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Healthcare organizations still too lax on security
The data breach at Community Health Systems that exposed the personal information on more than 4.5 million people is a symptom of the chronic lack of attention to patient data security and privacy within the healthcare industry. Read the latest...
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China paving the way for big Xbox One sales

August 19, 2014

China has approved the sale of 5 million Xbox One units, opening the way for Microsoft to make a big splash in the country's emerging console sector.

YouTube music might be a win for other Google services

August 19, 2014

A tricked-out version of YouTube offering exclusive content might prove lucrative bait for Google to lure some of its users deeper into its digital video and music services.

Many Chrome browser extensions do sneaky things

August 19, 2014

An analysis by security researchers of 48,000 extensions for Google's Chrome browser uncovered many that are used for fraud and data theft, actions that are mostly undetectable to regular users.