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Clunk Click debuts online Mac backup service

Prices start at $5 per month for a laptop or desktop license

By Mathew Honan
August 10, 2006 12:00 PM ET

Macworld - Backing up your Mac can be a chore, especially if you aren't a .Mac member, but a company in the U.K. hopes to make it easier protect your data. Clunk Click on Wednesday announced OnLine Pro, a new online data backup service for Mac OS X users.

OnLine Pro automatically backs up data to secure off-site data centers via the Internet each day, so that users can recover lost data at anytime from any computer with an Internet connection. Clunk Click says an online service providing off-site backup offers better protection from data loss due to hard drive failure, fire, or theft than backing up to a local external drive or optical media.

Prices start at $5 per month for a laptop or desktop license; there's also a $5 per gigabyte per month fee. A free 10-day trial is available.

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