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KnowledgeVault | Presented by IBM

Cloud Strategy Best Practices for Mid-Market

In this KnowledgeVault, explore the ins and outs of cloud opportunities within the mid-market segment. What does it take to capitalize on cloud? What does it mean to the market segment? Why is infrastructure so important?

White Paper | Presented by Sumo Logic

Has SIEM Lost Its Magic? Top five reasons why SIEMs are failing security professionals

SIEM solutions have been around since 2000, and they were developed with the goal of helping organizations in the early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches. But are they working? Are they delivering enough value?

White Paper | Presented by Sumo Logic

The New Mindset for Building Secure Services in the Cloud

Cloud computing requires different rules and a different way of thinking. This white paper discusses 10 best practices for securely leveraging the cloud and capitalizing on this new disruptive shift with confidence and clarity.

White Paper | Presented by KnowBe4

Your Money or Your Files - A Short History Of Ransomware

In this whitepaper you will learn about the skyrocketing ransomware infection rates, its history, ransomware families, cryptolocker and copycats, ransomware infection vectors and effective mitigation strategies.

eBook | Presented by

20 Customer Service Best Practices

Time to get some new customer service ideas under your belt! Based on feedback from our customers, product experts, and thought leaders, we've pulled together an ebook with 20 customer service best practices.

eBook | Presented by

3 Easy Steps to Automating Your Sales Cycle

Efficiency and alignment have become must-haves for any sales team looking to compete in today's business environment. This e-book outlines exactly how a CRM solution can streamline the sales process.

eBook | Presented by

4 Tech Trends That Will Shape IT App Dev

This new e-book, 4 Tech Trends That Will Shape IT App Dev in 2015, takes a closer look at what IT leaders need to pay attention to when it comes to app development, both now and going forward.

eBook | Presented by

5 Secrets to Building Your Sales Pipeline

By combining the right tools, methodologies, and staffing best practices, you can increase your pipeline several fold, leading to more closed deals and customers.

eBook | Presented by

5 Ways to Make Service Easy for Today's Customers

CEB recently conducted a survey of more than 125,000 customers to see what impact service has on loyalty and how businesses can drive that loyalty. The message is clear: businesses need to make customer service easier for their customers.

eBook | Presented by

6 Secrets to Offering Exceptional Customer Service

In this eBook, we'll show how your customers, employees and brand can come together to earn a "customer for life."

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