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Google to pull Chrome's patch plug for 1-in-7 Windows and Mac users

Google said it will switch off Chrome security updates in under five months for about one-in-seven Windows users and around the same portion of those running Apple's OS X.

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Google cuts off Chrome updates on Windows XP and Vista

Google announced Tuesday that it will finally stop providing updates to users of Microsoft's nearly geriatric, insecure operating system.

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FCC won't force websites to honor 'Do Not Track'

The FCC has dismissed a petition that would have required some of Web's largest firms to honor "Do Not Track" signals from consumers' browsers.


Firefox again flirts with dangerous 10% user share level

Mozilla's Firefox, returning to a multi-month cycle of user share losses, is again flirting with the dangerous 10% milestone, according to data from Net Applications.

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Firefox 42’s privacy fix: Does anyone still care about Mozilla?

Firefox now has “Tracking Protection” built into its Private Browsing mode. Mozilla argues that all the other browsers leak information in their Incognito, InPrivate or (ahem) pr0n modes...

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Mozilla keeps your browsing private with new Tracking Protection feature

Firefox users who want to keep their browsing under wraps have a new tool to use, thanks to Mozilla’s launch of Private Browsing with Tracking Protection in its latest browser release on Tuesday.

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Chrome user share swells to record 31%

Chrome in October reached another major milestone in user share as Internet Explorer and Firefox again shed fans at ruinous rates.


Microsoft bows to Chrome's dominance, delivers Office Online add-on for browser rival

Bowing to the reality that Google's Chrome has become the world's fastest-growing browser, Microsoft today launched a Chrome add-on for quickly accessing Office Online apps and their documents.

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Controlling Chrome plugins: Lessons learned the hard way

The inability to stop Flash from running by default on Chrome led to some lessons learned the hard way controlling both plugins and extensions with Google's browser.

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Microsoft confirms no add-ons for Edge browser this year

Microsoft has confirmed that its Edge browser, the new default for Windows 10, will not get the support for add-ons in 2015 it once promised.

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Malvertising: The new silent killer?

Malicious ads on the websites you visit aren’t a new phenomenon. The fact that they now avoid detection and don’t need you to click on ‘em to infect your computer is new, and increasingly troublesome.

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Firefox to drop old-tech plug-ins by end of 2016

Mozilla will follow in Google's footsteps and bar virtually all plug-ins built using a decades-old technology by the end of next year.

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Windows 10 users back away from the Edge

Microsoft's new Edge browser has been largely ignored by U.S. users of Windows 10, an online measurement company said.

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Cookie handling in browsers can break HTTPS security

Man-in-the-middle attackers can inject cookies over HTTP connections in order to extract information from encrypted HTTPS traffic.

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Review: 6 Chrome extensions let you track your Gmail

Want to know if that important email was actually read -- or ignored? These six Chrome extensions let you track your Gmail.

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Microsoft's Edge browser gets its first critical patches

In its monthly Patch Tuesday round of bug fixes, Microsoft issues 12 bulletins covering 56 vulnerabilities, including four in the company's new Edge browser.

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Microsoft pitches Edge on Bing to deflect deserters

Microsoft has begun promoting its new Edge browser using its Bing search engine.

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Mozilla admits bug-tracker breach led to attacks against Firefox users

Mozilla said an unknown attacker accessed its Bugzilla bug-and-change tracking database, stole information about 53 critical security vulnerabilities, and used at least one to attack Firefox users.

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