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10 cool cutting-edge technologies on the horizon now - complete list

August 20, 2007 12:00 PM ET

Computerworld - These cutting-edge technologies from research labs and companies that are looming on the horizon. Special thanks go to our six scouts and nine judges, who helped find and evaluate the Computerworld Horizon Award winners featured here. (See how they were chosen.)


Eleksen Group PLC's Sideshow Wearable Display Module

What it does: Using its unique patented fabric technology, ElekTex, Eleksen has developed a Vista Sideshow module in collaboration with Microsoft Corp. that can be incorporated into computer bags, briefcases, backpacks, fabric keyboards or clothing. Users can see schedules, phone numbers, addresses and recent e-mail messages without having to start up their laptops. Read more…

Company Web site:

Stanford University's EyePoint

What it does: EyePoint makes it possible for eye-gaze to be used as a viable alternative to the mouse (or other pointing techniques) forpointing and selection tasks, such as surfing the Web. Your hands don't have to leave the keyboard, so the technology works well in constrained spaces, such as airplanes. Read more…

EyePoint Web site

Ghost Inc.'s Global Hosted Operating System

What it does: Ghost moves the operating system onto the Web, providing users with a Ghost virtual computer -- a free PC environment accessible from any browser. With a single online file system, single log-in and sharing collaboration, Ghost brings together Web 2.0 applications and offers an alternative to Windows. Read more…

Company Web site:

Linguistic Agents Ltd.'s Streaming Logic

What it does: This intelligent command engine bridges natural language and computer language, allowing machines to "understand" the actual meaning embedded in a sentence. Read more…

Company Web site:

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