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White Paper | Presented by CDW

802.11ac: Wireless The Easy Way

For the first time, wireless networks are becoming a preferred alternative to their wired cousins. The reason: High speeds available with the new 802.11ac standard outpace rates for Ethernet communications to most desktops.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Kofax

Achieving Process-Aware Operational Intelligence

BI tools report point in time, but you need complete visibility of how the business operates. Operational intelligence gives unprecedented insights of processes with business context.

KnowledgeVault | Presented by IBM

Active Information Management: A Different Approach to Solving Big Data Challenges

The demand for data is outpacing the ability of most businesses to manage, distribute and store it. The good news is that you can address these challenges through a sound approach to information lifecycle governance practices.

White Paper | Presented by CDW

A Data Center Built to Last

Years of patchwork remodeling have left data centers with mismatched storage platforms, connectivity fabrics and management tools. Storage infrastructure should perform like a refined tower of data able to accommodate every user's needs.

White Paper | Presented by CDW

An Infrastructure in the Cloud

As cloud computing matures, it's increasingly vital that enterprise IT decision-makers understand the potential advantages of utilizing IaaS solutions such as Microsoft Azure.

White Paper | Presented by CDW

Bundle of Choice: CDW Managed Subscription Device Service

Mobile technology has transformed the world in an extremely short period. Mobile devices combine impressive computing power with countless useful applications, in a form factor that users can take anywhere.

White Paper | Presented by CDW

Bundle Up With Managed Tablet Subscriptions

IT organizations have accepted the inevitability of mobile computing. As a business driver, mobility's challenges are far outweighed by the advantages gained when employees can conduct business wherever they are, whenever they want.

Benchmark Tool | Presented by IBM

Cloud Adoption Advisor

One of the biggest obstacles to utilize cloud computing in your organization is knowing where to start and how to focus your efforts. This 15-20 minute assessment will help you identify and prioritize areas to achieve your cloud adoption goals.

White Paper | Presented by CDW

Cloud Security - Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud

To make the best cloud decisions, organizations must understand the different benefits and varied challenges each model offers.

White Paper | Presented by IBM

Cloud Workloads on the Mainframe

This IBM Redbooks Point-of-View publication discusses cloud workloads on the mainframe.

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