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Hands on: ‘Siri, what’s new in macOS Sierra?’

Sierra, the new version of Apple's macOS operating system, offers a number of new features, including its voice-activated assistant Siri.

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Hands on: WatchOS 3 is the OS Apple always intended

Apple’s watchOS 3 marks the company’s third attempt to provide a satisfying user experience -- and this time, it works.

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Deep-dive review: iOS 10 adds speed and smarts

iOS 10, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, brings a variety of upgrades to Siri, 3D Touch, the Lock Screen, Maps and other features.

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Review: 5 open-source alternatives for routers/firewalls

These open-source products deliver simple routing and networking features, like DHCP and DNS. Plus, they have security functionality, starting with a basic firewall and possibly including antivirus, antispam and Web filtering.

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Review: Google Bigtable scales with ease

If your data runs to hundreds of terabytes or more, look to Cloud Bigtable for high performance, ease of use and effortless scaling without downtime.

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First look: The LG V20 keeps the good stuff and improves the rest

Shipping with Android 7.0, LG's high-end V20 offers features being dropped by its competitors, like an SD-card slot, removable battery and headphone jack, while concentrating on sophisticated audio and visual technology.

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App the vote: 8 mobile tools for tracking the election

It's an exciting election season. We've nominated eight Android and iOS apps that can help you follow the races.

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Hands on: The Moto Z Play -- Moto Mods plus a headphone jack

The Moto Z Play may be slightly less bleeding-edge than he Moto Z and Moto Z Force, but this is a solid midrange phone that uses the same useful snap-on modules.

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Review: SentinelOne blocks and dissects threats

SentinelOne EPP brings good malware detection, excellent forensics and flexible remediation to business networks.

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Review: Top tools for preventing data leaks

Most security tools are focused on keeping external attackers at bay. But what about the sensitive data that lives inside your network? How do you make sure it doesn’t get out, either intentionally or by accident? That’s where Data...

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Review: Google Cloud SQL takes on Amazon Aurora

Google’s second-generation SQL database as a service achieves higher transaction rates than Aurora at moderate loads.

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6 tools for producing a great mobile app experience

You want users of your mobile apps to have a worry-free experience, which means using mobile app performance management (APM) tools to pinpoint any problems. IT managers in the IT Central Station community identify the best and worst...

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Braven 105 vs. Jam Rewind: Portable speakers with good sound

The Jam Rewind and Braven 105 are two small, durable Bluetooth speakers that offer good sound and several distinctive features.

Samsung Galaxy Note7

Samsung Galaxy Note7: An excellent phone for the high-price market

Samsung's new Galaxy Note7 Android smartphone offers a superb display, well-thought-out design, a fine stylus and strong security features -- for a price.

Logitech ZeroTouch

Logitech ZeroTouch phone mount: A nice idea that still needs work

The Logitech ZeroTouch is a mount for Android smartphones that promises to enhance voice control while driving. However, it's too buggy to be truly useful.

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Review: 13 primo Python web frameworks

Python programmers have many excellent options for creating web apps and APIs; Django, Weppy, Bottle, and Flask lead the way.

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10 advanced endpoint protection tools

The days of simple endpoint protection based on traditional anti-malware tools are over. There are now advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools that go beyond proactive monitoring and endpoint protection. Here are capsule...

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What is a cloud access security broker and why do I need one?

These products provide a variety of security measures, including access control, firewall, identity management, anti-malware, DLP, encryption and threat management.

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