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Computerworld's 2017 Premier 100 Technology Leaders: Highlights and stats

Facts and figures about the honorees’ 2017 budgets, purchasing plans, staffing needs and more.

Computerworld's 2017 Premier 100 Technology Leaders: Photos and profiles

The full listing of honorees with their photographs and short profiles. Download the PDF to print and share with your colleagues.

White Paper | Presented by Dynatrace

A Billion Mobile Sites Spark No Joy

Can you name any mobile sites you like? Probably not. Responsive design fails us in our mobile moments of need. That's a shame because global web traffic will be majority-mobile by 2019. eBusiness pros have to rethink mobile web strategy. This report give evidence for making your mobile site a top priority.

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Closing the Customer-Experience Gap with Digital-Performance Management

Digital business accounts for nearly a quarter of the world's economy today, but many organizations still lack a complete view of the digital customer experience they're delivering. That lack of clarity impedes business success. In this report MIT Technology Review describes how DPM can help bridge that gap.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Dynatrace

How Pandora Prioritizes Customer Experience

Pandora strives to ensure a fantastic user experience for its 80+ million active users across a huge range of devices - from phones, to tablets, to cars. Hear from a Pandora Technical Lead on the importance of prioritizing customer experience with great digital performance management.

Optimize Asset Performance with Industrial IoT and Analytics

The Internet of Things is clearly shaping the future of industry and asset management. Big data, low-cost cloud computing and advanced analytics, along with the proliferation of sensors and devices, are enabling new ways to improve asset performance.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Level 3

The Journey to Hybrid IT

Cloud is not just a destination, but a business transformation. When organizations race to Hybrid IT, Level 3 finds there are some key considerations they may over look, such as they importance of their network, which can put their transformation at risk. This webcast discusses this journey.

Understanding the Impact and Value of Enterprise Asset Management

Organizations can see immediate results by implementing an intelligent enterprise asset management (EAM) system. If business leaders can harness the right technology, they can unlock unprecedented value in terms of performance, cost savings and productivity.

10 Examples of Employee Behaviors in the Cloud That Can Increase Risk

Every CISO knows that cloud apps are being used by employees. Some are approved apps but most are not. What every CISO doesn't know is the full extent of the actions employees are taking in those cloud apps and how those actions introduce risk. We've summarized the top risky actions employees are taking in an infographic you should print and post on your door.

11 Visibility and Control Outcomes of a Mature Cloud Defense System

Most everyone knows that as cloud adoption increases, the maturity of cloud security must also increase. But, before investing in the latest and greatest tools, we always recommend that CISOs start by defining what outcomes are important to them - defining what they want their cloud security system to accomplish. Download the infographic to uncover and evaluate the 11 critical outcomes you will need from your cloud defense solution.

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