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Iowa wind farm

apple iphone se colors

iPhone ASP decline shows Apple's Services strategy at work

Apple said the 40 million iPhones it sold in the June quarter brought in an average of $595 each, the largest year-over-year decline in average selling price in two years.

android mm updated lastpass

Flaw with password manager LastPass could hand over control to hackers

Even Password manager LastPass can be fooled. A Google security researcher has found a way to remotely hijack the software.

impossible things greenlight essentials AI

A.I. just co-wrote its first horror movie, and you can help make it real

Artificial intelligence has already been dabbling in the arts for some time, but recently it took a big step further and helped write its first feature-length horror film. Now its co-creators are seeking funding to bring the movie to...

microsoft pix comparison

Microsoft just launched an iPhone camera app

There's a new iPhone camera application on the block that's supposed to be better at taking photos than the one Apple ships with its phones, and it's built by Microsoft.

pokemon go app phone

Pokémon Go craze shows Apple an augmented reality future

Because of the integration among its hardware, OS and apps, Apple is in a great spot to drive the A.R. future, observers say.

Samsung PM1633a 15.36TB

Samsung’s massive 15TB SSD can be yours -- for about $10K

Samsung began shipping its 15TB SSD in March to equipment makers, but the drive recently began showing up on retail sites with a price tag of about $10,000. But you do get an SSD with speeds greater than 1Gbps.

cloud storage

Dropbox levels up its features for administrators

IT administrators managing Dropbox deployments are supposed to have an easier time with it soon, thanks to improvements that the company announced Wednesday.

Donald Trump

Trump to Russian hackers: Help find Hillary Clinton's emails

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has called on Russia to find his rival Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Digital Key, security, encryption

Rival gang leaks decryption keys for Chimera ransomware

The creators of the Petya and Mischa ransomware programs leaked around 3,500 RSA private keys allegedly corresponding to systems infected with another ransomware program called Chimera.

ThinkPad X1 Yoga

After delays, Lenovo finally ships its first OLED laptop

After months of delays, Lenovo's first laptop with an OLED screen is now shipping, but it's unknown if the PC maker will come out with additional OLED models anytime soon.

backlit keyboard

KeySniffer: Hackers can snag wireless keyboard keystrokes from 250 feet away

From hundreds of feet away, attackers can see everything that is being typed as well as type directly on a PC due to flawed wireless keyboards from at least eight vendors.

high on ar

Tim Cook finally confirms Apple has augmented reality plans

Apple confirms what I've been telling you for years, it is developing AR solutions.

mi notebook air 02

Xiaomi gets into laptops with Mi Notebook Air

China’s Xiaomi has entered the laptop market with new, lightweight notebooks that run Microsoft’s Windows 10.

Tesla gigafactory

Tesla's new gigafactory -- what we know

The electric car maker's new gigafactory is already huge, and it is not nearly completed yet. So what is Tesla hoping to accomplish? And how does this play into its overall game plan?

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Qualcomm agrees to pay $19.5M to settle charges of bias against women

Qualcomm has agreed to pay $19.5 million to settle a gender discrimination class action lawsuit that alleged that women at the company get lower pay and have lesser chances of promotion under its current programs.

google adwords

Google taps A.I. to help you bid for digital ads

Real-time bidding is an aspect of digital marketing that can seem overly complex for the average bear, so it was only a matter of time before artificial intelligence entered the picture.

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Microsoft maps F# language upgrade

F# 4.1 will include struct tuples, improved error messages, and backing for .Net Core

crowdsource innovation

Density aims to end queueing for hospitals, homeless shelters, coffee shops and elsewhere

We hear a lot about the internet of things and its ability to offer huge amounts of actionable data to the world. Imagine the IoT making your next visit to the ER, Starbucks or elsewhere easier.

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