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IE takes another beating, keeps on retreating

Microsoft's browsers, Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge, continued to bleed users in January.


Firefox 44 debuts push notifications

Mozilla today released Firefox 44, adding push notifications to the browser.

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Google to boost compression performance in Chrome 49

Google has announced that a new in-house compression algorithm, dubbed "Brotli," will soon be added to Chrome to speed up page loading times and reduce data consumption on mobile.

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Brave is the name, ad-blocking the game of new browser

Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla and for an 11-day stint, its CEO, announced a new browser called "Brave," that blocks outside online ads and ad tracking.

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Microsoft: Upgrade to IE11 even if you dump our browser

Users of the Internet Explorer browser should update to the newest edition for their operating system -- in most cases, that means IE11 -- even if they've discarded the browser for a rival, Microsoft said.

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Unlike Mozilla, Google anticipated SHA-1 errors from HTTPS traffic inspection systems

Unlike Mozilla, Google plans to ban only SHA-1 certificates that were issued after Jan. 1 by public certificate authorities, not self-generated ones too.

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How to disable impending IE nag notices

Next week, Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser will begin displaying nag notices to users who haven't upgraded to the latest available for their operating system. Users can disable those notices, however.

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Web metrics vendor reports major decline in Microsoft Edge's browser share

December's drop was nearly three times the largest prior single-month contraction.

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Last chance to upgrade IE or switch browsers as Microsoft's mandate looms

Nearly 340 million people who run Microsoft's Internet Explorer have just a week to upgrade or switch browsers, or face a shutoff of the security patch spigot.

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As pre-IE11 support ends, scrambling for workarounds

For our security manager, the two big issues are the browsers his users employ, and the versions supported by the corporate website.

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Microsoft to send IE upgrade nag notices to Windows 7 PCs in January

Microsoft will seed hundreds of millions of Windows 7 PCs next month with a nag notice reminding their owners that older editions of IE are being dropped from the company's support list.


Mozilla finally ships 64-bit Firefox for Windows

Mozilla today shipped Firefox 43, the first edition that lets users download a production-grade 64-bit version for Windows.

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Microsoft warns of 'diminished experience' in Office 365 on IE's soon-to-be-obsolete editions

Microsoft has deployed a new tactic in pushing users of older versions of Internet Explorer to upgrade, telling Office 365 customers that some IE versions would see a "significantly diminished experience."


Microsoft's Edge keeps shedding share as users pick other browsers on Windows 10

Microsofts Edge browser, the replacement for Internet Explorer on Windows 10, continues to struggle to retain users.


Mozilla shutters Firefox OS, gives up on smartphones

Mozilla confirmed that it was halting development on Firefox OS in its current incarnation, putting an end to more than four years of work building a browser-based, smartphone operating system.

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Chrome for Android blocks access to malware and scam websites

Google has implemented Safe Browsing, the blacklisting technology used to block websites that host malware or scams, in Chrome for Android.

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Surprise! Mozilla just launched an ad blocker for iOS

Mozilla continued its push to provide users with privacy options for their Web browsing on Tuesday when it released a new content blocker for the iPhone and iPad.

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Microsoft settles lawsuit against Ballmer, Gates, others over browser ballot blunder's $732M fine

Microsoft has settled a lawsuit brought last year over a $732 million fine that European Union antitrust regulators slapped on the firm in 2013.

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