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5 Models for Data Stewardship

These days, as the phrase "managing data as a corporate asset" is increasingly repeated in executive board rooms, data stewardship is more important than ever.

White Paper | Presented by Puppet Labs

Automated Configuration Management: Why it Matters and How to Get Started

Are you spending more time fighting fires than adding functionality? Managing too many tasks with ad-hoc manual changes & handwritten scripts? It's time to automate your configuration management.

eBook | Presented by Puppet Labs

Continuous Delivery: What It Is and How to Get Started

Continuous delivery allows you to get new features and capabilities to market quickly and reliably. But what is this methodology, really, and what's required to get started? Learn more in this new, introductory eBook.

Evolving Technology and Network Choices

Network engineers need to build our network more flexible, more agile, and more cost effective than ever before. iWAN provides us all of this ability plus much more.

White Paper | Presented by VMware | HP

Intro to HP ConvergedSystems 200 HC EVORAIL Technical Whitepaper

In late 2014, HP announced a new family of hyper-converged appliances within the HP ConvergedSystem portfolio. These new HP ConvergedSystem offerings are simple, turnkey systems that deliver fast time-to-value.

White Paper | Presented by Puppet Labs

Make IT Better: Four Success Stories from Puppet Labs Customers

IT departments are under more pressure than ever. You're asked to be faster (and even faster), more agile and more cost-effective, while still ensuring reliability, scalability, availability and security.

Next-Generation Analytics and Platforms For Business Success

This TDWI Best Practices Report focuses on how organizations can and do use next-generation analytics.

White Paper | Presented by VMware | HP

Quick Specs- HP EVO:RAIL

For customers who are looking for a simple, agile and highly available virtualization appliances, look towards the HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC EVO:RAIL. Find out why.

Statistics and Machine Learning at Scale

The concept of machine learning has been around for decades. What's new is that it can now be applied to huge quantities of data.

White Paper | Presented by VMware | HP

Technical FAQ: HP ConvergedSystems 200 HC EVORAIL

Review this list of commonly asked technical questions for the ConvergedSystem 200 Hyper- Converged EVO:RAIL System. Discover what EVO:Rail is, how it is different than VMware Virtual SAN, and what EVO:Rail replaces.

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