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5 Ways UC Makes IT a Hero

Read this paper to find out how UC will elevate IT to superhero status in your organization.

White Paper | Presented by CDW

Applying Social Business

A shift of power in commercial relationships from producers and sellers to buyers has changed marketplace and leadership thinking toward greater collaboration with customers, partners and employees.

Best Practices for Creating the Network-Enabled Cloud

Use this step-by-step guide from enterprise technology expert David Linthicum to help improve your network to handle services delivered from multiple clouds.

Clearing the Network Hurdle to Cloud Deployment

Although enthusiasm is high among IT pros for cloud services, an IDG Research Quick Poll survey found that, in fact, the cloud is at a crossroads.

Presentation | Presented by Telerik

CMS Buyer's Guide: Selecting a CMS That Supports Your Business

How do you go about selecting a CMS in a business environment that is characterised by customers who expect to be able to move seamlessly between different devices throughout the buying process?

Efficient Data Protection in Virtualized Environments

Because today's IT managers are faced with increasingly complex environments and ever-growing data volumes, they need simple and affordable solutions to solve some critical business challenges.

Efficient Storage Virtualization

The IT infrastructure simply has to work - despite constrained budgets, data growth and constant change. No matter the size of the data center, virtualization has driven sweeping change, making deployments more simple, scalable, and agile.

Guide to Productive Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

When DLP becomes hard to manage or poses unnecessary obstacles to employees, the value of the solution quickly erodes. This guide reveals the Top 9 Pitfalls that cause DLP initiatives to get off course and diminish in value.

Hybrid Approach Rewrites The Rules For Backup Storage

Exponential data growth and long-term retention requirements are putting tremendous pressure on IT professionals, and the constant pressure to reduce storage costs has led many IT departments to settle when it comes to protecting their data.

Infographic: High Value Data

View the high-value data infographic below to learn the most valuable types of data, who decides the value of data, where high-value data resides, current high-value data situation and practice, predictions and impact of high-value data.

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