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Security Trends in High Tech

Are BOTs Good or Bad? Both is the answer. 63% of security respondents view BOTs as a tool as well as a security risk. All websites receive BOT traffic daily but not all BOTs are created equal.

White Paper | Presented by A10 Networks

6 Discoveries IT Security Pros Need to know about SSL Inspection

Encryption is necessary to protect online data in transit from being compromised. But the threat is continuously evolving. Bad actors are now leveraging SSL-based encryption to hide malicious activity from existing security controls and technology.

White Paper | Presented by A10 Networks

DDoS Factor: Cost, Facts & Insights into 2017's Most Advanced Cyberattack Vector

Media coverage is omnipresent. But do DDoS attacks have any real-world financial ramifications? Depends on the business or industry, but the short answer is yes.

White Paper | Presented by A10 Networks

Hidden Encrypted Threats to Your Data and How to Uncover Them

The cost of a data breach has steadily increased over the past several years, hitting $3.79 million, up from $3.5 million in 2015, according to the Ponemon Institute. In response, organizations are stepping up security practices, including data encryption. Encrypting a record can reduce its breach-related costs more than any other measure and extending this to communications is critical.

White Paper | Presented by A10 Networks

Ponemon Study- Key Findings Interactive Guide

In a study commissioned by A10 Networks, Ponemon surveyed 1,023 IT and IT security practitioners in North America and EMEA who are involved in preventing and/or detecting Web-based attacks and are familiar with their organization's network traffic inspection.

White Paper | Presented by A10 Networks

The Ultimate Guide to SSL Inspection- Uncover Threats in SSL Traffic

Encrypted traffic accounts for a large and growing percentage of all network traffic. While the adoption of SSL, and its successor, Transport Layer Security (TLS), should be cause for celebration - as encryption improves confidentiality and message integrity - it also puts organizations at risk.

White Paper | Presented by A10 Networks

Toolkits, Apps & Services Used Today to Launch DDoS Attacks

This whitepaper is for security and networking professionals charged with protecting their networks against the debilitating effects of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.<br/>In this paper, we define and classify current DDoS threats and outline, with examples, the toolkits, apps and services used to perpetrate them, with details about how our solution provides a defense.

White Paper | Presented by A10 Networks

Uncover Hidden Threats in Encrypted Traffic

To prevent attacks, intrusions and malware, enterprises need to inspect incoming and outgoing traffic for threats. Unfortunately, attackers are increasingly turning to encryption to evade detection. With more and more applications supporting SSL - in fact, is expected to account for 67% of Internet traffic by the end of 2016.

White Paper | Presented by A10 Networks

Validating DDoS Threat Protection

This white paper is for security and networking professionals who are looking to protect their networks against the devastating effects of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Video/Webcast | Presented by A10 Networks

When Colossal DDoS Attacks Loom

Multi-vector DDoS attacks are growing in frequency, size and sophistication. Defeating these colossal DDoS attacks requires a precise strategy, not blind hope. Watch the webinar to investigate the latest attacks and provide real-world DDoS mitigation strategies from battle-tested cybersecurity experts.

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