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White Paper | Presented by Samsung

A New Engineered Solution for Big Data with MapR and Samsung

In this whitepaper, we focus on the benefits of PCIe-connected SSD for big data using the MapR Platform.

Oracle Backup and Recovery Strategies: Moving to Data-Protection-as-a-Service

An organization's ability to recover from hardware or software failures, human error, security breaches and other disasters is a fundamental requirement of compliance and governance.

Oracle Enters the High-Growth All-Flash Array Market with an Oracle-Optimized Solution

This IDC Flash summarizes Oracle's August 27, 2015, announcement of the new All Flash FS, heralding Oracle's entry into the rapidly growing all-flash array (AFA) market that IDC thinks will dominate primary storage solutions by 2019.

Oracle Leverages Its Database Expertise to Deliver a Truly Purpose-built Recovery Appliance

The Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance has shed light on database-centric backup/recovery problems and helped database administrators (DBAs) solve them.

Oracle Storage Cloud Service: Benefits of Integrated Stack Begin to Pay Off

This report focuses on Oracle Storage Cloud Service, a key area in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

Taneja Group on Recovery Appliance

Today's tidal wave of big data isn't just made up of loose unstructured documents - huge data growth is happening everywhere including in high-value structured datasets kept in databases like Oracle Database 12c.

Classification of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Tools

This paper divides the realm of data center management tools into four distinct subsets and compares the primary and secondary functions of key subsystems within these subsets.

Research/Infographic | Presented by Okta

Digital Transformation Starts with Identity

In a connected world where mobile, web, and smart devices rule, how do you prioritize your digital initiatives? New IDG research uncovers a key enabler. View the infographic.

Guidance on What to Do with an Older UPS

"When should an older UPS be replaced with a new one?" is a question that virtually all data center owners will have to answer.

White Paper | Presented by

Internet of Things: Patterns for Building Real Worlds Systems

The rapid growth of connected devices is poised to revolutionize the Internet as we know it, covering everything from our bodies to the planet.

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