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Big data analytics.

mobile security

Digital Spotlight: Get smart about mobile security

Read how to make your workers smart about mobile security by moving beyond policies and penalties and embracing an approach designed to identify and correct specific problem behaviors. [Registration required]

01 title reenergize

11 ways to re-energize your IT career

Mid-career blues, begone. Here are 11 actionable items tech pros can tackle to keep moving on up in IT.


The 10 design commandments of Apple's Jony Ive

Here are 10 design ideas that make Ive -- and Apple -- tick.

wireless mirroring

10 mirroring devices let you present without wires

Wirelessly sending a presentation from your laptop or tablet to a large screen is a breeze with one of these mirroring devices.

giants no text

How giant companies see the cloud

16 large enterprises talk about their use of the cloud, their plans, challenges they've run into and how they're approaching the skills issues.

giants no text

Where giant companies are on their cloud journeys

CIOs at 16 Fortune 500 companies talk about what they're doing in the cloud -- and what they're not -- along with challenges, how they're approaching security, skills development and share advice.

Data center security in the cloud.

5 techniques for securing your enterprise data

The pros and cons of new techniques and tools, such as cloud access security brokers, adaptive access control and pervasive sandboxing.

women in tech illustration

Women in IT: No longer only a nice-to-have

As pressure to diversify rachets up, companies are reaching out to lure women into IT. Here’s how to go about it.

careers 59

Millennials choose enterprise IT -- really!

Millennials forgo startups to work in corporate IT.

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City updates tech in bid to boost business

Cisco, Sprint and Google all "collide" in the city's plan to attract tech incubators, startups and young residents.

Whistleblowing dangers illustration [ © Brian Stauffer ]

Blowing the whistle without blowing your career

How techies can bring data mishandling and abuses to light without putting their careers in jeopardy.

security shield protect 100314307 primary.idge

10 battles now raging for the hearts and minds of developers

PHP vs. Node, SQL vs. NoSQL, compiled vs. scripting -- the debates that define programming today

Windows 10

A first look at the Windows Server 10 Technical Preview

No major changes compared to Windows Server 2012 R2, but some very good incremental ones. With this just a very early version, here are some changes you might want to consider as you decide when to start looking at the release.

Big data analytics.

New role for CIOs: Governance for data analytics

There's a new Wild West to be tamed: all those (uncoordinated) data analytics projects sprouting throughout your organization.

Windows 10

First look: Windows 10

Microsoft's first glimpse of next year's new Windows fixes obvious flaws and borrows from Apple's OSes

9 proposed Java 9 features devs are going to love

Modularity, JSON, smart compilation -- Java's future offers compelling features to look forward to

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Microsoft Windows

What Windows 10 means for the enterprise

Microsoft’s first glimpse of Windows 10 packs plenty of intrigue regarding its future impact on IT.

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