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More than 4B people still have no Internet access

Mobile broadband is seen as the savior, but barriers such as a lack of network coverage and content in local languages have to be overcome.

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Charter-Time Warner deal would get tough regulatory scrutiny

Charter Communications' planned acquisition of Time Warner Cable faces a regulatory review by the same federal officials who were widely blamed for nixing the recent proposed merger of Time Warner with Comcast.

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Future traffic jams could slow down mobile networks

Traffic growth from M2M (machine to machine) connections, particularly from cars, will likely cause headaches for mobile operators in the years ahead.

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LTE smartphones are becoming faster and cheaper

Speedy connections in high-end smartphones won't work without matching network coverage, but cheaper phones may encourage carriers to invest.

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Security researcher's hack caused airplane to climb, FBI asserts

The FBI contends a cybersecurity researcher said he caused an airplane's engine to climb after hacking its software, according to a court document.

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Super-fast Wi-Fi coming to a public hotspot near you

Wireless hotspots that can deliver hundreds of megabits per second in real-world bandwidth will become more common as operators increase their investments in Wi-Fi networks.

No Google Voice on Google Fi

Meet Google Fi: The new meh, so-so, OK carrier

Invites for Fi -- Google's new mobile network -- are beginning to trickle out of Google's email servers. Uh-oh Houston, there seems to be a problem: Google Voice no longer works...

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Broadcom pitches new chipsets to clear Wi-Fi network bottlenecks

Most of us have had the experience of being unable to connect to a Wi-Fi network in a location with lots of people. A technology that promises to alleviate that problem is slowly but surely making headway.

Flaw in Realtek SDK for wireless chipsets exposes routers to hacking

The software that controls wireless networking chipsets made by Realtek Semiconductor contains a critical flaw that could allow attackers to compromise home routers.

Kansas City, Missouri

KC's smart city 'Goldilocks' project bounds ahead

The largest smart city project in North America is moving closer to reality in Kansas City, Mo., mainly along a 2.2-mile streetcar line under construction through the downtown.

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Wi-Fi client vulnerability could expose Android, Linux, BSD, other systems to attacks

A serious flaw in a component that's used to authenticate clients on Wi-Fi networks could expose Android, Linux, BSD, and possibly Windows and Mac OS X systems to attacks.

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Google launches Project Fi, its combo cellular and Wi-Fi network

Google launched its own ambitious wireless network primarily in the U.S. on Wednesday in partnership with Sprint and T-Mobile.

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9 tips for speeding up your business Wi-Fi

Is your company's lethargic Wi-Fi making users scream? Try these techniques for a zippier network.

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This tool can warn you about evil access points nearby

A new open-source tool can periodically scan for rogue Wi-Fi access points and alert network administrators if they're found.

Sprint to rollout LTE Advanced to Chicago area

Sprint plans to add more than 540 jobs and 115 stores in the Chicago area along with its first LTE-Advanced upgrade in the nation.

FCC will vote next month on plan to share valuable 3.5GHz spectrum

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will vote April 17 on a spectrum-sharing plan for a band that could serve the military, mobile service providers and individuals.

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Apple Watch and its wireless tech

Apple hasn't called its upcoming Apple Watch "magical" as it did with the iPad in 2010, but its wireless components have some spellbinding features. Whether the embedded NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi elements contribute to the success of...

5G faces hurdles on its way to offering multigigabit speeds

For 5G to be successful, the whole telecom industry will need to re-evaluate how networks work and are developed.

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Juniper rewires the data center

Introduction of QFX10000, new fabric make QFabric an island unto itself.

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