Dell Venue 8 7000 vs Nexus 9
dell venue 8 7000 tablet

From Fra Burmeister og Wain's Iron Foundry by Peder Severin Krøyer fire manufacture worker industry

Review: IBM Bluemix bulks up Cloud Foundry

IBM's full-featured PaaS wows with Watson and an amazing array of services, but many are not yet ready for prime time.

011915 suseslides 1

SUSE Linux 12 challenges Red Hat

It’s been more than five years since SUSE delivered a full release of its Enterprise Linux software, and a lot has happened to the company during that time.

htc re narrative clip orange

Gadget watch: The HTC Re and the Narrative Clip track your life's images

A new category of camera is helping users to track their lives in images without having to pull out a smartphone -- or even manually take a photo.

Dell Venue 8 7000 Android Tablet

Hands on: Dell's Venue 8 7000 tablet makes an awesome first impression

It may have a painfully dull name, but Dell's new Android tablet deserves your attention.

lulzbot mini 3D printer

Review: LulzBot Mini 3D printer delivers outstanding details

The new LulzBot Mini is a solid 3D printer that is more accurate than any I’ve used to date. The machine, which fits nicely on any desktop, is also fast and compatible with numerous thermopolymers.

development tools cloud measure architecture

Review: Mirantis takes the sting out of OpenStack deployments

Mirantis' wizardly discovery, configuration, deployment and pre-flight testing tool takes you from zero to OpenStack in a matter of hours.

network monitoring

Uptime simplifies system and server monitoring

Server and systems management tools have long been too expensive and too complex to actually use without spending thousands of dollars on consultants. Uptime Software has been trying to change that with a product that can be installed...

taxi cab moving

Need a ride? 3 ridesharing and 2 taxi apps considered

Ridesharing services are on smartphones and in the news. We look at the three best known of these -- Uber, Lyft and Sidecar -- and two alternatives.


Review: The big 4 Java IDEs compared

How Eclipse, NetBeans, JDeveloper, and IntelliJ IDEA stack up in capabilities and ease of use.

010515 utm 1

CheckPoint, Watchguard earn top spots in UTM shootout

Unified threat management appliances for SMB security are getting smaller, more powerful and more feature rich.

mobile business

Review: Salesforce has the right stuff for mobile development

Salesforce1 Platform gives Salesforce developers at all skill levels good options for building mobile apps.

blackberry classic marble final

Now on CIO: BlackBerry Classic review: A killer smartphone for keyboard lovers

The BlackBerry Classic is the best smartphone the company has ever released. It's not going to lure away many iPhone or Android users, but that's just fine with BlackBerry. Here's why.

sony smartglasses

Hands-on with Sony's latest smartglasses

If anyone could use a hit product right now, it's Sony. But its latest smartglasses won't win people over from Google Glass despite having a better display.

Watson Analytics data visualization

Test drive: IBM Watson Analytics free beta

Watson Analytics aims to make data analysis as simple as asking a question in plain English. We take it for a spin.

android wear watches

4 top Android Wear watches: A hands-on guide

So many watches, so little time! We compare four Android Wear watches -- Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Sony SmartWatch 3 and Asus ZenWatch -- in this real-world guide.

four aces playing cards

Review: Alpha Anywhere aces mobile apps that work offline

Database-oriented rapid app development tool shines at creating Web and hybrid mobile apps that work offline

imac 27 yosemite

Review: Apple's new 5K iMac -- powerful, pixel-ful and pricey

Apple's latest 27-in. desktop comes with a remarkable Retina display, great performance, a sleek design -- and an impressive price tag.

google htc nexus 9 tablet

Now on CIO: 6 things Nexus 9 does that Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 can't

The new Google Nexus 9 and Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (2014) are both quality high-end tablet options, but the Nexus outshines the Kindle in a number of notable ways.

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