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7 Apple Watch apps that replace your car keys

Proving Apple CEO Tim Cook’s promise, your Apple Watch is already replacing your car keys as these solutions show.

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Java at 20: Its successes, failures and future

Oracle's Java VP discusses J2EE, OpenJDK, security woes, and the long gap before Java 7

Happy Birthday Java

Java at 20: JVM, Java's other big legacy

The virtual machine that runs Java is also the runtime for new languages -- some quite unlike Java

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Top security tools in the fight against cybercrime

There’s no silver bullet, so load up with as many of these as you can.

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Java at 20: Programming juggernaut rolls on

Java has joined C and C++ as a programming language that has stood the test of time

How I Use Android: Brian Rakowski

How I use Android: Android VP Brian Rakowski

One of Google's Android VPs gives us the skinny on his favorite apps and devices -- plus an up-close look at how he sets up the home screens on his own personal phone.

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5 lessons small IT shops can teach the big guys

Thanks to anything-as-a-service options, tiny IT departments can be just as strong as big ones and more nimble, too. Here are five must-know practices the big guys can learn from these small but mighty shops.

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Great R packages for data import, wrangling & visualization

Here are my go-to R packages -- in a handy searchable table

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Common resume mistakes that could cost you the job

It's hard enough getting a hiring manager or recruiter to read your resume in the first place -- but making one of these six mistakes guarantees it'll never get past an initial glance.

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How not to ask for a raise

You may have heard the inspirational phrase, “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.” But what if you do ask, and the answer is still no? Particularly when it comes to asking for a raise, that is not the desired outcome,...

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Disrupt NY: Meet the next generation of tech companies

On May 4-6, 2015, hopeful tech entrepreneurs gathered at Disrupt NY 2015, looking for financial support and recognition. We talked to some to find out who they are and what they hope to do.

Add GitHub dorking to list of security worries

The Uber-GitHub dispute highlights a common open source risk, but Uber is hardly alone in accidentally uploading sensitive data to GitHub, the world's most popular code hosting site. Security experts say that GitHub's repositories...

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Antivirus shootout: 7 old-school vendors show off new tricks

In an era when businesses are scrambling to defend against sophisticated advanced persistent threats (APTs), signature-based antivirus may seem like a relic.

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10 apps to take your job search mobile

Pressed for time but need to find a new job? Take your tech career search mobile with these 10 job search apps.

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6 examples of effective IT resumes

Anyone can write a resume. However, creating one that impresses potential employers often requires help from career-development professionals. With that in mind, CIO.com assembled this collection of IT resumes – all hand-crafted by...

working mother and child / work-life balance

Moms in tech: Tales and tips from the IT trenches

Mothers who work in technology share their best stories of work + children collisions -- and their go-to gadgets and apps for balancing the two.


Sound Bite: Kathy Fuertes' go-to gadget for work/life balance

Kathy Fuertes, Principal and Head of Institutional Services at Vanguard, discusses with Computerworld how her smartphone helps her balance work and parenting.


Meerkat and the launch of the mobile live streaming era - DEMO Traction

Meerkat founder and CEO Ben Rubin presents at DEMO Traction on April 22, 2015, in San Francisco.

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