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Will containers kill the virtual machine?

Container technology is sweeping across the industry. What does it mean for existing technology like cloud and virtual machines?

VMware helps CIOs tunnel their way to more secure mobile apps

VMware's goal is to make it easier for administrators to control what apps and resources mobile users can access.

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Brocade switch extends SDN, campus automation

The new Brocade switch is the ICX 7250. It supports up to eight 10G Ethernet ports for uplinks or stacking, and can be stacked 12-high into a virtual chassis supporting 576 Gigabit Ethernet and 96 10G ports.

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Microsoft creates a container for Windows

Hoping to build on the success of Docker-based Linux containers, Microsoft has developed a container technology to run on its Windows Server operating system.

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CoreOS's Tectonic shift: Enterprise-grade container management

Tectonic, the enterprise distribution of CoreOS's container management stack, leverages Google's Kubernetes -- and a round of Google venture capital.

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AWS targets interrupted sessions with virtual desktops upgrade

The company has made many small WorkSpaces improvements for admins and users.

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Cisco to buy SDN startup Embrane

Cisco plans to beef up its software-defined networking technology by acquiring Embrane, a startup with an architecture for virtualized network appliances.

An SDN vulnerability forced OpenDaylight to focus on security

The SDN project now has a security response team to quickly handle new vulnerability reports.


Microsoft to simplify Azure migration with bigger VM drives

Enterprises can now migrate virtual machines whose OS drives size exceed 127GB

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School district gets an HP SDN makeover to address wireless growth, security problems

South Washington County Schools standardizes on one vendor, leans on software-defined networking.

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EMC pools enterprise smarts to create data 'lakes'

EMC is drawing on its "federation" of companies to help customers build data lakes using EMC storage, VMware virtualization and Pivotal big-data smarts.

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Does Juniper have too many SDNs?

Last week's product launch extends range of controllers and data center fabrics.

Docker scoops up Kitematic for smoother Mac compatibility

Docker has acquired Canadian startup Kitematic, maker of an open-source tool by the same name that makes it easier for developers to install and run Docker on Macs.


First look: VMware vSphere 6 keeps its edge

With welcome improvements to key features, as well as the bundling of backup and recovery, the leading virtualization platform doesn't disappoint.

VMware expands desktop virtualization to Linux

VMware Horizon 6 will be able to deliver Red Hat and Ubuntu Linux desktops

How to get certified in VMware virtual networking

Virtual networking is sweeping the IT industry. Here are the top certifications and training for becoming an expert in SDN.

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Google is developing a virtual reality version of Android

Google is reportedly developing a virtual reality version of Android that will compete with software built by Facebook, Samsung, Microsoft and others.


Red Hat contains itself for Docker

Red Hat has customized a version of its Linux distribution to run Docker containers.

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