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nexus 5x and nexus 6p

AT&T drone in air - 1

AT&T deploys drones for cell tower inspections, network expansion

AT&T is now using drones to inspect its cellular towers and foresees them as a way to beef up its wireless LTE network on the fly.

sk telecom lorawan iot network

Like smartphones, IoT communications going long distance

The world's newest mobile telecoms network went into operation this week, but it's not for smartphones. The network, built by South Korea's SK Telecom, is dedicated to gadgets that connect to the so-called internet of things.

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Google sells stake in satellite Internet operator O3b Networks

Google has sold its stake in satellite Internet access provider O3b Networks to co-investor SES.

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FCC nears vote to bring superfast 5G networks to the U.S.

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will move to open up high-frequency spectrum to not-yet-available 5G mobile services in an effort to bring the superfast wireless connections to U.S. consumers.

LG g4 speaker

AT&T to support Wi-Fi calling on the LG G4

AT&T said it will support calling over a Wi-Fi network from the LG G4 phone, with other Android devices to follow.

20160222 ericsson hans vestberg mwc

Ericsson will lay off 3,000 this summer, report says

Ericsson is preparing to lay off between 3,000 and 4,000 staff this summer, according to a Swedish newspaper.

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Facebook's plan to disrupt cellular gets big-name support

Several of the world's largest cellular carriers, representing almost 1.3 billion subscribers, have pledged support to a Facebook project that aims to dramatically reduce the cost of building and expanding wireless data networks.

smart home screen

5 misguided reasons for asking wireless carriers to manage smart home networks

Wireless operators managing smart home devices using newly acquired 600 MHz spectrum is a bad idea that defeats the purpose of smart home technology.

new york

NYC scowls at LTE-U in open letter

The City of New York became the latest entity to weigh in on the subject of LTE-U, as an open letter from the mayor’s office to policymakers at the 3GPP standards body pushes for thorough protection for existing Wi-Fi.

Project Fi

Project Fi revisited: 6 months with Google's weird wireless service

Half a year with Google's multinetwork service teaches you a lot about what you want from a wireless carrier.

FCC building in Washington

FCC magic will turn TV channels into mobile signals

An Federal Communications Commission auction that began late Tuesday should end with some TV channels reassigned to cellular, helping mobile networks cover more ground and cut through walls better than they do now.

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ISPs are breaking net neutrality rules, advocacy groups say

Internet service providers are picking "winners and losers" in violation of U.S. net neutrality rules by selectively exempting Web traffic from their monthly data caps, according to a coalition of more than 50 advocacy groups.

AT&T Radio Telescope

AT&T uses low-power antennas to prevent cellular interference with telescope

AT&T engineered an unusual low-power antenna system inside a radio quiet zone at a snow resort in rural West Virginia, giving thousands of daily smartphone users network access for the first time.

replacement apps messaging

Google pushes ahead with RCS messaging app to run on Android phones

Messaging services on Android devices get dinged by some users for being complex and too fragmented, at least when compared to the universal app approach with Apple iMessage on iOS devices.

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NYC and Los Angeles still lag in mobile network performance

The nation's most populous metro areas -- New York and Los Angeles -- again finished below average in the latest RootMetrics test of mobile network performance.

Finger tap smartphone user mobile

The votes are in: Which mobile data provider is best?

Computerworld readers rate AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon on network speed, value, tech support and more. Find out which carrier gets the most cheers -- and which the most jeers -- from our 2015 survey respondents.

20160224 skt 5g mwc sign

5G gets to shine (four years ahead of schedule)

True 5G mobile networks and devices won't be here until 2020. That may seem like a long time to you or me, but for the carriers and network equipment makers at Mobile World Congress, it's time to get cracking.

151027 facebook headquarters 9

Facebook aims to extend Open Compute model to telecom gear

Facebook is extending its collaborative model for developing low-cost compute and networking hardware to telecommunications gear as well, focusing on three areas -- access, backhaul, and core and management.

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