Facebook gambles $16 billion on WhatsApp
hacker hacked security risk

apple wants to reinvent social networking

Apple hopes to stake fresh space in social media

Apple developing yet another attempt at social networking -- will it succeed this time, or just create Ping 2.0?

hacker matrix hacking

Lost and stolen devices account for 1 in 4 breaches in the financial services sector

We often hear about the risks of data breaches, but it's interesting to look at some root cause statistics.


Linux's brilliant career, in pictures

Aug. 25 marks the 25th anniversary of Linux, the free and open source operating system that's used around the globe in smarphones, tablets, desktop PCs, servers, supercomputers and more.

Spying with binoculars

HP's Sure View -- protecting your laptop screen from prying eyes

HP along with 3M has come out with an integrated solution that stops the person sitting next to you in your friendly neighborhood Starbucks from snooping on what you're doing on your computer.


NuTonomy starts trials in Singapore of self-driving taxi service

NuTonomy is offering rides in its self-driving taxis to select residents of Singapore from Thursday, ahead of a commercial launch of the service in 2018.

social media profile user chat twitter conversation

Proposed ‘social media ID, please' law draws outrage

A plan by the U.S. government to require some foreign travelers to provide their social media IDs on key travel documents is drawing outrage from group who call it un-American.

new york public library

New York Public Library reads up on the cloud

Four years ago, the New York Public Library began to move its web properties to the cloud. Today, the library system has all of its nearly 80 websites in the cloud, has shrunk the number of on-premise servers by 40% and is running...

Computerworld Podcast: Mingis on Tech

Mingis on Tech: Cars and autonomous driving don't always mix

As automakers move in the direction Tesla pioneered with autonomous driving, a question arises: Is this really a good thing? Senior Writer Lucas Mearian gets into gear with Executive News Editor Ken Mingis about what's going on.


Android botnet relies on Twitter for commands

Twitter users aren’t the only ones checking the microblogging service for important updates. Android malware is starting to do so, too.

stratasys robotic composite 3d demonstrator

Stratasys unveils mega, robotic 3D printers to build large parts

Stratasys' unveiled two 3D printers for industrial uses, including a machine that builds objects sideways for limitless sizes and a printer on the end of a robotic arm, enabling never-before capable details and object strength.

amd zen

Inside AMD's development of the Zen CPU

When AMD chip designers sat down four years ago to sketch out the Zen design, they had two things in mind: To drive up CPU performance as much as possible and to keep power efficiency stable.

google ai compression

Google uses A.I. to compress images better than JPEG

Small is beautiful, as the old saying goes, and nowhere is that more true than in media files. Compressed images are considerably easier to transmit and store than uncompressed ones are, and now Google is using neural networks to beat...

Samsung GDDR5 memory

GDDR6 memory could hit GPUs in 2018

Virtual reality and gaming are changing the way PCs are built and driving the development of new types of memory for GPUs.

security code big data cyberespionage byte

Hackers use vBulletin flaw to break into 27M more accounts

A vulnerability in a widely-used internet forum software is becoming a go-to method for hackers to steal data.

No Man's Sky

No Man’s...Sigh: What went wrong with the game-of-the-year that wasn’t

The lack of variety in No Man's Sky was the ultimate flaw.

aerial view of baltimore

Baltimore cops using private company's aerial cameras to conduct secret surveillance

Persistent Surveillance Systems mount cameras on a Cessna and fly for hours above Baltimore to conduct surveillance likened to Google Earth with TiVo capabilities; Baltimore police have not publicly disclosed the unblinking...


Ex-Apple Music exec slams Spotify

Spotify is major label dominated and wants to pay the artists even less, complains ex-Apple Music chap.

Piton processor

Open source 25-core chip can grow into a 200,000-core computer

Researchers want to give a 25-core open-source processor called Piton some serious bite.

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