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Microsoft takes slow, cautious path to protecting IE against POODLE

Microsoft yesterday added an optional anti-POODLE defense to Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), and promised that additional protection would be switched on by default in two months.

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Now on CIO: How to pick the best browser for your enterprise

In the world of Web browsers, the Big 3 – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox – all offer pros and cons for business use. We breakdown the top browsers with an eye on the enterprise.

Opera 26 bookmarks sharing

Opera adds bookmarks sharing, beats Chrome to the punch

Opera Software has updated its namesake desktop browser to version 26, introducing bookmarks sharing and beating rival Google to the punch.

Firefox asks users about changing search providers

Update: Firefox 34 seeks user OK before changing search to Yahoo

As expected, Mozilla today updated Firefox to version 34, automatically switching the browser's default search from Google to Yahoo for most users in North America.

Chrome's new bookmarks manager

Chrome users attack new graphical bookmarks manager

Google has started to roll out a dramatically different bookmarks manager for its Chrome browser that will show up for most users within weeks.

Mozilla will automatically switch Firefox search to Yahoo for most U.S. users

Mozilla will automatically change the default search engine in Firefox from Google to Yahoo for most U.S. users when it updates the browser this month.

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Pew: Internet is ignorant; Internet: pewpewpew

Pew Internet 'Web IQ' survey finds that Internet users know little about technology or the Web, based on questions that didn't address either one

Mozilla unveils search tool tweaks in next week's Firefox 34

Along with its impending switch to Yahoo as the default search engine for Firefox, Mozilla will also change how users conduct searches in the browser.

Google Chrome

Google to TERMINATE Chrome support of old style plug-ins

Google has decided once and for all to cease supporting all Netscape style plug-ins in its Chrome browser. Initially slated for execution by the end of 2014, Google gave the older plug-ins a brief delay-of-the-inevitable, but recently...

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Google delays demise of old-style Chrome plug-ins

Google on Monday gave traditional Google plug-ins a stay of execution and instead outlined a three-step plan to finalize their demise in 10 months.

mozilla firefox san francisco

Mozilla reports flat revenue from Google-Firefox search deal

Mozilla today said that revenue last year from its deal with Google was flat compared to 2012, as was its income overall. But expenses jumped by 42%.


Mozilla tells Google, it’s not you (anymore), it’s Yahoo

Mozilla on Wednesday announced that it had not renewed its lucrative contract with Google, and will instead use Yahoo as Firefox's default search engine in the U.S.


Firefox drops Google like a BAD HABIT

"Yahoo + Firefox" -- this was found yesterday, freshly carved on a tree trunk in Sunnyvale, California. Years ago, similar marks were found on a tree in nearby Mountain View, but those read "Google + Firefox."

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Chrome for OS X turns 64-bit, forsakes early Intel Macs

Google today released Chrome 39, the company's first 64-bit browser for OS X from its "stable" channel.

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Forget the app; Microsoft rolls out Skype for Web

Microsoft is launching a beta of Skype for the Web, allowing browser-based video chats that don't require a separate app.

Firefox's new tab page ads

Mozilla plunks ads into Firefox

Mozilla kicked off its long-under-development plan to run ads in Firefox with the launch of version 33.1.

As Firefox turns 10, Mozilla trumpets privacy

Mozilla today trumpeted the 10th anniversary of Firefox and released an interim build of Firefox 33 that includes a new privacy tool and access to the DuckDuckGo search engine.

FX 10

Mozilla woos programmers with plans for a webdev browser

Nudging developers towards the open Web, the Mozilla Foundation is customizing a version of its Firefox browser that can be used to build Web pages and applications, reducing the number of different tools now required for the job.

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