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5 tips for better enterprise security

Do your security policies and procedures actually promote better security, or is your company only looking for known malware and ignoring the human factor? It’s a tricky balancing act that trips up many organizations.


11 famous hackers and their handles

On the Internet, nobody knows you're not in the mafia.

Bug bounty

How (and why) to launch a bug bounty program

Bug bounty programs are a cost-efficient way to fortify your systems. Here’s how GitHub launched its program, plus tips to get started.

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Looking back: Viruses that led to a path of destruction

Remember the devastation that these viruses caused?

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Read CW's October digital magazine!

In this edition: 6 traits of rising IT stars, tips for better enterprise security, mobile apps that deliver ROI and more.

Dancing at Yahoo

The future of mobile, the Yahoo way

Like most big Web sites, Internet pioneer Yahoo is betting big on mobile. Here's how the multi-billion dollar company looks at its mobile future.

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Web-scraping bots scrape away profits

Web scraping is on the rise. How to detect and protect your intellectual property.

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The holy grail of digital transformation: Improved employee efficiency

How three organizations delivered digital initiatives that help people close deals faster, reduce paperwork and get the most out of their workdays.

breaking free of legacy it

Bold CIOs are breaking free of legacy tech

It's hard to become a nimble digital disruptor if you're weighed down by systems anchored in the past. Many CIOs are working to escape the grip of outdated IT.

The Evolution of Mac OS X [cover]

The evolution of Mac OS X

Apple's desktop operating system, Mac OS X, has been the staple crop for its iMacs and MacBooks. Here we go back to where it all began in 2001.


How to identify rising stars in IT

Martha Heller, president of Heller Search Associates, talks about the skills and traits that CIOs should look for to identify employees who can become the next generation of IT leadership.

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Does security awareness training even work?

If even well-educated security experts mess up when it comes to security, can we really educate average employees to be more security aware?

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How to ace the CISO interview: Be ready for the tough questions

The final hurdle to top information security jobs is the interview, or as one executive put it, “interviews” -- as many as a dozen. Successful candidates have to be prepared for the questions that are designed to see if they can be a...

moocs and the enterprise

4 ways MOOCs are changing professional development

Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, offer a powerful platform for enterprise training, education and development – at big cost savings and with greater efficiency.

Must-seee TED Talks for Techies [slideshow cover]

10 TED Talks for techies

These inspiring, sometimes frightening presentations detail how technologies from bionics to big data to machine learning will change our world for good or ill -- and sooner than you might think.

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10 great Apple Watch OS 2-compatible apps you’ll use

WatchOS 2 is here, what are developers building with it?

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6 ways to blow your technical job interview

If you're looking for a job in IT, it's a safe bet a technical interview, a coding test or other skills assessment will be part of the job search process. Here's what not to do.

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Is a lack of enterprise apps killing BYOD?

Bring-your-own-device policies in the workplace often pit employee satisfaction and privacy against corporate security. And as the number of employees and companies participating in BYOD programs continues to fall, can enterprise apps...

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