David T. O'Berry, 2011 Honoree

Director of IT systems and services
The South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services
Columbia, S.C.
An innovative staff idea:
"Continuously evolving integration of incredibly diverse and detailed information streams. This approach enhances total life-cycle management of offenders via collaboration as well as open frameworks, code and software in an evolving easy-to-consume user interface."
Best green-IT project:
"We are 100% mobile-capable now. Every employee could work from home or the road, reducing mileage."
How are you building an IT department for the next 10 years?
"With hybridization of skill sets. I need thinkers not just doers. We expect flexibility and inventiveness, and everyone is included in the discussions."
What's a typical week like?
"A quarter of my time is spent with business leaders, another quarter with staff. The third quarter is spent working on strategy and new ways to streamline and increase efficiency. And finally, the last quarter is spent on intense research and contributions back to the community."
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