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Google releases a cloud manager ready for the enterprise

With Kubernetes, Google wants to help enterprises adopt a container-based micro-services architecture.

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New industry group to bring Web-scale cloud tech to the enterprise

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation will develop software for creating a 'micro-services' architecture.

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Google opens its cloud to Microsoft workloads

Google Cloud Platform now supports Windows virtual machine images.

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VMware patches vulnerabilities in Workstation, Player, Fusion and Horizon View Client

VMware released patches for serious vulnerabilities in several of its products that could lead to arbitrary code execution, privilege escalation on the host OS and denial of service.

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Oracle unwraps VM VirtualBox 5.0 with focus on security

After entering beta roughly three months ago, Oracle's VM VirtualBox 5.0 virtualization software is generally available, offering faster performance and better security.

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From CoreOS to Nano: Micro OSes strip down for containers

CoreOS, Red Hat, Ubuntu, VMware, Rancher, and Microsoft put unique twists on the stripped-down, container-focused, cloud-scale operating system.

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VMware settles claim of overcharging US government

VMware has settled a lawsuit initiated by a former executive that alleged the company and a partner overcharged the U.S. government for products over a six-year period.

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Review: New approaches to endpoint security

In our recent roundup of anti-virus programs, we discovered several new techniques being employed by anti-virus companies to make PCs safer against advanced threats.

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Red Hat makes its case to be THE container company

Looking to establish itself as the leader in the nascent container technology market, Red Hat has enabled one of its flagship products to support containers fully and released a new container management platform, too.


Docker offers enterprise support, software for containers

Organizations that want to explore the use of Docker containers can now tap into commercial support, as well as new software, to help them manage the new technology.


Here comes virtual networking for the enterprise

On the heels of AT&T's plan, Pica8 and Ciena offer commodity switches and virtual network functions as customer premises equipment.

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Standards are coming for containers

A group of leading tech vendors has joined the Open Container Project to create a standard container format.

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Microsoft needs SDN for Azure cloud

Couldn't scale without it, Azure CTO says.


Enterprises hesitant on SDNs

Cultural, legacy, business case issues create adoption gap with cloud providers

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Amazon boosts cloud offerings with souped-up virtual servers

Amazon Web Services launched new, more powerful general-purpose and data-warehouse virtual servers as it works to stay ahead of the competition by offering users a wider array of cloud-service options.

Cisco has an SDN for you

Cisco is out to prove it has an SDN for everyone.

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First look: Joyent Triton puts cloud computing on a bare-metal diet

Joyent’s Docker-driven container compute instances are superthin, superfast, and supercheap.

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How to check your Docker container - video

Once you've set up a Docker container, you'll probably want to see how it's configured. Here's how.

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