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Outlook.com partial outage stretches to 20 hours

Microsoft's Outlook.com email service has been inaccessible since early Wednesday for customers who use several Redmond-made email clients, including those bundled with Office 2003, 2007 and 2010.

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Facebook releases a standalone Messenger web app

Facebook has launched a standalone Messenger app for chatting on the web outside of Facebook.com.

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Are APIs the new ITIL?

Are APIs indeed the new ITIL? In some ways, yes. Providers are going to continue to aggressively drive towards standardized, multi-tenant web based services supported by increasing layers of technology automation over human-based...

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IBM joins race to upgrade webmail interface with Verse

Google has tried it with Inbox, Microsoft handed Outlook Web App users Delve and now, with Verse, IBM is giving webmail a fresh look as it teaches its venerable Domino mail server new tricks.

Google gives Apps admins more control over files and docs

Google is giving systems admins more control over Apps documents in an effort to address concerns about data security.


TIDAL: Music superstar or one-hit wonder?

Musical stars Jay Z, Madonna -- along with a globular cluster of other musicians and singers -- showed up in glittering style for the relaunch of TIDAL, the streaming music service...

Some people just don't appreciate the finer things

This pilot fish is beginning to think maybe he's doing a less-than-fantastic job of educating users on certain topics. Then again, maybe they simply don't care.

Chart and image gallery: 30+ free tools for data visualization and analysis

This sortable chart lets you compare dozens of tools for functionality, skill level and more.

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At F8 today, virtual reality may be next phase of social networking

Virtual reality is among the topics that Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook, is expected to talk about today, the second day of the company's annual F8 developer conference being held in San Francisco.

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Microsoft offers enterprises slower Office 2016 update tempo

Microsoft said it will offer businesses a slower update tempo for Office 2016, just as it has already promised for Windows 10.

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Google courts Firefox users with new dump-Yahoo appeal

Google upped the ante in its appeal to Firefox users to restore its search engine as the default, embedding a prominent plea above the search results.

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Over a million WordPress websites at risk because of flaw in popular SEO plug-in

The vulnerability in a plug-in from Yoast exposes sites to SQL injection attacks.

Google, Yahoo offer online tools to keep address books current

Google and Yahoo are both embracing the card format to help users better organize the contact information they store online.

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Google wants to manage your work email with Inbox

Google is moving ahead with plans to roll out Inbox for Google Apps so people in the workplace can use it to manage email.

Java vs. Node.js: An epic battle for developer mindshare

Java vs. Node.js: An epic battle for developer mind share

Here’s how the enterprise stalwart and onetime script-kiddie toy stack up in a battle for the server room.

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Google to shut down Helpouts live video service

Google is pulling the plug on Helpouts, the company's service to provide answers and advice by connecting information seekers with experts via live video.

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Pwn2Own hacking contest shrinks exploit prize pool

Hewlett-Packard's Zero Day Initiative today outlined the rules for its annual hacking contest, Pwn2Own, which will run March 18-19 with $465,000 in prize money.

Microsoft, IBM get behind stewardship of Node.js

Microsoft, IBM, and the Linux Foundation are among the organizations joining an initiative to manage Node.js, the popular runtime software that provides interactive Web interfaces for users.

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Just what is a developer?

As new tools help people build apps and services with less intervention required, it may be time to redefine the term "developer."

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