Indiana religious freedom law protest
Indiana protest over religious freedom law


Researchers say low-cost, longer-life graphene light bulb coming this year

Researchers in the U.K. have created a lightbulb using graphene, a material that's 200 times stronger than steel and a million times thinner than human hair.

net neutrality logo

Thousands ask Congress to overturn net neutrality rules

Opponents of the FCC's new net neutrality rules aren't giving up.

Ivanpah Solar Power plant

California leads nation in solar installations as world sees 14% increase

California became the first state this year to receive 5% of its power from utility solar, and while that number may seem small, it's likely an early indicator of growth elsewhere in the U.S.

Surface 3

Microsoft resurrects the Surface with third try

Microsoft today unveiled the Surface 3, pitching the smaller device as a "more compact and efficient package" than the Surface Pro 3


EPIC asks court for FAA drone privacy rules

The Electronic Privacy Information Center asked an appeals court on Tuesday to force the FAA to come up with privacy rules concerning drones.

Verizon subscribers can now opt out of 'supercookies'

Verizon customers can now opt out of having a unique identifier placed on their phones.

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SDN management battle: TAPs vs. network packet brokers

Network management is a sticky issue when it comes to implementing software-defined networks and network virtualization.

b of a apple pay

Most Apple Pay users report problems

Apple Pay is coming up short for many people who attempt to use the mobile payment service.

mit apollo  guidance simulator

Over 100 years, NASA's top 5 tech advances

One hundred years ago this month, Congress established the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, launching the nation into a time of advancing aeronautics and eventually space exploration.

Amazon dash button wall

Amazon makes it even easier to buy things

Amazon Prime members can now request an invite to get their hands on "Dash Button," a small oval-shaped device that can be used to instantly purchase an item of your choosing.


HP hits former Autonomy execs with $5B suit

HP -- which acquired Autonomy in 2011 -- has confirmed plans to sue Mike Lynch and Sushovan Hussain, Autonomy's former CEO and CFO, respectively, for $5.1 billion.

cloud management

Cloudyn helps companies track Microsoft Azure deployments

The offering is available immediately and is promised to help keep costs under control.

Intel's Cherry Trail in a tablet

Seven things to know about Intel's 'Cherry Trail' Atom chips

Microsoft's Surface 3 is the first announced device to use Intel's new Cherry Trail Atom chips, but it won't be the last.

malware keyboard skull and crossbones

New malware used to attack energy companies

A new malware program, Trojan.Laziok, is being used to do reconnaissance for targeted attacks against energy companies.

Tanium's fast-acting endpoint management tool grows up

Tanium is software that can examine and modify clients like desktops, laptops and Windows tablets across an enterprise within 15 seconds.

facebook privacy

Facebook tracks all site visitors, violating EU law, report says

Facebook tracks everyone who visits its site, including people who don't have an account, and continues to track users and non-users who have opted out of targeted ads, researchers at two Belgian universities have found.

Google gives Apps admins more control over files and docs

Google is giving systems admins more control over Apps documents in an effort to address concerns about data security.

fingers typing keyboard dramatic lighting programmer hacker

Lebanese cyberespionage campaign hits defense, telecom, media firms worldwide

For the past two years, a cyberespionage group that likely operates from Lebanon has hacked into hundreds of defense contractors, telecommunications operators, media groups and educational organizations from at least 10 countries.

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