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White Paper | Presented by CDW

IoT Myth Busters

The Internet of Things, a conceptual framework existing beyond the event horizon of technology for years, is now becoming reality with the number of connected devices having surpassed the number of people living on Earth in 2008.

Video/Webcast | Presented by CDW

Paving the Way for IoT

From implementation to researching emerging trends, CDW has the end-to-end experience, partnerships and expertise to help you prepare and maintain your network for opportunities in next-generation technology.

White Paper | Presented by CDW

Software Defined Networking and CDW

Demands on your network are growing every day. Now's the time to embrace next-generation networking and software-defined networking (SDN) with a solution that extends the benefits of virtualization beyond just servers and storage.

White Paper | Presented by CDW

The Increasing Role of Software in Networking

While much of the buzz in recent years has surrounded software-defined networking (SDN), this is only one of the ways in which software has the potential to help administrators configure and manage their networks.

White Paper | Presented by CDW

The Promise of Software-Defined Networks

Is software-defined networking just another hyped-up buzzword, or does it truly reflect the next major move forward in the development of enterprise networks?

Video/Webcast | Presented by CDW

The Role of Software-Defined Networks on the Enterprise

Listen to technology experts and customers discuss the promise SDN will bring to data center environments.

White Paper | Presented by Apcera

Achieving Innovation: The Importance of Policy at Scale

Trust is crucial for scaling. ITOps needs to trust that the right resources are in play and that the information flows securely. Creating and enforcing pervasive policy is the only way to trust the cloud.

White Paper | Presented by VMware

Cloud Service Spur Enterprises to Seize New Opportunities

Enterprises that extend their data centers to the cloud can benefit from reduced costs, faster deployment and maximized flexibility while ensuring high levels of performance, availability and security.

eBook | Presented by New Relic

DevOps without Measurement is a Fail

The DevOps movement continues to gather speed, and, according to many, it's about time. After all, fostering collaboration and transparency across the entire delivery process has been shown to help everyone get great work done quickly.

eBook | Presented by IBM

eBook: Forward Looking Business Intelligence

This eBook discusses how to drive BI deeper into an organization with easier to use descriptive analytics solutions and how to transform an organization from being reactive to being pro-active.

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