Computerworld Digital Edition, August 2015 [cover]
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clouds money dollar signs

5 ways to save money on your cloud costs

Here's how to quickly estimate the cost of your cloud environment.

windows 10 continuum start menu

10 Windows 10 migration issues you need to consider

While there's no need to rush to Windows 10 just because it’s been released, there are some important things to start thinking about.

Windows 10: Truth and lies

Windows 10: Fact vs. fiction

With Win10 slated to drop July 29, we give you the straight dope on support, upgrades, and the state of the bits.

JavaScript: The Good Parts

Free course: "JavaScript: The Good Parts"

In partnership with tech training provider Pluralsight, ITworld is offering a free online JavaScript course by Douglas Crockford, author of "JavaScript: The Good Parts" and Senior JavaScript Architect at PayPal.

How I Use Android - Liam Spradlin

How I use Android: App designer and Android blogger Liam Spradlin

He designs Android apps you love and writes Android blogs you read -- so how does Liam Spradlin use Android in his own life?


What makes the Open Container Project good news for CIOs

A Linux Foundation project to create a single standard for containers means CIOs can invest in container technology without fear of running in to compatibility problems.

ios 9 primary

How to ditch the iOS 9 preview and go back to iOS 8

For iPhone users who took the plunge into the iOS 9 beta program and have now decided they prefer the more stable iOS 8, there's good news. You can roll back your iPhone's operating system. Here's how.

windows xp usage stats

7 places you’ll be surprised to learn are still using Windows XP

More than a year after Microsoft ended support for the aging OS, some high-profile organizations are still using Windows XP -- and putting themselves at risk.

Man happily throwing money up in the air against green background

Tech experts rake in the cash by teaching online

As online education platforms like Udemy and Cybrary.IT proliferate, some IT pros are making good money by teaching online. Just beware those negative reviews from students.

resume makeover tech resume

IT Resume Makeover: How to use charts and graphs

Let's get visual. Charts and graphs can bring an eye-catching edge to your resume, especially if you're an IT sales or marketing pro looking to highlight your revenue-generating skills. Here, expert resume writer Jennifer Hay explains...

w10 notification for windows media gallery

9 reasons not to upgrade to Windows 10 -- yet

Many Windows users are looking forward to the imminent release of Microsoft's new operating system. But they may want to wait. Here are 9 possible reasons not to upgrade yet.

How to surf the Dark Web for fun and profit

The secret, criminal underground of the Internet -- the Dark Web -- is no longer all that secret, with several vendors offering monitoring services

i cio

The the 'I' in CIO has evolved

As Ginna Raahauge, a veteran of Riverbed and Cisco, steps into the CIO position at data integration software specialist Informatica, she reflects on the changing responsibilities of the CIO.

usa goverment cyber security

Silicon Valley wary of U.S. push for cyber security info sharing

Tech execs cite privacy, litigation concerns.

watermarked map

When stolen data can ‘phone home’

While it is impossible to prevent all data breaches, digital watermarking of sensitive data can let organizations know immediately not only if it has been stolen, but where and how it is being accessed. That's a lot better than the...


6 ways the Chromebook changed my life (and one way it didn’t)

Here are one writer's reflections after using a Chromebook for almost four years.

9 ways developers can help rebuild trust on the Internet

Nine ways developers can rebuild trust on the Internet

Public keys, trusted hardware, block chains — developers should be using these tech tools to help secure the Internet for all.

Mini-PC round-up: A look at 6 new Windows 8.1 offerings

Mini-PC round-up: A look at 6 new Windows 8.1 offerings

Desktop computers aren't the bulky towers they used to be. Here are six mini PCs that fit in the palm of your hand and will change how you think about PCs.

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