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yahoo new mail

Judge OKs class-action status for email-scanning lawsuit against Yahoo

A lawsuit that alleges Yahoo's email scanning practices are illegal can proceed as a class action complaint, a development that will shine the spotlight on the Yahoo Mail use of messages' content for advertising purposes.

Android Performance Boosters

Google launches new tools for tracking app performance

Webmaster Tools, now called Search Console, includes new reports for how its search engine views in-app content.

google maps white house search word blur

Racist query terms in Google Maps trigger the White House in results

Google Maps lists the White House among top search results for certain queries containing racist terms against African-Americans.

Global digital rights groups say Facebook's Internet.org increases inequality

Internet.org's offer of access to selected websites and services without data charges has been criticized by more than 60 digital rights groups around the world for increasing inequality while undermining net neutrality.

Apple buys GPS startup Coherent to beef up mapping technology

Apple, which has been working to bolster its mapping technology since ditching Google Maps in 2012, has acquired Coherent Navigation, a startup offering a high-accuracy GPS navigation service.

editor red ink revise revision calligraphy writing pen correction

Review: 10 JavaScript editors compared

Sublime Text, TextMate and Brackets lead a rich field in capabilities and speed.

malware bug virus security magnifying glass detection

WordPress fixes actively exploited flaw

WordPress 4.2.2 addresses two critical XSS flaws and hardens defenses for a third.

google pagespeed service

PageSpeed to be latest dead Google product

Waddya mean, you've never heard of it?

Office 365 migration path

Pssst! Office 365 customers pay Microsoft up to 80% more over long haul

Moving a corporate customer from "transactional" purchases of Office to Office 365 rent-not-buy subscriptions results in almost a doubling of revenue for Microsoft.

emoji diverse

Instagram engineer delves into emoji madness

Company engineers did painstaking work to allow users to search by emoji.

mobile job search

Google says mobile now dominates search

People search more from mobile devices than they do from PCs -- and that will change advertising.

Beats music deals and FTC regulators

Can Apple woo music labels and FTC in time for Beats relaunch?

Time is ticking, and Apple needs to sign a few music deals, as soon as possible, pronto-like even. Why the rush? According to sources...

Security issues at the HP online store

The word that best describes my recent shopping experience at the HP online store is amateurish. Its security issues offer a lesson in things to be aware of at any secure website.

Happy we could get that cleared-- er, cleaned up

This IT department builds websites for clients as part of its company's services -- but why can't the sales team member see the latest version?

Google buys Timeful to boost its apps' time management skills

Google has acquired startup Timeful, whose iOS app uses machine learning to help users plan their days.

phishing attempt

Researchers play cat and mouse with Google's anti-phishing Chrome extension

Security researchers found nine different ways to defeat Google's Password Alert extension for Chrome.

google page

10 ways to fix Google+

People who slam Google+ for low engagement are missing the real problem. The users are there, but Google is holding them back.

grooveshark holo

Grooveshark shuts down after settlement with record companies

The settlement between owners Escape Media and the record companies was made ahead of a jury trial for award of damages.

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