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D-Link AC3200 and Linksys EA9200

When policy meets practice, you know who wins

This company's support techs install new Wi-Fi access points throughout the business -- with not quite the results management was expecting.


Is your wearable losing its charge too soon? Of course it is. Scientists are here to help.

Got a wearable? Then you've got a slow battery. But maybe not for long. Read on.

uber app iphone

New York eases limits on Uber's growth

It's probably safe to say goodbye to "de Blasio" mode in Uber's app in New York.

FCC logo

T-Mobile to pay $17.5M fine for 911 outages

T-Mobile USA will pay a $17.5 million fine in a settlement with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission for two 911 emergency dialing outages on the company's mobile network last year.

wi-fi symbol transmission network cellular

Looking for something nearby? Wi-Fi Aware could find it for you

A new technology from the Wi-Fi Alliance offers efficient, peer-to-peer service discovery

Fon keeps adding Wi-Fi hotspots, but struggles to crack the US

Wi-Fi aggregator Fon is continuing its mission to cover the world with shared broadband Internet connections, with recent deals giving it a boost. But the U.S. market continues to elude the company.

uber app iphone

Uber grabs mapping tech, employees from Microsoft

Uber is adding to its mapping smarts by acquiring technology used by Microsoft's Bing Maps, and has hired roughly 100 Microsoft employees who work on image collection and data analysis.

advanced antenna edgehaul 5g

5G networks look to new frequencies to deliver gigabit speeds

If operators are to build 5G mobile networks with download speeds at 10Gbps and above, they are going to need a lot more spectrum, but getting it won't be easy.

wi-fi symbol transmission network cellular

Juniper, Ruckus join hands with an eye on mobile growth

The alliance between Juniper Networks and Ruckus Wireless announced on Tuesday underscores the importance of Wi-Fi in enterprises, where employees increasingly work and access cloud applications on mobile devices.

Wi-Fi sign

Can Wi-Fi offloading finally give the mobile Internet some breathing space?

Offloading some wireless traffic to Wi-Fi networks is finally a concept that wireless carriers are not only considering, but in the case of Sprint, actively deploying. So is the fix for mobile capacity here? Unfortunately, not quite....

LTE unlicensed

Qualcomm may adapt LTE into a network anyone can deploy

LTE-Unlicensed allows the cellular system to supplement licensed frequencies with unlicensed spectrum that's shared with systems like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

mobile 4G LTE

GSM switch-off is good news for phone users, not for connected devices

Carriers around the world are converging on 2017 as the year to turn off their GSM networks, with three operators in Singapore announcing Monday their plans to reuse their GSM spectrum for other services.

internet of things control touch user

Chip vendors work to make Bluetooth perfect fit for IoT

Bluetooth Low Energy has become a key building block for the Internet of Things, and chip makers are working to make it an even better fit by using the technology to further reduce power consumption of devices and helping developers...

internet security with lock

How to use enterprise Wi-Fi security in SMBs

No matter what size your business, using WPA2 security is a good first step to protecting your Wi-Fi network. Don't blow it by using the standard's not-so-secure PSK mode.

aquaris bq e5 hero

Life gets tougher for alternative mobile OSes Tizen, Firefox and Ubuntu

The future's not looking bright for alternative mobile operating systems Firefox OS, Tizen and Ubuntu.


Wi-Fi will power phones? NOPE

In which Richi rails against stupid science churnalism -- do the math, people!

holiday lights neurons network stream

Sprint joins KC smart-city project with free Wi-Fi along upcoming streetcar line

Sprint committed on Thursday to building and managing a free, intelligent Wi-Fi network along a 2.2-mile streetcar line under construction in Kansas City, Mo.

Chip makers giving home networks a gigabit boost

Broadcom, Marvell and Qualcomm are working on new chipsets

Now it's June. What WAS it I was supposed to do?

Flashback about six months, to the wintry day when this network admin pilot fish is asked to look into a problem with a weak Wi-Fi signal in an outdoor storage area.

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