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Google Project Fi

Project Fi Google Wireless Service

Will Google's new wireless service actually save you money? Let's find out

Google's offering a different kind of wireless phone service with its new Project Fi program. So how good of a deal is it compared to traditional carrier plans?

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Google launches Project Fi, its combo cellular and Wi-Fi network

Google launched its own ambitious wireless network primarily in the U.S. on Wednesday in partnership with Sprint and T-Mobile.

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Google could launch wireless service Wednesday

Google could unveil its wireless service as soon as Wednesday, sparking new competition by charging wireless customers only for the data they use.

mergers and acquisitions

Nokia to buy Alcatel-Lucent, may sell Here mapping business

Nokia has entered into an agreement to acquire Alcatel-Lucent in a deal that would value the French telecommunications equipment maker at $16.5 billion.


Sprint offers home delivery and setup of smartphones, tablets

Faced with a highly competitive market, U.S. wireless operator Sprint is offering to deliver and set up phones, tablets and other connected devices for free at customers' homes and offices.

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Sprint opens stores within 1,435 RadioShack locations

Sprint on Friday will open retail operation in 1,435 RadioShack stores that were recently acquired by General Wireless as a result of a RadioShack bankruptcy action.

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AT&T call centers sold mobile customer information to criminals

Employees at three overseas call centers sold hundreds of thousands of AT&T customer records, including names and Social Security numbers, to criminals who attempted to use the customer information to unlock stolen mobile phones,...

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Comcast to launch 2Gbps fiber service starting in Atlanta in May

If anybody doubted there's growing — perhaps unprecedented — competition in the business of fiber-optic Internet service to the home, look at what cable giant Comcast announced Thursday.

Sprint to rollout LTE Advanced to Chicago area

Sprint plans to add more than 540 jobs and 115 stores in the Chicago area along with its first LTE-Advanced upgrade in the nation.

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Update: Galaxy S6 price starts at $600 off-contract, 19% more for Edge

U.S. wireless carriers today announced off-contract prices ranging from $600 to $685 for the new 32 GB Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone and $100 to $129 more in premium pricing for its stylish cousin, the Edge, with both coming to buyers...

T-Mobile CEO John  Legere

T-Mobile will win the attention of business customers, if not sales

T-Mobile CEO John Legere gets laughs for his raunchy talk in public, but others are taking his announcement of simplified pricing with "Un-carrier for Business" seriously.


NSFW: T-Mobile CEO John Legere lets it fly, as usual, in his un-carrier announcement

T-Mobile CEO John Legere is famous for his straight-talking and he didn't hold back on Wednesday, when he announced new phone plans that challenge AT&T and Verizon.


T-Mobile's CEO now targeting business users in fight with AT&T, Verizon

T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere launched an aggressive push to get a bigger slice of the US business market, with new price plans that are cheaper than rivals AT&T and Verizon

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T-Mobile's new business pricing targets AT&T and Verizon

T-Mobile is aggressively going after business customers by offering the same kind of low-cost, simplified pricing and monthly service plans it has successfully offered to consumers.

5G faces hurdles on its way to offering multigigabit speeds

For 5G to be successful, the whole telecom industry will need to re-evaluate how networks work and are developed.

Sprint launches turnkey wired, wireless service

Sprint today announced a turnkey wired and wireless communicationsservice for SMBs that will cost $200 a month per worker.

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FCC a 'referee,' not a regulator, of the Internet, Wheeler says

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler on Tuesday defended the commission's recent vote in support of net neutrality.

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Google 'Nexus' wireless plan plan is a GO -- MVNO PDQ?

Google wants to be a wireless carrier in the U.S., it says. SVP of products Sundar Pichai announced the move at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers ponder the "Nexus" of wireless plans...

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