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How can Apple and autonomous systems help you?

Apple CEO Tim Cook didn't want to say too much, but how can autonomous systems be used and what can they do for you and your business?


SIP trunks are more reliable than a PRI T1

If your company needs reliable phone lines, SIP is the answer.

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Don't be so quick to think Intel is abandoning the Internet of Things

Intel has relatively quietly cancelled several of its Internet of Things (IoT) offerings. But that's not the whole story.

You've just got to go through the proper channels

Where can a vendor support rep turn when someone's code is overwriting the software's transactions, but the customer's programmers insist they're not responsible?

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Why are analysts deaf to Apple’s enterprise growth story?

We’re looking at huge change in enterprise IT, and analysts don’t even ask the company behind that change to tell us more about it—even when Apple wants to talk.

And you think YOUR compile cycle takes forever...

It's a few decades back, and this consulting firm is creating a government accounting system -- and getting an object lesson in how slow software development can get.

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Retailers can go Google, or they can go mobile

Being able to track shoppers as they move from online to in-store has been a marketing goal for years. Google says it has an answer. You just have to trust it blindly.

Honor, redefined

It's 1981, and these university students submit their Cobol homework on punched cards on the honor system. But is somebody getting ahead by being not quite so ethical?


Why Apple should develop its own 5G iPhone tech

With 5G networks set to launch from around 2020, does Apple plan to develop its own 5G tech for future iOS devices?

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Can Microsoft lawyers defeat Putin’s most notorious spy-hackers?

The courtroom tactic should at least slow Fancy Bear down.

And you thought you knew how to do arithmetic

Manufacturer hits IT with layoffs -- and despite management promises, employees get the ax, while contractors are kept on because "they're cheaper." How does THAT add up?


How smart cities like New York City will drive enterprise change

Laying high-speed fiber across an entire city and connecting sensor-based public Wi-Fi kiosks is good for the public -- and very good for business.


Packaged-software sales rep is launching into his spiel at this government agency when a legally blind agency director walks in -- and puts a tape recorder on the table.

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iPhone vs. Android: Which is better for you?

Choosing between the two main players in mobile depends on what features and specs are most important to you. Here's what you need to know to make the right decision.

Screen recording on the iPhone under iOS 11

Is Apple solving the privacy and convenience puzzle?

Apple appears to be making significant progress in crafting convenience and useful services while preserving user privacy, even in its ads network.

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Must-have features for enterprise VoIP

Make sure your big company doesn't buy a small-company phone system.

Size matters

It's upgrade time for this law firm's computers, and the IT team has decided to go with what used to be called a bookshelf PC. But the boss has a very specific objection.

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What Amazon Prime Day tells us about mobile app loyalty

What does it mean that users of the Amazon app were less likely to venture into a physical store on the day of Amazon's big sale?

AI cracks ancient game of Go

I underestimated the speed of ARKit adoption

I didn't realize how advanced some ARKit solutions had already become in just a few weeks.

Wasn't this supposed to speed things up?

This IT pilot fish comes up with a clever way to let users access their company intranet without yet another user name and password. But why has it gotten so slow?

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