy Tamosaitis, a spokeswoman for the owner, Dan Parisi.
Parisi initially set up the Web site in 1997 as a place for uncensored discussion on governmental policies. He then added adult content to make it profitable, according to a statement on the Web site.
Although Parisi has been making more than $1 million annually on, he wants to devote more time and energy to his residential real estate business, Tamosaitis said. "That's starting to turn a profit, and he wants to focus his energy on that and move away from the whole area. He's already had a separate company doing the day-to-day work for This is just the final step of moving away from it."
Since Parisi put the domain name up for sale, Tamosaitis said she has fielded a couple of calls from the government wanting to know the asking price. "I'm not sure how much he wants, but since it's is making seven figures, I'm sure he's assuming to get a decent price tag for it," she said.
Tamosaitis said Parisi won't sell the site to anyone who refuses to identify himself.
"About one and a half years ago, Parisi was approached to sell the site by a buyer's broker who wouldn't identify the buyer, and they basically were putting a blank check in front of him, saying, 'Whatever you want, we'll sign it,'" Tamosaitis said. "And he wouldn't do it because he wanted to know who was buying it."
She said not only does Parisi want a good price for the domain name, but he also wants to make sure it doesn't fall into the hands of terrorists or anyone in the adult entertainment industry.

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