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say no to big browsers

10 specialized browsers that will make you forget about Chrome, Firefox and IE

Sick of the Big Three browsers? These eight obscure (but useful) alternatives can scratch your niche itches.

iehistory primary

A visual history of Microsoft's Internet Explorer

The rise and demise of Internet Explorer, the once-dominant Web browser.

hacker guy ninja code

All four major browsers hacked at Pwn2Own

Security researchers at this week's Pwn2Own hacking contest demonstrated remote code execution exploits against the top four browsers and hacked the widely used Adobe Reader and Flash Player plug-ins.

internet explorer dead

Internet Explorer is an ex-browser (following a prolonged squawk)

Microsoft is killing off IE. In Windows 10, the new 'Project Spartan' browser will take the lead. RIP IE: 1995–2015. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers run down the curtain and join the choir-invisible...

Piñata de Internet Explorer

Anything but IE: Microsoft searches for new browser's name

Microsoft has confirmed that the new default browser in Windows 10 will not be named "Internet Explorer," essentially marking the end of a 20-year reign.

google firefox plea screenshot

Google courts Firefox users with new dump-Yahoo appeal

Google upped the ante in its appeal to Firefox users to restore its search engine as the default, embedding a prominent plea above the search results.


Web browsers are also to blame for Lenovo's Superfish fiasco

That no web browser prominently displays the name of the Certificate Authority vouching for a supposedly secure website makes man-in-the-middle attacks, such as the one by Superfish, possible. Techies can find this information, but it...

security risk thinkstock

Time for all Windows users to FREAK out over encryption bug

Microsoft on Thursday confirmed that Windows was vulnerable to FREAK attacks, and researchers changed their tune, saying Internet Explorer (IE) users were at risk.

ask toolbar oracle java

STOP! Installing Java on a Mac? Don't just click OK...

Oracle is the latest vendor under fire for (ahem) 'potentially unwanted' shovelware. Mac users installing or updating to the latest version Java are finding their shinies infected with the Ask Toolbar. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers fume...

mozilla firefox san francisco

An incredibly shrinking Firefox faces endangered species status

Mozilla's Firefox is in danger of hitting the endangered species list for browsers if current trends continue.

Time to FREAK out? How to tell if you're vulnerable

Not everyone is vulnerable to the FREAK flaw researchers disclosed on Tuesday. Here's how to tell if you are.

Android on Chromebook

Google will stop patching Chrome on Android 4.0 next month

Google plans to stop serving updates to Chrome for Android on devices running "Ice Cream Sandwich" in mid-April.

firefox logo

Mozilla previews 64-bit Firefox for Windows, tentatively slates stable release for mid-May

Mozilla on Monday announced its first developer preview of a 64-bit Windows version of Firefox

Yahoo sign

Yahoo gains U.S. search share on the back of Firefox

New measurements show that Yahoo continued to improve its share of the U.S. search market after striking a deal last year with Firefox maker Mozilla.

Google shares code to help servers digest HTTP/2

Google has released as open source a framework for HTTP/2, the newly updated standard for transmitting Web pages and Web applications over the Internet.

Chrome 40 alert

Chrome warns users of devious software that could impact Google's business

Google has added an early warning alert to Chrome that pops up when users try to access a website that could try to dupe users into downloading underhanded software.

firefox logo

Departing Firefox chief takes shots at doomsayers

Mozilla's head of Firefox took shots at doomsayers this week, calling those who wonder whether the iconic browser long ago peaked "dead wrong."

mozilla firefox san francisco

Mozilla reveals Firefox add-on lockdown

Mozilla has detailed plans to require Firefox add-ons to be digitally signed, a move meant to bear down on rogue and malicious extensions.

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