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White Paper | Presented by Mashery

APIs, Mobile Apps, and the Enterprise: Teaming Up for Better Consumer Health

Learn about various ways that business and health organizations are using APIs to provide better patient and consumer experiences.

White Paper | Presented by Mashery

APIs: Prescription for Healthcare Innovation

Learn about four key areas in which APIs and API Management are helping healthcare companies achieve an unprecedented level of technical innovation.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Mashery

APIs: The Great Opportunity Beyond Mobile and the Open Enterprise

Join Blake Dournaee, Senior Product Manager at Intel Services, and our guest speaker, Forrester Research Vice President and Principal Analyst, Randy Heffner, as they discuss key strategies for extending APIs within the enterprise.

White Paper | Presented by Mashery

Extend Your Brand and Business with Mobile Applications Powered by API Solutions

Decision makers responsible for mobile strategies are looking for more ways to sell products and services, engage and serve customers, and market via today's hot mobile channel.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Mashery

Fueling the Enterprise: From Legacy Systems to Internal APIs

At Comcast, its CodeBig internal API platform has grown from a dozen to more than 80 APIs, revealing strong adoption and improved data sharing among departments to fuel better product offerings.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Mashery

How a Healthy API Program Can Accelerate Innovation and Increase Revenue

As a highly regulated, critical ecosystem of fragmented constituents that provide valuable services and manage our protected health information, the healthcare industry has struggled to break free of legacy systems.

White Paper | Presented by Mashery

IHE and Intel®: Delivering a Foundation for Interoperable Health Information Exchange

Despite the growing prevalence of electronic medical records in healthcare facilities throughout the country, coordination of care among institutions can still be a nightmare. Individual systems are rarely interoperable.

White Paper | Presented by AT&T

Infographic - A Cloud You Can Count On

Virtualized resources dedicated to your organization. That's AT&T Private Cloud Service. Featuring the benefits of cloud computing - self-service, scalability and flexibility - with the reliability, performance and control only AT&T can deliver.

White Paper | Presented by AT&T

Market State of Managed Hosting And Private Hosted Cloud

Forrester Consulting evaluates the current state of hosted private and managed services markets.

White Paper | Presented by AT&T

Top 10 Managed Hosting And Hosted Cloud Best Practices

Managed hosting has joined private hosted cloud as a principal enabler for workloads that customers want to see under tighter control than is possible in public cloud models. We list 10 best practices to help customers succeed using both models.

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