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Java vs. Node.js: An epic battle for developer mindshare

google helpouts

Google to shut down Helpouts live video service

Google is pulling the plug on Helpouts, the company's service to provide answers and advice by connecting information seekers with experts via live video.

hacker guy ninja code

Pwn2Own hacking contest shrinks exploit prize pool

Hewlett-Packard's Zero Day Initiative today outlined the rules for its annual hacking contest, Pwn2Own, which will run March 18-19 with $465,000 in prize money.

Microsoft, IBM get behind stewardship of Node.js

Microsoft, IBM, and the Linux Foundation are among the organizations joining an initiative to manage Node.js, the popular runtime software that provides interactive Web interfaces for users.

development tools web internet code data

Just what is a developer?

As new tools help people build apps and services with less intervention required, it may be time to redefine the term "developer."

google logo

Google could boost education push with Launchpad Toys acquisition

Google could strengthen its position in the education market with its acquisition of Launchpad Toys, maker of popular children apps like Toontastic which are used in classrooms.

patch flash again

Adobe FAIL: Yet another Flash 0-day vuln 'sploited in wild

smh. THREE vulnerabilities in as many weeks? Oh boy, here it comes again. Adobe Flash has yet another zero-day vulnerability that's being exploited in the wild. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers chorus the suggestion to uninstall it.

121514 google earth

Google Earth Pro, once $399, is now free

Google Earth Pro, which had a price tag of $399, is now available for free.

welcome to joomla

Hands on: Joomla tries a CMS for non-developers

Open-source CMS Joomla.com is now available as a hosting platform for new users. It offers a wide variety of options -- perhaps more than most newbies can handle.

facebook down instagram down lizard squad

Facebook DOWN. Instagram OFFLINE. Lizard Squad: "HELLO"

Reptilian hackers Lizard Squad's claim denied by Facebook: Facebook was down for an hour. Instagram was down, too. And so were a services that rely on Zuckerberg's authentication system -- such as Tinder. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers...


Dropbox boosts mobile talent with CloudOn buy

The latest in the cloud-storage company's shopping spree also delivers a ready-made presence in Israel.


Latest Firefox tries to one-up Skype with WebRTC calling features

With this week's rollout of Firefox 35, Mozilla is taking a bold step toward reclaiming the relevance that Firefox once commanded. Key to that effort is the organization's move to take a standard technology called WebRTC and add it to...

mark zuckerberg ceo facebook

Zuckerberg could face gritty questions at Facebook townhall in Colombia

Facebook users in Latin America will have a chance to pepper Mark Zuckerberg with questions when he heads to Bogota, Colombia, for Facebook's first international townhall Q&A.

WhatsApp on iOS

WhatsApp users top 700 million, could hit 1 billion in a year

Use of mobile messaging apps such as WhatsApp is rising while use of carriers' SMS text messaging services declines.

The year TVs got much too complicated

CES 2015 might go down as the moment when TVs became more complicated than they should be.

Facebook acquires speech-recognition startup Wit.ai

Facebook is acquiring Wit.ai, a speech-recognition startup whose technology could give the social network new ways to let users connect verbally.


Netflix blocks CUSTOMERS using VPNs

Online video purveyor Netflix is now reportedly blocking most VPN-based connections to its service. VPNs incidentally, provide an easy way for non-US based Netflix customers to watch US content and movies. But, as it turns out,...

keyboard chinese flag china hacker

China's state-run media tells citizens to 'accept' Gmail block

The Chinese state-run publication Global Times today told citizens to "accept the reality of Gmail being suspended in China" and lashed out at Western media for concluding the government was behind the outage.

web development code

MIT unifies Web dev into a single, speedy new language -- Ur/Web

Ur/Web allows developers to write pages as self-contained programs

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