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Computerworld Digital Spotlight - Mobile Enterprise Apps, October 2015 [cover]
Digital Spotlight | Presented by Kony Inc

Enterprise mobile apps step forward

Savvy organizations are using crowdsourcing, containerization and responsive design to build more innovative and useful enterprise mobile apps.

White Paper | Presented by Sophos Inc

Adding Extra Security to Cloud Storage

This whitepaper focuses on applying data encryption everywhere to enable users to manage access to the cloud without placing data or businesses at risk.

White Paper | Presented by Teradata

A New Strategic Approach to Data and Analytics

Many confuse the adoption of big data technology with creating a coherent big data strategy and in the process are creating "big data debt".

White Paper | Presented by Teradata

Data is Just Data- The Unified Data Difference

Companies too often start big data efforts from scratch, abandoning the analytics solutions they have in place. Instead, companies should simplify their efforts and leverage existing infrastructure.

eBook | Presented by Teradata

eBook: The Rise of the Disruptive Data Warehouse

The data warehouse has been undergoing a continuous evolution, integrating the best existing technologies and making them easy to use, while embracing new technologies in an intelligent, cost-effective manner.

White Paper | Presented by Teradata

EIU Research Report: The Virtuous Circle of Data

Data-Driven companies outperform their competitors when it comes to profitability, operational efficiency and innovation as revealed in a new survey from The Economist Intelligence Unit.

White Paper | Presented by Teradata

Forbes Insights Research: Betting on Big Data

New and varied sources of data, including weblogs, sensors and social media streams, are weaving their way into the analytics mix, making it easier than ever to create connections that convert into actionable insights.

Mobile App Security Using Containerization

Containerization enables enterprises to protect corporate data on users' personal or corporate-owned devices without impeding user experience and privacy or applying overly intrusive security restriction.

Preventing Data Loss Through Privileged Access Channels

A basic tenet of security is to apply the strongest safeguards to the highest value targets. Systems and IT administrators comprise a set of privileged users granted access to very high value targets.

White Paper | Presented by Teradata

Relationships Matter: The Business Value of Connection Analytics eBook

We've always had connections, but we didn't have a good way to find the interesting connections lurking in our data. Now we do; it's called connection analytics and it helps us find patterns in the way people and things of all types are related.

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