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Office Fallacies

September 2, 2002 12:00 PM ET

Computerworld - The pricing for StarOffice is very attractive, but not as attractive as that of the completely free OpenOffice from . Still, I find the incompatibilities in both to be a showstopper. I gave my 12-year-old son an old laptop for school projects, and purchasing Microsoft Office was cost prohibitive. Everyone else is using Office at home, though, and he sees some format incompatibilities. If StarOffice/OpenOffice aren't ready to handle a kid's simple school reports, they're definitely not ready for the prime time of charging money for them. Let's be honest: If Microsoft put out a product of this quality, we'd be roasting it over the coals in your very pages. Where are the fires for Sun and open source to get them in lock step with what customers need?

Ernie Oporto

Systems administrator

Virage Logic Corp.

Clinton, N.J.

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