Honda's FCV
Obama H-1B FAIL

hp stream 7 tablet left

Windows tablets now available for less than $100

For those who want Windows on the cheap, your time has come.

The tablet boom is over

Tablet shipments will increase by just 7.2 percent this year, compared to 52.5 percent in 2013, according to IDC.

Binary wireless traffic stream speeding down the street.

Fastest LTE speed -- 450Mbps -- will be out of reach for most users

LTE's theoretical maximum download speed will increase to 450Mbps next year -- but many mobile operators simply don't have enough radio spectrum to offer it.

Close shaves between aircraft and drones are on the upswing

Near misses between drones and aircraft are on the increase, with pilots of airplanes sometimes having to take evasive action, according to the FAA. fixes web app flaws

The Weather Channel has fixed a common web application security problem on its website that made nearly all links vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks.

amazon fire phone

Amazon’s Fire sale: Phone is now just $199 unlocked

Amazon has cut the price for its unlocked Fire smartphone, on sale for just four months, by 69%.

Carly Florin at CPAC 2014

HP’s former CEO Carly Fiorina explores GOP presidential run

Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina, who has never held public office and was fired from her job in 2005, is considering a run for president.

hamr photo 100529955 primary.idge

Want a 100TB disk drive? You'll have to wait 'til 2025

The International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association has released a roadmap showing the industry could be producing 100TB hard drives by 2025.

Siemens patches critical SCADA flaws likely exploited in recent attacks

Siemens released security updates for several of its SCADA products for industrial environments to fix critical vulnerabilities that may have been exploited in recent attacks.

Obama signs law allowing regulatory e-labels for smartphones, wearables

President Obama on Wednesday signed into law the E-Label Act, which allows vendors to display regulatory approvals electronically rather than etch them physically on the exterior of the device.

U.S. lawmakers don't want the EU to break up Google

U.S. lawmakers want their counterparts in the European Parliament to back off a resolution that would split up Google by separating search engines from other online services.

Apple's Black Friday for 2014

Apple's Black Friday sale includes iPhone for the first time

Apple today launched its annual Black Friday sale and for the first time offered gift cards with the purchase of an iPhone.

Top Cyber Monday tech deals

Want post-Thanksgiving deals without the crowds? See the online sale prices on TVs, computers, games and more for Cyber Monday, Dec. 1.

security snafus deadly death skull bones fatal

Coming soon: Murder by Internet

Security experts now believe that the Internet of Things will -- eventually -- be used for murderous purposes.

Sony is making an e-paper smartwatch

Sony is developing a watch that uses electronic paper as a display.


NSA privacy chief defends agency's surveillance

The National Security Agency's surveillance programs are legal and under close scrutiny by other parts of the government, the agency's internal privacy watchdog said Monday.

Use Uber? Snapchat? Google Maps? Twitter wants to know

Twitter, hungry for new data to fuel its targeted advertising, will start looking at what other apps its users have downloaded.

Adobe logo and products reflected in displays.

Adobe tries to fix Flash vulnerability (again)

Adobe released an emergency patch on Tuesday to fix a Flash Player vulnerability that was fixed just last month.

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