mobile apps crowdsourcing via social media network [CW cover - October 2015]
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conceptual artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence in the enterprise: It’s on

Companies as diverse as Pitney Bowes, General Electric and Twitter are taking the plunge into machine learning. Here’s why.

How I Use Android: Jason Howell

How I use Android: 'All About Android' host Jason Howell

Brokaw, schmo-kaw: When it comes to Android broadcasting, Jason Howell is the host with the most. Here's how the man behind the mic uses the platform himself.

how to promote yourself at work

6 tips to improve your self-promotion skills

Successful self-promotion is a necessary career survival skill for any tech professional -- and it’s especially true for women in IT. Here's how to do it right.

stressful tech jobs

The 8 most stressful jobs in tech

Everyone's job can be stressful at times, but some jobs are more stressful than others. CareerCast polled readers to find the most stressful jobs in the tech industry.

cw feb2016 big data rescue

Big data's big role in humanitarian aid

Mission-based organizations, including those helping the recent wave of Syrian refugees, are using big data to improve their response efforts.

outlook android preview

What works where: Outlook vs. Outlook vs. native apps

Office 2016 starts to unify the Exchange experience on the desktop, but native apps do better on mobile clients.


The MIT C-MOD Fusion Reactor Project

MIT has been developing a small fusion reactor prototype, three of which could power the City of Boston if they were fully built.

jumping guy

5 ways to kickstart your infosec job search in 2016

You’re questioning your job -- the company, your responsibilities, your salary and more -- but is it time to move on?

it of the future

How to prepare for the IT department of the future

In the IT industry, change is the only constant. So how can IT professionals best prepare themselves for the future? Follow these steps.

nervous admin

Why your network admins are nervous

Network pros know that SDN promises to rock their world. But those who prepare for the change will find new opportunities. Here’s how to help your staffers keep their skills ahead of the curve.

parental leave policies

10 tech giants leading the parental leave policies pack

The IT industry offers some of the U.S.'s most generous parental leave policies. Here are 10 with excellent benefits for new mothers and fathers.

computer world feb 2016 primary

Read CW’s February 2016 digital magazine!

In this edition: Why the new re-engineering is endless -- and all about the customer; how humanitarian groups are using big data to improve response efforts; the pros and cons of a career focused on open source and much more.

devs strong mind winner arms strength victory weightlift muscles

How IT staffers keep pace at fast-growing organizations

Smart management tactics and agile processes give IT staffers the strength and stamina to support mushrooming business needs.

The Evolution of the Macintosh [slideshow cover]

The evolution of the Macintosh

In time for the Mac's 32nd birthday, we take a look at Apple's most formative desktop computer -- especially in recent years when it's grown and changed by leaps and bounds.

tech resume makeover

IT resume makeover: Avoid a list of job descriptions

When writing your resume, make sure you sell yourself, rather than present a long list of job responsibilities. Read how career expert Andrew Ysasi helped this month’s resume makeover candidate overcome the job description issue.

How I Use Android: JR Raphael

How I use Android: Writer and Android Power author JR Raphael

Time for yours truly to take a turn at the challenge. An up-close tour of my own personal Android setup, including my obsessively organized home screens.

windows 10 improved

Is it time to move from Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 to Windows 10?

Although Windows 7 is still the dominant desktop operating system (at around 50 percent of all desktop installations as of November 2015), it's time for you to determine whether to stick with Windows 7 (or 8/8.1) or deploy Windows 10....

career speed growth progress achievement linetic thinkstock 468692606

IT careers: How to put your career on the fast track

Many IT professionals say they would go all-out to land the best jobs, with the best benefits at the best companies. All it takes is up-to-the-minute skills and a whole lot of drive.

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