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Microsoft issues crash warning with latest Windows 10 update

Microsoft today released another update for Windows 10, but warned users with an AMD graphics chipset to expect "frequent crashes" of the new Edge browser.

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Logjam: How to tell if your browser is vulnerable

The just-disclosed Logjam flaw has again sent browser makers and website administrators scrambling to craft and apply patches, a repeat of the March rush to shut down its predecessor, FREAK.

android security danger

Android's default browser is vulnerable to URL spoofing

A flaw in Android's default Web browser lets attackers spoof the URL shown in the address bar, allowing them to mount more credible phishing attacks.

Some perspective on Flash Player bugs

Adobe's Flash Player has had 143 bug fixes in the last year. After 18 years of development, no software should be this flawed. Here are four Defensive Computing approaches to being as safe as possible when running Flash.

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Google cripples all Chrome add-ons from outside its app store

Google took a final step in its years-long scheme to aggressively lock down Chrome by crippling all add-ons because of abuse of a loophole left in the rules last year.

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Mozilla gags, but supports video copy protection in Firefox 38

The Adobe Content Decryption Module downloaded by Firefox 38 is isolated within a "sandbox," technology designed to limit code interactions with the browser itself, and quarantine it from the device and any files stored on it.

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Microsoft nixes ActiveX add-on technology in new Edge browser

Microsoft's new Edge browser will discard two of the oldest browser technologies found in the aged Internet Explorer and replace them with add-ons based on HTML5 and JavaScript.

Superfish injects ads in 4% of Google page views

More than 5% of browser visits to Google-owned websites, including Google Search, are altered by computer programs that inject ads.

Security issues at the HP online store

The word that best describes my recent shopping experience at the HP online store is amateurish. Its security issues offer a lesson in things to be aware of at any secure website.

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Chrome reaches major user share milestone, climbs above 25%

Google's Chrome browser broke the 25% user share mark last month, putting it in the position that Firefox briefly attained but quickly lost.

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5 ways Microsoft Edge trumps IE

Farewell, Internet Explorer. It's time to make way for Microsoft's next browser, Edge.

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Google as your mom: New Chrome add-on nags about password reuse habit

Google released a free Chrome extension that preempts users from entering their Google account password into bogus websites and hampers the bad habit of reusing credentials.

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Microsoft steps to 'Edge' with new browser name

Microsoft today named its new browser Microsoft Edge (ME) after using the "Project Spartan" code name for the last several three months.

After Google, Microsoft also cracks down on misleading advertisements

Internet Explorer will start showing warnings for ads that lead users to harmful websites and software.

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HTML5 shoot-out: How Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, and Opera measure up

Chrome and Opera lead in compliance with the latest Web features, but the differences among browsers may be smaller than they appear.

Windows bugs

Microsoft kicks off two-month Spartan bug bounty program

Microsoft today launched a short-term bug bounty program for its new Project Spartan browser, saying entries would be accepted until June 22.

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Chrome users roast Google on spit of hate over revamped bookmarks manager

Google's redesign of the Chrome bookmarks manager has begun rolling out to users running the most polished version of the browser. And those users are very unhappy

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Mozilla to debut Firefox for iPhone 'soon'

Mozilla will introduce Firefox for Apple's iPhone "soon," according to a company announcement of an open marketing position.

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