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windows 10 project sparta markup web

Microsoft has a two-browser strategy for Windows 10, at least for now

Even after Wednesday's Windows 10 event was over, it wasn't clear exactly what Microsoft's browser roadmap looks like.


Latest Firefox tries to one-up Skype with WebRTC calling features

With this week's rollout of Firefox 35, Mozilla is taking a bold step toward reclaiming the relevance that Firefox once commanded. Key to that effort is the organization's move to take a standard technology called WebRTC and add it to...

Firefox 35

Mozilla upgrades Firefox to v.35, streamlines video calling

Mozilla today released its newest browser, Firefox 35, which features a streamlined version of the plug-in-free Hello video calling service and faster access to an app marketplace.


Yahoo's U.S. share on Firefox quadruples after deal

Mozilla's deal with Yahoo has quadrupled the search provider's usage by those running Firefox in the U.S., but the browser's users still prefer Google.


Mozilla plans Firefox OS for wearables, targets Apple, Google

Mozilla is planning a version of the Firefox OS for wearables, and one of the top priorities is to break down barriers among smart watches, smart glasses and other body-hugging devices based on Apple's and Google's operating systems.

Windows 10

What Microsoft's 'fresh start' browser strategy means

Microsoft will unveil a browser not named Internet Explorer alongside Windows 10. Here's what Microsoft may have in mind.

WhiteHat Aviator

Are you using the most secure and private web browser?

Aviator web browser, created by a WhiteHat Security, is setup to maximize privacy and security safeguards by default. Simply download OS X or Windows versions and then start surfing in private, protected mode without being tracked.

Firefox fundraiser

Mozilla: We're not asking for donations because we're poor

Mozilla last week denied that there was a connection between flat search revenue in 2013 and recent fundraising efforts that have asked Firefox users to donate to the nonprofit.

chrome proposal encryption

Google wants to turn browser signals of Web encryption upside down

Chrome security engineers have proposed that all websites that don't encrypt traffic be marked as insecure by browsers.

browser comparison sept 2014

Microsoft nixes EU browser ballot screen

Microsoft has pulled the plug on the browser ballot screen it was forced to display in the aftermath of a threat by the European Union's antitrust agency five years ago.

Update: Firefox pleads for cash with in-browser fundraiser

Mozilla has been running a fundraiser from within its Firefox browser, a program that will run through the end of the year.

patch ie

Microsoft takes slow, cautious path to protecting IE against POODLE

Microsoft yesterday added an optional anti-POODLE defense to Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), and promised that additional protection would be switched on by default in two months.

web for business
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Now on CIO: How to pick the best browser for your enterprise

In the world of Web browsers, the Big 3 – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox – all offer pros and cons for business use. We breakdown the top browsers with an eye on the enterprise.

Opera 26 bookmarks sharing

Opera adds bookmarks sharing, beats Chrome to the punch

Opera Software has updated its namesake desktop browser to version 26, introducing bookmarks sharing and beating rival Google to the punch.

Firefox asks users about changing search providers

Update: Firefox 34 seeks user OK before changing search to Yahoo

As expected, Mozilla today updated Firefox to version 34, automatically switching the browser's default search from Google to Yahoo for most users in North America.

Chrome's new bookmarks manager

Chrome users attack new graphical bookmarks manager

Google has started to roll out a dramatically different bookmarks manager for its Chrome browser that will show up for most users within weeks.

Mozilla will automatically switch Firefox search to Yahoo for most U.S. users

Mozilla will automatically change the default search engine in Firefox from Google to Yahoo for most U.S. users when it updates the browser this month.

curbside internet flickr

Pew: Internet is ignorant; Internet: pewpewpew

Pew Internet 'Web IQ' survey finds that Internet users know little about technology or the Web, based on questions that didn't address either one

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