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White Paper | Presented by Synechron

Automation: Flexible, Fast and Effortless Regression Testing

A client sought out Synechron to develop an in-house modular framework to provide accurate testing results using Telerik Test Studio with VSTS.

White Paper | Presented by JAMF Software

BYOD doesn't have to be a pain in your B-U-T-T

The rise of smartphones as an unmatched personal productivity champion has resulted in an always-connected workforce - and a big challenge for IT management.

Video/Webcast | Presented by HP

Collaboration 2.0 Death of the Web Conference (As We Know It)

Tune into this webinar from by to learn how this instant online meeting app went viral because it makes collaborating easier than ever.

White Paper | Presented by JAMF Software

Harness the power of personal smartphones with BYOD

Users are more mobile and tech-savvy than ever, and while this increases productivity, it can also raise unique obstacles for IT.

White Paper | Presented by Synechron

QA Automation: Reducing Test Execution While Improving Coverage

A leading capital investment firm in the US was in need of a comprehensive, cost effective and flexible solution to reduce their existing manual testing efforts.

White Paper | Presented by JAMF Software

Tame BYOD. Simplify MDM. Empower today's Can-Do IT.

The best of today's mobile devices-in the hands of your workforce-offer unlimited potential to think innovatively and get things done efficiently.

White Paper | Presented by JAMF Software

Unleash the Power of the Modern, Mobile Workforce

Mobile computers, wireless networking, and always-available online services allow work to get done anywhere and at any time. This JAMF Software Enterprise Brief shows how to give users autonomy and still provide secure, on-demand access to resources.

White Paper | Presented by SAS

Unlocking the Promise of Demand Sensing and Shaping through Big Data Analytics

Many organizations have limited insight into big data. These limitations have significant opportunity costs and can have a negative effect on identifying and understanding customer demand patterns and related supply constraints.

White Paper | Presented by JAMF Software

What does Apple's growth in the enterprise mean?

Driven by user choice and the benefits of increased productivity, Apple adoption is growing quickly in the enterprise.

White Paper | Presented by Citrix Systems

10 Essential Elements for a Secure Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Best practices for protecting sensitive business information while making people productive from anywhere.

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