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Development Highlights from Around the Web

By David Ramel
November 5, 2004 12:00 PM ET

Computerworld -

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WinFX: the new Windows API in Longhorn
From WinFX, the Longhorn API, is the API for Windows in Longhorn. Though WinFX in its first release within Longhorn is actually a peer to the Win32 API, it will eventually supersede the Win32 API (requires free registration).

Combine streams in one .NET Framework Stream object
From This article represents a simple Stream class whose data is based on the number of another .NET Framework streams.

J2ME Higlights
From Just to highlight some commong beginner errors while programming in Micro Java like: - date/time - user interface - RecordStore.

Java Web Component Tutorial
From A comprehensive introduction to Java Web Components that should give you a quick start on developing and writing good quality industrial level Web Component software. Everything will be explained from the very basics so you do not need to have any pre-requisites apart from basic Web development experience.

SOAP's Alive: Try the New Native SOAP Extensions for PHP
From With PHP5, Web services and everybody's favorite open source Web development language are now native pals.

A Simple DOM-Based XML Manager Class
From A simple wrapper class using DOM (Document Object Model) to manipulate XML files.

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Structured Exception Handling in Visual Studio .NET

From You have to handle exceptions in your programs, or the application will crash. (Users take exception to that.) Learn how to use Visual Studio's tools to throw and catch, elegantly and easily.

How to Write High-Performance C# Code

From .Net Developer's Journal: Writing code that runs quickly is sometimes at odds with writing code quickly. C.A.R. Hoare, computer science luminary and discoverer of the QuickSort algorithm, famously proclaimed, "Premature optimization is the root of all evil." The extreme programming design principle of "You Aren't Gonna Need It" (YAGNI) argues against implementing any features, including performance optimizations, until they're needed.

Building a Better Configuration Settings Class

From .NET provides a basic configuration management class, but it's not as flexible or easy to use as it could be. Find out how you can create a more flexible interface that provides strong typing, encryption, and write access to your application settings.

.NET Mobile Tutorial
From This tutorial is about how to develop mobile applications with an extension to the .NET Framework, called the Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit (MMIT) or simply .NET Mobile.

Allowing Only Numbers in ASP. NET TextBoxes
From CustomValidator control lets you take charge of the validation process. You can wire up your own client side JavaScript with CustomValidator. In this article we will see how to use CustomValidator control to allow only numbers in an ASP.NET textbox.

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