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Firefox drops Google like a BAD HABIT

"Yahoo + Firefox" -- this was found yesterday, freshly carved on a tree trunk in Sunnyvale, California. Years ago, similar marks were found on a tree in nearby Mountain View, but those read "Google + Firefox."

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Chrome for OS X turns 64-bit, forsakes early Intel Macs

Google today released Chrome 39, the company's first 64-bit browser for OS X from its "stable" channel.

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Forget the app; Microsoft rolls out Skype for Web

Microsoft is launching a beta of Skype for the Web, allowing browser-based video chats that don't require a separate app.

Firefox's new tab page ads

Mozilla plunks ads into Firefox

Mozilla kicked off its long-under-development plan to run ads in Firefox with the launch of version 33.1.

As Firefox turns 10, Mozilla trumpets privacy

Mozilla today trumpeted the 10th anniversary of Firefox and released an interim build of Firefox 33 that includes a new privacy tool and access to the DuckDuckGo search engine.

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Mozilla woos programmers with plans for a webdev browser

Nudging developers towards the open Web, the Mozilla Foundation is customizing a version of its Firefox browser that can be used to build Web pages and applications, reducing the number of different tools now required for the job.

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Google to kill off SSL 3.0 in Chrome 40

To protect against POODLE attacks and other vulnerabilities in SSL 3.0, Google will remove support for the aging protocol in version 40 of its Chrome browser, due in about two months.

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Microsoft releases stopgap POODLE protection for Internet Explorer

Microsoft gave Windows customers an easier way to block attacks against Internet Explorer meant to steal browser session cookies and impersonate victims.

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Apple: Internet Explorer? Never heard of it

Apple on Tuesday told browser users to pay attention to warnings of insecure digital certificates after reports of a "man-in-the-middle" attack against iCloud.com in China was revealed earlier in the week.

45% of Android devices still have a vulnerable browser installed

Almost half of all Android devices have a browser that is vulnerable to two serious security issues, according to data from mobile security firm Lookout.

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Google pays $75K in bug bounties to fix 159 Chrome flaws

Google yesterday released Chrome 38, paying out more than $75,000 in bounties for some of the 159 vulnerabilities patched in the massive security update.

Password obscured.

Google updates Chrome's built-in password maker

Google has modified a long-available password generator within a Chrome preview to make it easier to use, according to a Google employee.

IE users in no rush to discard old versions after Microsoft's support-stoppage mandate

Internet Explorer users were in no hurry last month to discard older versions of the browser, even after Microsoft told them support will end in early 2016.

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Latest Firefox adds protection against rogue SSL certificates

Mozilla added certificate key pinning to the latest version of Firefox to help stop hackers from intercepting data intended for major online services.


Chrome for Mac to desert early Intel Mac owners by October

Google has advanced its 64-bit Chrome browser to beta status, telling owners of the earliest Intel-based Macs that they will soon be left behind.

Firefox nightly browser with ads

Mozilla presses forward with new revenue plan, debuts ads in Firefox preview

Mozilla has added small ads to the new tab page of Firefox's roughest-edged Nightly build.


Chrome sings 'When I'm 64' on Windows

Google has released a 64-bit Windows version of Chrome, touting it as a performance and stability improvement over the six-year-old 32-bit edition.

DirectWrite in Chrome 37

Chrome sharps up, dumps 1985's graphics technology

Google today updated Chrome to version 37, finally abandoning a 29-year-old Windows technology to display fonts.

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