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Sprint logo on store in Boston
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Video streaming

How T-Mobile's video streaming works

How can T-Mobile afford to offer its Binge On streaming video service at no extra cost to its customers? T-Mobile officials offered a few technical details to shed light on how it will make video streaming from 24 content providers...

T-Mobile launches free video-streaming service

T-Mobile said it will offer free streaming of wireless video to certain T-Mobile customers for services such as HBO, Hulu, Netflix and 21 others.


NSFW: T-Mobile hurls insults at competitors AT&T, Verizon and Sprint

Warning: Graphic language T-Mobile CEO poked fun and insulted competitors AT&T, Verizon and Sprint during a company event.


T-Mobile will let video stream for free

T-Mobile will exempt certain video providers from data caps.

Sprint logo on store in Boston

Sprint reports bigger-than-expected loss, stock sags 7%

Sprint's stock fell nearly 7% at mid-day Tuesday after the wireless carrier posted a quarterly loss greater than analysts had predicted.

Rhonda Winter, CIO, Indianapolis Motor Speedway [2015]

Indy speedway CIO says a sense of urgency drives decision-making

Rhonda Winter, CIO at Hulman & Co., owners of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, says her IT degree and a background in manufacturing made her focused on business processes, and finding ways to deliver value quicker.

cuba wireless internet

Sprint signs wireless roaming agreement with Cuba carrier

Sprint signed a wireless roaming agreement with the Telecommunications Company of Cuba, known as ETECSA, to take advantage of future business from U.S. travelers to that nation.

AT&T logo on Boston store

AT&T's single-number service for connected devices helps AT&T, too

AT&T now has a way to use the same phone number for all your connected devices, a capability that could simplify some subscribers' lives but may have more to do with the carrier's own goals.

Wi-Fi sign

Wi-Fi Alliance reaches for peace over unlicensed LTE

A Wi-Fi Alliance workshop next month could start to lay the groundwork for peace between Wi-Fi and LTE promoters who have been arguing over potential interference.

iPhone 6s and 6s plus

AT&T kicks off Wi-Fi calling years after T-Mobile

AT&T kicked off Wi-Fi calling on newer-model iPhones running iOS 9 after winning permission from the Federal Communications Commission two days earlier.

Map showing AMOS-6 Ka band coverage in East, West and Southern Africa

Facebook, Eutelsat satellite capacity to deliver Internet to Africa

As part of its push to deliver free basic Internet services to developing countries, Facebook has teamed with Eutelsat to rent the entire capacity of the AMOS-6 broadband satellite to deliver connectivity to Africa.


Experian breach may have exposed data on 15M consumers linked to T-Mobile

A data breach at credit bureau Experian may have exposed data from T-Mobile USA on about 15 million U.S. consumers.

iPhone 6s and 6s plus

At Sprint and T-Mobile, you can get an iPhone 6S for $5 a month (or less)

Starting Friday, Sprint's in-store customers will be able to lease an iPhone 6S with 16GB of storage for $1 a month.

Public telephone in Havana Cuba

Verizon to offer international roaming in Cuba

Verizon Wireless will become the first U.S. carrier to let subscribers connect to a cell service in Cuba.

iphone6s rose gold

Apple's iPhone installment plan threatens carriers' ties to customers

Apple's announcement Wednesday of its own iPhone installment plan, tucked toward the end of the company's "monster roll-out," could come back to haunt wireless carriers.

New iPhone 6S could let Sprint network shine

Apple gave Sprint a little gift this week with the new iPhone 6S, which can take advantage of faster wireless speeds via carrier aggregation.

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Are cellular operators trying to kill Wi-Fi?

The Wi-Fi industry is concerned about plans by cellular operators to deploy an unlicensed version of the global 4G standard on frequencies already occupied by Wi-Fi networks.

Wikipedia founder pushes his charity phone company, TPO

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, took the keynote stage Wednesday at CTIA Super Mobility 2015 to tout his latest venture, The People's Operator, or TPO.

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