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Video/Webcast | Presented by Unisys

Accelerating Digital IT Transformation with Secure Cloud

Join Unisys VP of Cloud and Infrastructure services Allen McMichael and Global Director of Service Management Andrew Harsch as they discuss the current issues clients are facing and how you can transform your existing legacy landscape to a secure software defined enterprise with the use of secure cloud to better react, support and innovate to become a more digital IT operation.

White Paper | Presented by Pure Storage

2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant Report for Solid-State Arrays

Gartner has done the research for you. Help your organization make an informed IT decision regarding flash storage. Read the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays to gain insights regarding the future state of the storage market and an independent vendor comparison. Also learn why Pure Storage achieved the furthest overall position for completeness of vision.

A Secure Path to the Cloud

Oracle's SPARC M7 processor, with Oracle's Software in Silicon technology, is the industry's most advanced multithread, multi-core processor with unique capabilities for information security. It sets the foundation for mission-critical cloud-based server infrastructure with unprecedented levels of security, efficiency, and performance.

Engineered for the Cloud

Oracle SPARC systems are engineered for the cloud and provide customers with effortless security, breakthrough efficiency, and straightforward simplicity. SPARC delivers complete enterprise cloud services and on-premise compute solutions.

Real-Time Analytics

With the growing size and importance of information stored in today's databases, accessing and using the right information at the right time has become increasingly critical. Real-time access and analysis of operational data is key to making faster and better business decisions, providing enterprises with unique competitive advantages.

Secure and Efficient Infrastructure for Scale-Out and Cloud

Learn how to create cloud infrastructure that's secure by default and has better core efficiency for Java, database, and big data. Oracle's servers offer hardware acceleration of data analytics and machine learning, with 10X better time-to-insight.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Business Enterprises today need to become more agile, meet new and increasing workload and security requirements, while reducing overall IT cost and risk. To meet these requirements many companies are turning to cloud computing. To remain competitive companies need to formulate a strategy that can easily move them from traditional on-premises IT to private or public clouds.

Solving Time Synchronization in Windows-Based Networks

Keeping accurate time in Windows-based networks is notoriously difficult and only getting harder. Read this white paper to learn how to solve these challenges, meet upcoming legislative standards, and directly address the timekeeping problem in virtual environments.

The Most Advanced Systems for Cloud and Scale-out: SPARC S7

Hear Masood Heydari, SVP of SPARC Engineering, discuss details of Oracle's servers designed for cloud and scale-out, which provide security by default, better core efficiency for cloud apps, and accelerate data analytics at X86 commodity cost points.

White Paper | Presented by Salesforce

What's Next in Cloud Security: Current State, Trends and Investment Plans for Advancing Cloud Security

This report by the analyst firm 451 Research summarizes the results from a recent survey of CISOs across North America and Europe.

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