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"10 Tips for Protecting Data in the Cloud" from Blue Coat

What's the best approach to cloud migration? Relying on your cloud service provider for data protection and compliance may not be enough. But, you can't just write off cloud services due to security concerns. Get solid advice here.

White Paper | Presented by Vormetric

Big Data Without Big Headaches

The challenge of how to handle Big Data is only partially addressed by the databases that are used to store it. One of the most pressing issues around Big Data adoption is security, as more and more organizations adopt it in the coming years.

White Paper | Presented by Vormetric

Complying with Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS) Requirements with DataStax and Vormetric

Merchants and organizations expect the underlying database to be highly secure and in compliance, as sensitive cardholder data will eventually be kept in the data store.

eGuide: The Software-Defined WAN

Today's hyper-connected, cloud-based envrionments demand greater agility and efficiency. Enter the software-defined WAN, which can address this shortcoming in traditional WAN architectures by putting an overlay on top of them.

eBook | Presented by Blue Coat Systems

"Encrypted Traffic Management For Dummies" from Blue Coat

Malware hiding in SSL/TLS has become an urgent priority. This e-book is a great introduction to learn how to give your security devices an instant look at SSL-encrypted traffic, protect user privacy, and allow you to control SSL's use.

FAQs About Protecting Data in the Cloud...from Blue Coat

As more and more organizations adopt cloud services, it's essential to maintain a consistent level of security to protect data. There is no silver bullet. But there are some basic cloud security components. Find out now!

White Paper | Presented by Vormetric

Securing the Keys to the Kingdom

With all of this data, there is also risk, specifically those entities within the organization that may have access to confidential data either due to their job function or because they are gaining it through surreptitious means.

White Paper | Presented by Samsung

A New Engineered Solution for Big Data with MapR and Samsung

In this whitepaper, we focus on the benefits of PCIe-connected SSD for big data using the MapR Platform.

Oracle Backup and Recovery Strategies: Moving to Data-Protection-as-a-Service

An organization's ability to recover from hardware or software failures, human error, security breaches and other disasters is a fundamental requirement of compliance and governance.

Oracle Enters the High-Growth All-Flash Array Market with an Oracle-Optimized Solution

This IDC Flash summarizes Oracle's August 27, 2015, announcement of the new All Flash FS, heralding Oracle's entry into the rapidly growing all-flash array (AFA) market that IDC thinks will dominate primary storage solutions by 2019.

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