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Nexus 6 vs Galaxy Note 4

Nexus 6 vs. Galaxy Note 4: Which one's right for you?

To Nexus or to Note? Two plus-sized Android phones -- two very different user experiences. Here's some practical guidance based on weeks of living with both devices.

android 50 lollipop

Android 5.0 deep-dive review: Exploring Lollipop's many layers

Google's Android 5.0 Lollipop release brings major changes to the way the operating system looks and works. Here's a detailed tour of what's new and what it's like to use.

nexus 6 review roundup

Nexus 6 reviews: Google's Android 5.0 phablet is bigger, but better?

'Shamu' shows its enormous face: The Nexus 6, Google's huge Android 5.0 phablet is here, so it must be time for one of Richi's random review roundups. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers tread the thin line between love and hate.

nexus 6

Nexus 6 deep-dive review: A supersized smartphone that shines

Google's new Nexus 6 packs pure Android Lollipop software into a plus-sized package that's pleasant to use. Could this be the phone for you?

Nexus 6 vs Galaxy Note 4 Camera

Nexus 6 vs. Galaxy Note 4: Smartphone camera shootout!

Just how good is the Nexus 6's camera -- and how does it compare to the Galaxy Note 4? See for yourself in this head-to-head photo face-off.

hybrid cloud

Nasuni raises the bar for hybrid cloud storage

Subscription-based service offers scalable storage for enterprises.

nexus 9

Nexus 9 deep-dive review: Bigger, but not necessarily better

Google's new Nexus 9 tablet is a decent device that comes with Android's new Lollipop OS, but it may not live completely up to the hype.

Outlook for Mac 15

Outlook for Mac 15.3 review: Almost as good as the Windows version

A surprise update of Outlook for Mac approaches parity with Windows, but doesn’t yet play well with other ecosystems.

yoga 3 pro laptop

Yoga 3 Pro review: Intel's Core M processor delivers for this hybrid laptop

Lenovo's versatile Yoga 3 Pro Windows tablet/laptop convertible offers a new low-power processor, many hours of battery life and a great display.

ssdwrk 512 topbot

Review: Austria’s Angelbird laptop SSD

Austria’s Angelbird SSD revealed a relatively slow boot time, but it’s file transfer speeds were impressive; now to get the price to that same level.

img 0666

Review reloaded: The da Vinci all-in-one 3D printer disappoints

After my initial look at this 3D printer/scanner, I spent a week trying out various features -- and finding that first impressions can be deceiving. (I also learned from 3D printing pros that some problems can be solved.)

Moto X vs Droid Turbo

Moto X vs. Droid Turbo: Which one's right for you?

Some practical guidance on two of the year's most interesting phones -- based on weeks of living with them and comparing them side by side.

cloud computing concept 136627333

5 clouds for building mobile apps

AnyPresence, Appcelerator, FeedHenry, Kinvey, and Parse share plenty of common ground, but two stand apart

droid turbo

Droid Turbo review: A sturdy phone with serious stamina

It may not be the most elegant-looking device, but Motorola's new Droid Turbo smartphone, available only through Verizon is well-made and brimming with power.

iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2 review: A great tablet gets better

Apple's new iPad Air 2 tablet is thinner, lighter and faster than its predecessors, and now includes the Touch ID sensor and a load of other new features.

core os

CoreOS: A lean, mean virtualization machine

No-frills Linux distro offers rapid deployment of VM instances.

New Gmail App Android Lollipop

Hands on: This is the brand new Gmail app for Android

Along with its Android 5.0 Lollipop release, Google is delivering a brand new and completely redesigned Gmail app for Android. Here's a quick first look.

New Gmail App Android Lollipop

Hands on: This is the brand new Gmail app for Android

Google is delivering a brand new and completely redesigned Gmail app for Android.

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