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Long-term review: The new MacBook is a great travel laptop

Apple's new MacBook doesn't have the best performance, but a brilliant display, light-weight design and long battery life make it the perfect travel laptop.

Windows 10 build 1022

Review: Windows 10 Insider Preview -- a nearly finished OS

We look at the current build of Microsoft Windows 10 Insider Preview, which offers several improvements to what looks like a very promising OS.

abstract rack of servers datacenter networking hardware

Review: HP’s latest blade delivers big punch in small package

ProLiant BL-460 Gen 9 blades are tuned for virtual workloads.

wikimedia foundation servers

First look: Windows Server 2016 goes on a cloud diet

Under the familiar skin, Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2 offers something very different.

hp spectre x360 notebook mode

Review: HP Spectre x360 is the business laptop with a twist

My review of the new HP Spectre x360 laptop.

access points fast wifi 1

4 new access points deliver super-fast Wi-Fi

Linksys, Xclaim, Amped and ZyXel bring 802.11ac to SMB, enterprise markets.

Formlabs Form 1+ 3D printer

Review: Formlabs Form 1+ 3D printer offers mind-blowing precision (video)

The Formlabs Form 1+ is an incredibly accurate 3D printer, capable of reproducing mind-blowing intricate models. It's also a costly and slow machine.


Video Review: Formlabs Form 1+ 3D Printer

Computerworld's Lucas Mearian shows off the Formlabs Form 1+ 3D printer, which uses a laser and basin-filled photosensitive polymer resin to create objects. The laser sketches a pattern into the resin and hardens it -- and like the...

Apple Watch

5 insights in 3 minutes on the Apple Watch (video)

The first question most people ask an Apple Watch owner is: "What does it do?" That's not really the right question, according to Computerworld reviewer Michael deAgonia.


Insights into the Apple Watch

Computerworld’s Michael DeAgonia was among the first wave of Apple Watch buyers to actually get his Watch in late April. Here’s his take on what’s important about the wearable and whether it’s a must-have device.

android smartphone with money

Review: 7 Android apps that track your expenses

If you do any business travel, you know how important -- and annoying -- it is to track your spending. One of these 7 Android apps can help.

editor red ink revise revision calligraphy writing pen correction

Review: 10 JavaScript editors compared

Sublime Text, TextMate and Brackets lead a rich field in capabilities and speed.

LG Watch Urbane vs Moto 360

LG Watch Urbane vs. Moto 360: A detailed real-world comparison

LG Watch Urbane or Moto 360 -- which Android Wear watch to get? An in-depth comparison based on extended real-life use.

anti virus software 1

Old-school antivirus vendors learn new tricks

Testing reveals that traditional AV vendors have added defense-in-depth, BYOD protection.

the gnu make book

Review: The GNU Make Book

Here's a book that could teach you more than you ever thought possible about make. One of those Unix utilities that I took for granted all these years, make is actually a lot more versatile than I imagined and quite a bit more...

00 lg g4 camera primary1

How good is the LG G4 camera? A real-world evaluation

LG has been making big promises about the camera its new G4 smartphone. We ran it through some tests to see if it delivers.

LG Watch Urbane

Living with the LG Watch Urbane: Android Wear at its best

The LG Watch Urbane brings a traditional timepiece style to the Android Wear world -- but it's what's beyond the surface that really makes this smartwatch shine.

Young businessman doing flexible handstand outdoors twist contort stretch

Review: Stretch your NoSQL database with MarkLogic 8

Enterprise-oriented document database brings powerful indexing and flexible querying to a broad range of data types

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