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Achieving Agile IT Operations with Unified Infrastructure Monitoring

This paper explores the macro trends that are generating a need for unified monitoring tools. It identifies the business drivers for adopting such tools, including the key considerations for earning a return on investment.

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

How Technology Helps SMBs to Maximize the Value of Ideas

In an increasingly competitive environment, ideas can differentiate businesses and fuel their growth. SMBs need to get behind ideas and the people that create them. They can do that by encouraging a culture in which ideas thrive, and by giving people the tools they need to shape, share, and sell their ideas.

Moving from Reactive to Proactive IT Monitoring

In today's application economy, market success is increasingly being defined by an organization's ability to deliver multi-channel applications that provide an exceptional and differentiated customer experience.

Taming the Burgeoning Hybrid Cloud

Fragmented monitoring and management of a combination of physical and virtual IT assets with public and private cloud can frustrate enterprise goals.

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

The Productivity Puzzle: How to Get the Very Best Out of Your People in the Modern Workplace

Productivity remains one of the top issues facing small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) today. And while there's no doubting the importance of trying to get the most out of your talent, the approach many SMBs take actually has the reverse effect. This is the 'productivity puzzle.'

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

The Security Challenge for SMBs in a Mobile World

There's a big change happening in how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) think about IT security as they take advantage of mobility and the cloud. They're recognizing the need for mobile device management (MDM), cloud security, and the importance of choosing the right devices.

White Paper | Presented by Sapho

Are You in Denial About Approval Requests?

A typical manager works 47 hours1 a week. Meetings swallow nearly half that time. Emails eat another quarter. That leaves just 15 hours a week to get actual work done. How much of that time will you spend simply catching up on the backlog of administrative requests awaiting your approval? Probably more than you think.

Case Study | Presented by Ruckus Wireless

Case Study: Minooka Intermediate School

Minooka School District serves 4,500 pre-K through 8th-grade students. Minooka had been running a hardware controller-based Cisco Aironet infrastructure and faced difficulty troubleshooting and supporting increased network demands from faculty and students. Read how Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi was able to simplify WLAN management while providing much better Wi-Fi performance to students and faculty.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Sapho

Digital Transformation: Simplified Business Apps are the Place to Start

Business requirements and technology are changing constantly, but enterprises often find that their business apps are frozen in time. Businesses need solutions that deliver innovation but focus on integration with existing infrastructure. This 30-minute webinar, featuring Forrester Research analyst Michael Facemire and Sapho CTO Peter Yared, discusses how simple micro apps will drive business transformation.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Sapho

Discover the End User Experience of Sapho Micro Apps

Watch this short video to discover the functionality of the Sapho App, and Micro Apps! Learn how you can leverage the Sapho Micro Apps to gain all the necessary information and reports you need. Sapho does the hard work for you! Watch this video to learn how Sapho is delivering the future of work today.

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