Virtual Reality

Windows 10 VR
3Glasses' VR headset

brick and mortar online retail ts

Crate and Barrel works to balance online and offline sales

Even as more people shop online, Crate and Barrel says it's not ready to give up on brick-and-mortar stores.


Create your own VR content with the pocket-sized LucidCam

The LucidCam looks like a point-and-shoot camera, but it packs two lenses and captures VR-ready footage in 4K.

Intel project alloy prototype

Hands-on with Intel's Project Alloy untethered VR headset

Intel's Project Alloy prototype is cool, but a lot is still unknown about what consumers will get when it ships later this year.

brian krzanich intel project alloy

Intel says standalone VR is coming by the end of this year

Intel is serious about bringing its Project Alloy untethered VR headset to the masses. CEO Brian Krzanich said the device will be available in the fourth quarter.


HTC reveals exciting future for the Vive with wireless options and new accessories

HTC's Vive Tracker and Deluxe Audio Strap will bring new VR gameplay to the Vive as we wait for an upcoming wireless option from partner Intel.

ODG AR smartglasses

ODG's AR smartglasses combine Google Glass and Microsoft's HoloLens

The new R-8 and R-9 mixed reality smartglasses from Osterhout Design Group are sleek, small, and fit in your pocket. The products show that AR headgear doesn't need to be as big and clunky as Microsoft's HoloLens.

virtual reality

Virtual reality is actually here

The applications of VR extend into nearly every sphere of life.

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The top 10 PC technologies and trends to watch in 2017

In an era of sexy gadgets, its easy to knock PCs as being dinosaurs from a bygone era. But for every blue screen of death, there are many technological enhancements driving PCs into the era of virtual reality, 4K video and 5G...

Windows 10 VR

Microsoft sets Windows 10 PC requirements for tethered VR headsets

Microsoft's sending a strong message: You don't need high-end hardware to plug VR headsets into PCs.

PlayStation VR

Sony's PlayStation VR bests HTC Vive in headset shipments

Virtual reality is emerging as a computing category just like PCs and mobile devices, and headset shipments are booming.


Oculus Touch VR controller unboxing

Oculus's motion-tracked Touch controllers are about as close as you can get to using your hands in virtual reality.


Apple said to be eyeing wearable AR glasses

Apple is working on wearable digital glasses that would connect to the iPhone and show content in the wearer’s field of vision, according to a news report.

mshololens mixedrealityspace 08516 3x2 rgb

New app for HoloLens is designed for architects

Architects have a new reason to pick up Microsoft's HoloLens. A new app can help them explore 3D models of buildings.

viveland bountyvr

HTC pushes VR arcades with new Vive software

HTC launched a new Viveport Arcade platform to help promote the spread of virtual reality.

rosstin murphy ibm

IBM engineer sees AR trumping VR for data visualization

When it comes to enterprise data visualization, IBM Software Engineer Rosstin Murphy thinks augmented reality trumps virtual reality. Here's why.

google daydream view headset

Google's Daydream View VR headset to ship Nov. 10 for $79

The VR headset will work with phones compatible with Daydream, including Google's Pixel.

ARM demonstrating Ice Cave app on Gear VR

New ARM GPU could bring VR to low-cost smartphones by 2018

It's the early days for mobile virtual reality, and a robust VR-capable smartphone could cost you more than $500. But a new GPU from ARM could make VR a default feature in low-cost handsets by 2018.

Google VR

Google buys eye-tracking VR firm Eyefluence

Google has acquired a 3-year-old eye-tracking company focused on virtual and augmented reality, signaling the tech giant's interest in the immersive technologies.

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