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White Paper | Presented by Kinvey

2014 State of Enterprise Mobility Survey

We surveyed 100 CIOs and 100 mobile leaders, asking them to explain their goals with mobile and identify the pain points they've been facing when building mobile apps.

White Paper | Presented by NetIQ

Advanced Persistent Threats: Hijacking Insider Credentials

Sophisticated groups of hackers, known as advanced persistent threats (APTs), often use stolen insider credentials to evade security measures. So how can you know who's logging on? Learn how to spot suspicious activity before it's too late.

White Paper | Presented by Red Hat

Analyzing the Economic Value of RHELOSP and Red Hat Storage for Private Clouds

This ESG research report compares two approaches to implementing a private cloud platform in an open source Linux environment. Find out which solutions offers the best return on investment and can help to manage your storage.

Data Sheet | Presented by Red Hat

An Open, Software-Defined Storage Platform for Physical, Virtual and Cloud Environment

This datasheet provides a complete list of its features and benefits, along with platform support and system requirements.

A Rapid Path to Integration and Mobility for Enterprise Applications

The siloed heterogeneous environment that defines IT today needs a pragmatic approach to bringing together application integration and mobilization. Context and process is needed to bind these systems together in a meaningful way.

White Paper | Presented by CDW

CDW + EMC Data Center Optimization

When it comes to data center optimization, it's not just what you know it's who you know. That's why we partner with leading vendors like EMC. They offer a wide range of devices for primary storage, archiving, backup, recovery and data management.

White Paper | Presented by Symantec

Conquering the Top 5 Enterprise Data Protection Challenges

How are today's CIO's overcoming today's datacenter challenges? Data protection, server consolidation, and disaster recovery coupled with the demand of end users and strict service level agreements (SLA) lead IT organizations to do more with less.

White Paper | Presented by Red Hat

Consolidating the Storage Tier for Performance and Scalability

This white paper explains how by introducing a combined solution that can help you consolidate the storage tier for better performance and scalability.

White Paper | Presented by Red Hat

Create Competitve Advantage with an Integrated, Modern Apache Hadoop Infrastructure

Apache Hadoop has long been used as a way for organizations to manage their data, but as big data becomes a wider issue, businesses need a new approach.

White Paper | Presented by Red Hat

Fight Cyber-Attacks with Splunk, Cisco, and Red Hat

Cyber attacks have grown exponentially more frequent and sophisticated, demanding near real-time, highly available, and automated responses to threats.

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