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White Paper | Presented by Level 3

Advances Hybrid Security: Flexible Solutions for Full Protection

Hybrid Security Guide - Are You Prepared For Complex Attacks On Your Network? Learn how advanced hybrid security solutions meet you where you are and get you to the level of security you need.

Video/Webcast | Presented by SentinelOne

Customer Testimonial - Global Cosmetics Company

Hear from Security Team Lead, Joe Miller, at a global cosmetics company, as he discusses their journey that led them to replace antivirus and deploy SentinelOne.

White Paper | Presented by J2 Global

eFax Corporate White Paper

Some of you may be surprised to learn that anyone uses fax anymore. However, in the corporate world, especially in the more heavily regulated industries such as healthcare, insurance, finance, legal, etc., fax is still alive and in some cases usage is still growing.

White Paper | Presented by SentinelOne

Endpoint Security Strategy: A TCO Perspective

How much are you really paying for endpoint security? Learn two distinct endpoint protection strategies, which capabilities are critical, and what the true cost of a typical enterprise endpoint protection deployment is, including solution, IT resource, and other productivity cost factors.

Video/Webcast | Presented by HPE | VMware

HPE and VMware Advantage -- Together Driving Best-In-Class Mobility Solutions

Please join our webcast this week as we discuss how IT is experiencing a big shift with the End-User Compute space and is moving toward a new style of business.

IBM Analytics Practical Data Science Tips for Data Engineers

In the domain of data science, solving problems and answering questions through data analysis is standard practice. Data scientists experiment continuously by constructing models to predict outcomes or discover underlying patterns, with the goal of gaining new insights. But data scientists can only go so far without support.

White Paper | Presented by SentinelOne

In Today's Cyber Threat Landscape, Not all Attacks are Created Equal

This paper aims to describe and deconstruct two distinctly diferent yet often confused types of attacks: Exploits and Malware. Though the diferences between these vectors of attack are significant, there are many scenarios where malware and exploits pair together like peanut butter and jelly

White Paper | Presented by Level 3

Modernize Your Understanding of Hybrid WAN

Modernize your understanding of Hybrid WAN. Have you heard what industry analyst, Mike Sapien from Ovum, is saying about hybrid WAN? Hint: It doesn't include the need to abandon MPLS.

White Paper | Presented by Level 3

Moving From Reactive To Proactive: A New Approach To Threat Protection

Gaining a competitive advantage in the modern marketplace requires an infrastructure that allows for the secure execution of data and analytics, cloud, social, and mobile technologies. In line with this evolving technological environment, we see increased security breaches that consistently make headlines and lead to significant business disruption.

Securing the Internet of Things

Information security and privacy are significantly more complex and fragile with the advent of connected devices, consumer demands, and the convergence IT and operational technology. Add to that the massive shift in technology advances, market demand, interconnections, and use. All of this makes it necessary for IT and security managers to understand their business within this IoT world, and design security into solutions from the start.

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