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AWS buys Cloud9 IDE in snub to Google

Amazon Web Services has bought Cloud9, a popular web-based developer environment that recently aligned itself with the Google Cloud Platform.

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Three popular Drupal modules patch site-takeover flaws

The security team of the popular Drupal content management system worked with the maintainers of three third-party modules to fix critical vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to take over websites.

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Google hires team from online content sharing service Kifi

The team at Kifi, the developer of a service for users to save, collaborate and chat on online content, have joined Google’s Spaces group.

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Serious flaw fixed in widely used WordPress plug-in

The latest version of the All in One SEO Pack plug-in for WordPress fixes a flaw that could be used to hijack the site's admin account.

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JavaScript email attachments can carry potent ransomware

Attackers are infecting computers with a new ransomware program called RAA that's written entirely in JavaScript and locks users' files using strong encryption.

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Go from SHA-1 to SHA-2 in 8 steps

The clock is ticking for organizations to complete their SHA-1 migration. Here's what admins must do to ensure they aren't locked out.

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Google to block Flash by default on most sites for Chrome users

Google aims to make HTML5 the primary experience in Chrome by the fourth quarter of this year, except for a white list of 10 sites that will run Adobe’s Flash Player.

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Half the Web's traffic comes from bots

Roughly half of all Web traffic comes from bots and crawlers, and that's costing companies a boatload of money.

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Google to kill 'Death by PowerPoint' with new Slides app

Google Slides aims to eliminate PowerPoint. At least, la GOOG hopes it can, particularly among educators. Three new features aim to make your slide presentations more of a two-way experience...

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This startup uses machine learning to turn your old enterprise apps into mobile ones

There's plenty of lip service paid to a need to mobile-enable the enterprise, but actually making that happen is a little more complicated. That's where PowWow Mobile hopes to help.

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Critical flaws in ImageMagick library expose websites to hacking

A tool used by millions of websites to process images has several critical vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to compromise Web servers.

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Facebook bug hunter finds a back door left by hackers on corporate server

A researcher found a PHP-based back door installed by hackers on one of Facebook's corporate servers.

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How-to: Install Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 RC

Microsoft announced the release of SharePoint Server 2016 Release Candidate (RC) and Project Server 2016 Release Candidate.

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PayPal is the latest victim of Java deserialization bugs in Web apps

PayPal has fixed a serious vulnerability in its back-end management system that could have allowed attackers to execute arbitrary commands on the server and potentially install a backdoor.

Google Keep

3 years with Google Keep: Where it shines and where it (still) falls short

An honest look at the state of Google's note-taking service from a guy who relies on it almost every day.

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JavaScript as the language of the cloud

With the rise of the cloud, network has at last become the computer. A developer working out of their bedroom can build an app that can reach millions. JavaScript is an essential glue that holds these apps together. The wild array of...

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Drupal will use HTTPS to secure its update process

Developers of the popular Drupal content management system are working to secure the software's update mechanism after a researcher found weaknesses in it.

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Yahoo adds Gmail support to Mail app

Yahoo's ability to search across all of a user's email history might set it apart, one analyst says.

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