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Salesforce Lightning Outlook

Outlook gains latest Salesforce-Microsoft integration

Microsoft's is used by some 400 million users around the world, so it's only natural that Salesforce wants its own software to play nicely with it. On Tuesday, the CRM giant announced a big step in that direction.

super fast gigabit internet speed

Tensions rise over delay in LTE using Wi-Fi channels

The Wi-Fi Alliance says that by September there will be a way to test whether an LTE device can get along with Wi-Fi. But Qualcomm, one of the biggest backers of LTE-U (LTE-Unlicensed), is demanding those tests immediately.

sundar pichai   svp android chrome and apps google

Google's Sundar Pichai joins ranks of those hacked by OurMine

You know what they say -- you're nobody 'til somebody hacks you. Well, luckily for Sundar Pichai, as of Sunday he is finally somebody.

us senate building

Senate expansion of FBI surveillance meets obstacle

A move in the Senate to provide enhanced surveillance powers to the FBI met a hurdle Monday after Senator Ron Wyden placed a hold on the 2017 Intelligence Authorization bill over the controversial provisions.

Thingmaker Mattel 3D printer

Why you'll never buy a 3D printer

While 3D printer sales are expected to grow over the next four years, the consumer market has failed to take off as fast as expected. The reason? Buyers are still trying to figure out why they’d need a 3D printer at all.

cloud data center

Cloud computing slows energy demand, U.S. says

In recent years, power usage at data centers grew at an unsustainable rate, soaring 24% from 2005 to 2010. But a shift to virtualization, cloud computing and improved data center management is reducing energy demand.

microsoft logo redwest a

Microsoft's open sourcing of .NET hits a major milestone

Microsoft's open source programming language push reached a new milestone as the company announced the general availability of .NET Core and ASP.NET Core 1.0.

Hacker looks to sell 10M patient records on black market

A hacker claims to have stolen close to 10 million patient records and is selling them for about $820,000.

internet gavel keyboard 100354014 orig

Customer wins $10K judgment from Microsoft over unauthorized Windows 10 upgrade

Microsoft last month paid a California travel agent $10,000 after she won a judgment in small claims court over an unauthorized upgrade to Windows 10 crippled her PC.

20160224 stock mwc internet of things iot sign

Qualcomm wants to bring LTE to more IoT devices

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are common in battery-powered sensor devices, but Qualcomm wants to also make LTE a common feature in such devices.

Martin Fink

HPE's CTO to leave amid new round of changes

Nine months after it separated from HP's PC and printer group and a month after it said it would spin off its enterprise services division, HPE CEO Meg Whitman has announced yet more changes that will see CTO Martin Fink leave at the...

20151027 red hat logo

Red Hat polishes JBoss EAP for a cloud-native future

Red Hat rolled out a major new release to its JBoss Enterprise Application Platform that's designed to offer better support for containers and cloud-native applications.

Sundar Pichai

Google’s Sundar Pichai has been hacked; which CEO will be next?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has become the latest tech executive to have a social media account hacked.

Digital Key, security, encryption

Bart ransomware shows it can be effective without sophisticated encryption

A new ransomware program called Bart is making the rounds and locks user files in password-protected zip archives.

p031470001001 898448

EU is preparing AdWords antitrust complaint against Google

Google may soon be the target of a third set of charges from Europe's top antitrust authority, this time concerning the advertising services that generate the majority of its revenue.

Big Brother

Targeted advertising through vehicle choice -- an interesting experiment (and blunt tool)

A consortium of vendors is delivering targeted billboard advertising based on some pretty random inputs.

hp chromebook front

Use Android apps on HP's upcoming $189 Chromebook 11 G5

If you're looking for a Windows alternative laptop, there's a new incentive to pick up a Chromebook: it may be able to run Android apps.

The Internal Revenue Service's IRS tax filing form 1040.

IRS kills electronic filing PIN feature due to repeated attacks

After repeated attacks, the Internal Revenue Service has decided to retire a Web-based tool for obtaining PINs that taxpayers have used to file tax returns electronically.

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