Virtual Reality

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PAX 2016: Rock Band VR hands-on

Rock Band VR ditches the trademark note highway so you can feel more like a true guitar god. It makes for a good Oculus Touch demo, but does it have staying power?

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Dell sees VR as important to PCs as gaming

VR is important for Dell, but the company doesn't want to rush in and then regret it. Dell is taking a measured approach to evaluate VR, in which issues around headsets and user experiences have yet have to be resolved.

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Lenovo adds Google Daydream products to its roadmap

Lenovo is joining Google's fledgling effort to bring virtual reality to the masses with new devices planned for the Daydream hardware and software platform.

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Asus may be planning Microsoft HoloLens competitor in its VR push

Move on, laptops and desktops; Asus believes virtual reality headsets will be the new PC, and will release its own head-mounted computers in the future.

A Qualcomm Snapdragon chip in a smartphone.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 821 chip will power Google Daydream phones

The first smartphones to use Google's Daydream virtual reality platform are coming later this year, and many could have Qualcomm's latest processor, the Snapdragon 821.

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Intel's new Kaby Lake chips for PC: Here's the company's vision

New chips can be a reason to upgrade PCs. But does Intel's latest 7th Generation Core chip, code-named Kaby Lake, have enough bite to trigger replacements of old PCs?

Lack of a high-quality GPU may hold Intel back on A.I. and VR

GPUs aren't a big presence at the ongoing Intel Developer Forum, which is centered around the chip maker's A.I. and VR strategy. Intel is highlighting its CPUs and FPGAs for those categories, and the lack of a GPU to chase all the...


Intel debuts Project Alloy VR headset

The biggest news out of the Intel Developer Forum this year is Project Alloy — Intel’s push in virtual and augmented reality.

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Microsoft will bring holographic 'mixed reality' to every Windows 10 PC

Microsoft is bringing Windows Holographic to the masses with a forthcoming update to Windows 10, in a move to make it easier to use mixed reality hardware on any PC.

Intel's Navin Shenoy with a VR headset

At IDF, Intel is leaving PCs behind to highlight VR and IoT

Attendees at Intel's IDF won't be wowed with blazing laptops and desktops with the latest PC processors. Instead, Intel will provide an insight into VR, internet of things and data-center strategies.

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What it's like to experience the internet

The technology-using public now demands more than mere information. They want to feel like they're really there.


Why (and how) to start planning your HoloLens apps

With Microsoft HoloLens already in the hands of the first developers, it’s time to start planning how your business can use augmented reality.

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HP pushes for augmented reality with its Elite x3 phone and HoloLens

HP wants to add augmented reality to its Elite x3 smartphone, and it's looking at Microsoft's HoloLens as one way to do it.


Prices for stand-alone VR headsets could drop with new Allwinner chip

Most virtual reality headsets need to be tethered to a PC or smartphone; few are self-contained. A new VR chipset from Allwinner could change that, and also drive down headset prices.

Computerworld Podcast: Mingis on Tech

Mingis on Tech: Roller coasters with a twist -- virtual reality!

If the average roller coaster isn't enough to scare the bejesus out of you anymore, how about one with virtual reality that turns the experience into something totally different?


Mingis on Tech: Roller coasters with a virtual reality twist

If the average roller coaster doesn't scare you anymore, how about one with virtual reality? Executive Editor Ken Mingis gets the details from Network World's Brandon Butler and Multimedia Editor Keith Shaw.

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Microsoft opens up HoloLens sales to anyone in the US or Canada

Microsoft opened up sales of the HoloLens development kit to anyone with $3,000 to spare, a move that could significantly expand the community of developers building apps for the augmented reality headset.

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Virtual reality needs U.S. gov't backing

As virtual reality and augmented reality gain popularity with consumers, attention is turning to ways these immersive technologies can be used in U.S. schools and in the work force.

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