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More evidence of the Windows Phone app gap: FTC doesn't bother to sue Microsoft

Here's one more piece of evidence that Windows Phone lags far iOS and Android in app availability: The FTC, which has gone after Google, Apple, and Amazon for unlawful app billing, hasn't even bothered to target Microsoft.

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iPhone 6 rollout: Lights out for Windows Phone?

When the iPhone 6 gets rolled out tomorrow, some may be tempted to say that it will finally mean the end of Windows Phone. But will the iPhone 6 really harm Windows Phone, or is there a way for Microsoft to salvage its smartphone OS?


Can the Lumia 830 Windows Phone really take on the iPhone?

Microsoft says that its just-announced Lumia 830 Windows Phone will eat into the market share of both the iPhone and Samsung devices. Is that a real possibility, or just one more example of overhype of Microsoft's struggling...

Microsoft’s attacks on Apple's Siri get a tad more satirical

Microsoft is taking its ongoing offensive against iPhone’s voice assistant, Siri, into a somewhat higher realm of satire, with a new video spot called “Let the Healing Begin' that's set to launch on YouTube next week.

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Microsoft targets Apple, Samsung with cheaper flagship Lumia

The Lumia 830 will have a fast camera and run the latest version of the Cortana digital assistant

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Is Microsoft right -- does Cortana clean Siri's clock?

Microsoft is swamping the airwaves with a new ad showing how its Windows Phone personal assistant Cortana is superior to the iPhone's Siri. Is Microsoft on target or making false claims?

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HTC One (M8) for Windows: Top hardware for Windows Phone fans

The popular high-end HTC One (M8) smartphone is now available for both Windows Phone and Android users.

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Huawei abandons Windows Phone: 'We were losing money for two years' on it

One more big phone maker has given up on Windows Phone. Huawei, the world's third-largest smartphone maker says that it will no longer release Windows Phone devices because it simply can't make any money on it. Where else can...

Is the app gap still killing Windows Phone?

Apps sell phones, and Windows Phone has long lagged behind both iOS and Android in app availability. Is it finally closing the gap, or is it still being hurt by the app gap?

Opera Mini becomes default browser for Microsoft's fading feature phones

Opera Software and Microsoft have struck a deal to replace Nokia's Xpress browser with Opera Mini on Microsoft's dying line of feature phones.

AT&T to get the M8 for Windows, too; it's not just Verizon

Less than a day after the HTC One (M8) for Windows went on sale "exclusively" on Verizon Wireless, AT&T also said it will carry the new smartphone, too.

One phone, two flavors: Android or Windows Phone. The start of a new trend?

At today's announcement of the HTC One (M8) for Windows, it was pointed out that this was the first time that a phone was available for two completely different operating systems. Which is, indeed, an interesting development. The...

Why HTC put Windows on its M8 smartphone

HTC announced the HTC One (M8) smartphone for Windows todayl it's available exclusively at Verizon Wireless for $99 on a two-year contract.

Will Microsoft's Satya Nadella dump Windows Phone and the Xbox?

If Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is true to his logic, one day he'll dump both Windows Phone and the Xbox -- and of course, the Surface. But is he willing to follow that logic, or instead keep Microsoft's worst-performing divisions?

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New Microsoft same as the old Microsoft

For all the talk by its CEO about a new and different Microsoft, the company's money-making software groups remain lashed to hardware-intensive divisions that increasingly drag down the firm's overall margin.

Windows Phone's nosedive continues: When will it R.I.P.?

One more day, one more piece of bad news for Windows Phone: IDC found that in the second quarter of 2014, Windows Phone's market share dropped yet again, to well under 3%. Is it time to play taps for the operating system?

New Windows Phones will be swamped by the iPhone 6, Samsung Note 4

Microsoft's timing couldn't be worse: It's expected to announce one or two new Windows Phones on September 4, just one day after Samsung will reveal the Note 4 phablet, and five days before Apple shows off its newest line of iPhones....

Microsoft opens new site for Lumia apps beta tests

Microsoft is closing the Nokia Beta Labs site, but users will still be able to test apps under development via the new Lumia Beta Apps site, designed to elicit more feedback and make it easier for users to participate.

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