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20151028 verizon logo innovation center

Verizon to let SMBs buy smartphones on the installment plan

Verizon will let small business customers take advantage of monthly payment plans for new smartphones and other devices, avoiding a big cash outlay upfront.

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Seeking new revenue, AT&T and Verizon eye the Internet of Things

AT&T and Verizon, the nation's two biggest carriers, are seeing their traditional U.S. wireless businesses shrink, having suffered from an ongoing price war and declining buyer interest in new smartphones.


Sprint may lease cell towers on public lands to lower costs

Sprint today said it is looking at new ways to add cell towers while still saving money, one of the actions officials discussed today in an earnings call.

Karma Go hotspot

Review: 5 prepaid mobile hotspots fire up business travel

Fed up with mediocre Wi-Fi on the road? For not-so-frequent travelers, a pay-as-you-go personal hotspot might be the answer. We put five to the test.

internet of things laptop

Why the Internet of Things needs another 10 years

The IoT market is being hyped for a second time. But perseverance is a virtue. The pieces of the puzzle are very slowly falling in place.

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Verizon vows to build the first 5G network in the US

Verizon says it will have the first 5G network in the U.S., a promise it probably can't fulfill until 2020 but will start working at this year.

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AT&T's latest business discount is a 2-for-1 smartphone deal

AT&T announced aggressive discounts on new smartphones and devices, including a 2-for-1 smartphone offer for business customers.

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How to save on mobile plans: Your guide to 16 no-contract carriers

The old two-year-contract business model for mobile phone plans is all but abandoned. And there are more choices than ever: We look at 16 alternate mobile service carriers.

john legere t mobile

T-Mobile CEO sees doubling of U.S. business customers in 2016

T-Mobile CEO John Legere brashly predicted that the number of U.S. businesses switching to the carrier will grow even faster in 2016 and offered some other predictions for the new year.

Campout at the FCC

Net neutrality on the line in Washington court fight

The FCC's net neutrality rules go on trial Friday as oral arguments begin in 10 lawsuits that could dramatically change the way Internet service providers are regulated.

Sprint logo on store in Boston

Sprint looks to spur growth with new half-off-rivals' rates plan

Sprint today unveiled a new simplified wireless plan offering 50% off competitors' rates -- part of an effort to lure consumers to try its faster LTE Plus network.

020511 pyongyang 1

How a telecom investment in North Korea went horribly wrong

An Egyptian company that launched North Korea's first 3G cellular network and built it up to 3 million subscribers says it's effectively lost control of the operator despite owning a majority stake.

Video streaming

How T-Mobile's video streaming works

How can T-Mobile afford to offer its Binge On streaming video service at no extra cost to its customers? T-Mobile officials offered a few technical details to shed light on how it will make video streaming from 24 content providers...

T-Mobile launches free video-streaming service

T-Mobile said it will offer free streaming of wireless video to certain T-Mobile customers for services such as HBO, Hulu, Netflix and 21 others.


NSFW: T-Mobile hurls insults at competitors AT&T, Verizon and Sprint

Warning: Graphic language T-Mobile CEO poked fun and insulted competitors AT&T, Verizon and Sprint during a company event.


T-Mobile will let video stream for free

T-Mobile will exempt certain video providers from data caps.

Sprint logo on store in Boston

Sprint reports bigger-than-expected loss, stock sags 7%

Sprint's stock fell nearly 7% at mid-day Tuesday after the wireless carrier posted a quarterly loss greater than analysts had predicted.

Rhonda Winter, CIO, Indianapolis Motor Speedway [2015]

Indy speedway CIO says a sense of urgency drives decision-making

Rhonda Winter, CIO at Hulman & Co., owners of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, says her IT degree and a background in manufacturing made her focused on business processes, and finding ways to deliver value quicker.

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