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White Paper | Presented by Unitrends

5 Ways Disaster Recovery Is Like Jack Bauer

If you don't swoon at the words "disaster recovery," we don't blame you but things may just change when you start thinking of disaster recovery in terms of Jack Bauer from 24.

White Paper | Presented by Unitrends

7 Shortcuts to Losing Your Data (and Probably Your Job!)

This tongue-in-cheek white paper explores data loss from a contrarian point of view - exploring the top 7 shortcuts you can take to ensure that you lose your data.

White Paper | Presented by Unitrends

Backing Up With Doctor Who: 12 Reasons For 12 Doctors

Doctor Who - television's great traveler through space and time - can recover from just about any disaster simply by regenerating himself. While each incarnation of the Doctor is different from the last, each brings something new to the table.

White Paper | Presented by IBM

Coordinating Health and Human Services

Addressing the factors that influence individual wellness has the potential to contain or reduce healthcare and social program costs, and technology can play a role in helping states and cities improve program results.

White Paper | Presented by Unitrends

Don't Get Duped By Dedupe

This white paper is to help you understand the various approaches to deduplication, the strengths and weaknesses of each, and to introduce a different approach to deduplication, Adaptive Deduplication.

White Paper | Presented by IBM

Empowering Governments Through Contextual Computing

Data is growing exponentially, but only a small fraction is effectively leveraged today. As government leaders prepare for the next phase of business intelligence, they must be smarter in how they approach data to unlock its full value.

White Paper | Presented by Thru Inc.,

Enterprise File Sync And Share (EFSS) In The Present Day

This white paper introduces you to Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) solutions and services, that go beyond simple photo and video sharing of the early 2000s.

White Paper | Presented by Unitrends

How to Sell Backup to Your CFO

A CFO is responsible for managing the financial risks of the corporation and reporting to senior management. Given that job description, you would think that "selling backup" to a CFO would be the easiest thing in the world. You'd be wrong.

White Paper | Presented by Citrix Systems

Hybrid Will Be the New Normal for Next Generation Enterprise WAN

Public cloud services, SaaS, and mobility are driving enterprises to rethink how they architect their WANs. Gone are the days when all applications resided in regional data centers and branches only needed a single MPLS connection.

Research/Infographic | Presented by IBM

IBM Cloud Infographic - Government

Government benefits of all sizes that are using cloud-based services encompass citizen-centric services, security-rich and highly available, improved efficiency, and cost optimization.

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