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Sun non-Java development tool now free

By Paul Krill
November 16, 2005 12:00 PM ET

InfoWorld - Sun Microsystems Inc. is making its new Sun Studio tool free and is adding support for development on multicore chips.

Sun Studio 11 is for developing C, C++ and Fortran applications to run on the Solaris or Linux operating systems on Sparc, x86, and x64 hardware, according to the company. Enabling development on multicore and multithreaded systems, the tool supports the new multicore UltraSparc T1 chip, which had been code-named Niagara (see "Sun announces new T1 chip").

Previously, Sun Studio sold for about $3,000 per developer, but Sun hopes to leverage the tool to promote its hardware. "We want to lower the barrier for developers to be able to build applications to the great new hardware we're producing," said Dan Roberts, director of developer tools at Sun.

Available now, the tool also will be added to the Java Enterprise System middleware package and to Solaris as well.

Sun Studio 11 compilers offer the highest performance for developing 32- and 64-bit applications on multicore and multithreaded systems, according to Sun.

Sun last week unveiled a free version of its Sun Java Studio Enterprise tool for Java development (see "Sun to offer enterprise development tool for free").

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