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'Morpho' hackers pull off cyberpunk heists

DNC hacker Guccifer 2.0 denies Russian links, mocks security firms

The hacker who claims to have breached the Democratic National Committee’s networks is trying to beat back accusations that he’s linked with the Russian government.

healthcare security hp

Hackers are coming for your healthcare records -- here’s why

Because patient information can be so lucrative, healthcare organizations and insurance companies are being targeted by hackers and should expect to eventually suffer a security breach.

Quantum array Penn State

This new model for quantum circuits is like a 5-decker sandwich

One of the challenges to realizing the benefits of quantum computing is finding a way to compactly assemble and then precisely control enough quantum bits, or "qubits," to deliver on the technology's enormous processing potential....

surface pro

Why your company will buy a Microsoft Surface all-in-one soon

News broke today that Microsoft is looking to the supply chain for help with a Surface AIO. Here's why you will buy one someday.

corporate meeting teamwork collaboration

IBM and Cisco will make Watson into a virtual workmate

Watson might schedule your meetings someday if a partnership between IBM and Cisco Systems bears the fruit they’re hoping to grow. In the meantime, the companies hope to save employees from some of the meaningless tasks they have to...


Dell stops selling Android devices

Dell has stopped selling its last Android devices as it washes its hand of pure tablets and focuses more on Windows 2-in-1 devices.

windows 10

Critics denounce Windows 10 upgrade changes as PR ploy

Commenters scoffed after Microsoft backtracked from a widely-criticized ploy to trick users into upgrading to Windows 10, calling it a public relations move.

Google Calendar2

Update: Google Calendar back up today after outage

Google Calendar, the company's time-management and scheduling app, was down for about four hours for many users today. Service has been restored, but the company didn't say what caused the outage.

senator ron wyden

Time is short to stop expansion of FBI hacking, senator says

Congress is running out of time to stop proposed changes in federal court rules that will expand the FBI's authority to hack into computers during criminal investigations, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) said.

security camera attack surveillance

DDoS botnets built using Linux malware for embedded devices

LizardStresser, the DDoS malware for Linux systems written by the infamous Lizard Squad attacker group, was used over the past year to create over 100 botnets, some built almost exclusively from compromised internet-of-things devices....

hp chromebook 11 G5

HP sells PCs in a new way as it tries to speed upgrades

The PC upgrade cycle has slowed down to every five or six years, and HP is trying a new service model to sell PCs and devices at a faster pace.

Box Shuttle

Box Shuttle makes it easier to ditch on-prem file storage

Businesses that want to get their files out of on-premises data centers and into the cloud have a new option with Box Shuttle.

Microsoft AppSource homepage

Microsoft appears to be building a business app marketplace

Microsoft may be building a business app store. The company appears to have accidentally launched a test version of a service called Appsource that’s designed to help businesses find software that augments the Microsoft products they...

ethernet fast speed

What is FASTER? Just a super speedy undersea internet cable

Google, along with five other companies, is hitting the on switch for its trans-Pacific internet cable today. The creatively name FASTER is, not surprisingly, really fast.

Computerworld Podcast: Mingis on Tech

Mingis on Tech: Forget killer robots; a self-driving car could get you, too

If your autonomous car has to decide who gets to live -- you or the people it's heading for on the highway -- what's the right answer? Executive Editor Ken Mingis, Senior Writer Lucas Mearian and Multimedia Editor Keith Shaw have some...

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Google age-discrimination lawsuit may become a monster

There's a motion to turn an existing lawsuit into a class action. People who interviewed in person for certain types of engineering jobs, were over the age of 40 at the time and were rejected could be eligible to join.

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Facebook wins appeal over tracking non-members in Belgium

Facebook can resume tracking Belgians online even if they don't have an account with the social network, an appeals court ruled.

2015: The Year in Hacks

Terror-suspect database used by banks, governments, has been leaked

A database described by some as a “terrorism blacklist” has fallen into the hands of a white-hat hacker who may decide to leak it online.

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