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White Paper | Presented by Safebreach

A New Methodology For Quantifying Risks

An invaluable technique for understanding security risks is to assess your environment. But, vulnerability assessments provide limited context, while penetration testing's point-in-time approach renders findings that are quickly out-of-date. A better approach is dynamic security assessment, as defined by Securosis analyst Mike Rothman.

API Monitoring: A Primer

APIs power today's connected digital world, extending the functionality of web applications and driving automation. While they improve extensibility and innovation, API's can also hurt your end-user's experience if integrations are not available or functioning properly, so API monitoring has become critical to protecting performance.

White Paper | Presented by Proofpoint

CXO Guide to Security and Archiving Challenges with Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a robust set of email and collaboration tools that is offered in a number of configurations with varying levels of features and functions. Office 365 represents Microsoft's latest - and arguably, most successful - venture into the cloud services space in the 13+ years that the company has offered hosted services.

How to Accelerate and De-risk the Path to the Hybrid Cloud

Many organizations have yet to realize the business value a mature hybrid cloud strategy can provide. CDI LLC's Hybrid Cloud Automation Framework uses industry-leading tools from VMware and ServiceNow to accelerate and de-risk the journey to maximizing the full potential of the hybrid cloud.

How To Stop Your Microsoft Office 365 Users From Getting Hooked By Credential Phishing

Today's attacks target people, not just infrastructure. As more people work through Office 365 and the cloud, credential phishing is an effective way to target them. These attacks don't use malware, and are hard to block with traditional defenses

Human Nature: How Attackers Target People Through Microsoft Office 365

Today's attacks target people, not just infrastructure. As organizations migrate to the cloud, attackers are finding new ways to target them. Malicious URLs sent to Office 365 users have become an increasingly effective method of attack.

Case Study | Presented by Insynq

Marshall Ridge Jefferson Weathers the Storm Thanks to Customized Cloud Solutions by Insynq

With insurance experts estimating a total economic cost of up to $15 billion across the United States, Hurricane Matthew certainly left its mark during the fall of 2016. In North Carolina, record flooding destroyed buildings and key infrastructure, directly impacting thousands of businesses, causing them to suffer significant financial losses.

White Paper | Presented by Proofpoint

The Hidden Costs of Microsoft Office 365 Security & Compliance

It sounds hard to turn down the promise of advanced threat protection, data protection and an online archive designed to meet privacy, compliance and data-retention requirements especially when it's all included with your Office 365 deployment. Why spend more money on third-party email security or archiving when it comes as part of your Microsoft license? Aren't all email security and compliance solutions pretty much the same?

The Omnichannel Retail Banking Experience: Ensuring a Seamless Customer Experience Across All Your Banking Channels

To be a customer-centric retail bank means being able to serve your customers by whichever channel they choose to use, whenever and wherever they choose to use it. Ensuring an amazing customer experience across all of those channels - web, mobile, physical branches, call center - is essential to revenue growth and profitability in a transitioning industry.

Using Digital Experience Monitoring to Guide Cloud Migrations

Organizations planning a migration to the cloud must be confident that they will be able to exceed the performance levels they've provided from their own systems.

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