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Review: Apple's new iPad Pro

Review of Apple's iPad Pro


Six great gifts for the nerdiest nerds you know

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Which Amazon reading device is right for you?

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Killer gifts every PC gamer will want

News flash: Gamers want more than Shasta cola and a Rush mix tape. These five killer gifts will make any PC gamer gush


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How to Pick the Best iPad

Trying to decide which iPad to buy? We've got the lowdown on each iPad model so you can buy the right one.


Five cheap but classy tech gifts for $50 or less

Yes, your budget can handle these, from great audio accessories and clever docks to the slickest streaming device this season.


Kick-ass wine, beer and cocktail gadgets for your home bar

We've got bottle chillers, unbreakable glasses, and a corkscrew (sort of) that doesn't damage the cork. Drink up!


The D-Link DIR860L router -- how secure can it get?

This is a router review like no other. It is focused solely on the security aspects of the D-Link DIR-860L router, comparing it to my checklist of security features at

lumia 950 marketing 01 dsim

Microsoft Lumia 950: The first Windows 10 smartphone tries hard -- but can it succeed?

Microsoft's Lumia 950, the first Windows 10 phone, has all the right specs, but we've yet to see if it's got what it take to become a preferred corporate device.


5 awesome high-tech toys your kids will love

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penguinadmin 2400px

Review: 5 memory debuggers for Linux coding

When you're working in Linux, manually debugging memory-related errors can be difficult and time consuming. These five tools can help.

USB Type-C thumb drives

Review: Two USB Type C thumb drives -- one from Lexar, one from SanDisk -- go head to head

Two of the first companies to release USB Type-C thumb drives were SanDisk and Lexar, and while there aren't many systems that have the new 10Gbps ports, we found two and tested which drive performed better.


High-tech gifts for your home bar

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Tech gifts for every budget

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The minimalist’s guide to the Apple Pencil

Here's everything you need to know about the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro.

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