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Internet Explorer

Microsoft browser users kick older IE editions to the curb

With less than 20 weeks left before Microsoft stops serving security updates to most versions of Internet Explorer, Windows users are finally ditching the soon-to-be-retired editions in significant numbers.


Chrome nears 30% user share milestone as it assimilates declines by IE, Firefox

Google's Chrome browser in August came within sight of the 30% user share milestone, and looks likely to continue growing for the foreseeable future.

adobe flash player v10 icon

Adobe Flash: Kill it now

It’s time to put Flash out of our misery once and for all. And, thanks to Google, it may finally happen.

Chrome tools every Web developer will love

Chrome muzzles auto-play audio

Chrome will soon automatically silence any auto-played audio until that tab is explicitly brought to the foreground.

woman code laptop developer programming

How to drive a Web browser with R (and RSelenium)

RSelenium lets you do everything from submitting a simple Web form to testing a Web application in different browsers. Here's how to get started.

mozilla firefox san francisco

Mozilla waves add-on model white flag

Mozilla is planning major changes to one of Firefox's strengths -- its deep ecosystem of add-ons -- that will make it easier for developers to port Google Chrome extensions.

Flash click-to-play on Chrome breaks Ticketmaster

Chrome users can not buy tickets at Ticketmaster if they did the Defensive Computing thing and configure Flash for click-to-play.


Latest Windows 10 preview cripples 64-bit Chrome

Microsoft's latest Insider build of Windows 10 has crippled the 64-bit version of Google's Chrome browser.

Microsoft Edge running in dark mode on Windows 10 build

Edge browser fails to win over Windows 10 users

Microsoft's new Edge browser is being used by a only minority of those running Windows 10, according to data from a pair of analytics vendors.

new tab in edge

Review: Is Microsoft’s Edge browser ready for business?

Microsoft's Edge, which is included with Windows 10, is a more modern, more secure and more compatible browser. It will need more work to fit in at work -- but will be worth the wait.

Firefox for Windows 10

Mozilla fights to keep users with new Firefox for Windows 10

Mozilla has released a Windows 10 version of Firefox, making good on a pledge last month to get something in users' hands quickly once the new OS was out.

opera browser logo

Opera browser maker up for sale

Directors of Norwegian browser maker Opera Software said that they were considering selling the company and had hired bankers to help them explore options after the firm missed a second-quarter revenue forecast

Mozilla Firefox browser

Mozilla issues quick fix for Firefox zero-day bug

Mozilla has updated its Firefox browser to patch a zero-day vulnerability being used to harvest passwords on Windows and Linux machines.


Google puts the screws to sneaky Chrome add-on installs

Google plans to squash Chrome add-ons installed from websites if the extensions deploy what it called "deceptive tactics" to dupe its browser's users.

Patch halt looms for half of all IE users

With just over four months left before Microsoft stops serving security updates to most versions of Internet Explorer other than IE11, nearly half of all IE users are running a soon-to-be-retired edition.

Microsoft Firefox Mozilla Windows 10

Mozilla Firefox vs. Microsoft Windows 10 — FIGHT!

Mozilla Firefox honcho castigates Microsoft chief: CEO Chris Beard is lambasting his opposite number for Windows 10's inability to remember browser-choice settings. It feels like the good old days: Is Satya's Microsoft going back to...

Firefox's Windows 10 design specs

Update: Mozilla slams Microsoft over Windows 10's default browser switcheroo

In a letter from Mozilla CEO Chris Beard to Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella, Beard criticized the way Windows 10 setup changed the default browser.

Idea town 1

Mozilla to launch new Firefox feature testing program

Mozilla plans to launch a new testing program in August that lets Firefox users try out potential changes to the browser.

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