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apples carekit and the future of medical care

Apple’s CareKit and the AI future of medical care

Will your robot doctor be Apple or Android?

Ford LiDAR autonomous car

Google, carmakers join forces to speed self-driving car adoption

Google's Alphabet company has formed a lobbying group with Ford, Volvo and other carmakers to press the U.S. government on regulations to help move the self-driving car industry to market.

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SWIFT banking network warns customers of cyberfraud cases

SWIFT, the international banking transactions network, has warned customers of "a number" of recent cyber incidents that criminals used to send fraudulent messages through its system, according to a news report.


Drone deliveries are arriving at a golf course in Japan

Online retailer Rakuten will start a drone delivery service at a golf course in Japan

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PCI is going to impose new payments security rules this week — and they don't go nearly far enough

When the PCI Security Council issues its new payments security requirements on Thursday, it is going to impose new rules about authentication and service providers. What is intriguing about the new edicts is that it shows the...

Chase EMV United card

Visa's EMV struggle: Is better preferable to consistent?

When Visa introduced its Quick Chip for EMV on Tuesday, it placed retailers in an awkward — but interesting — position. The good news: Quick Chip removes the most hated part of the EMV process, the part where the shopper has to leave...

solar testing facility

SunEdison, world’s largest renewable energy firm, files for bankruptcy

SunEdison, one of the oldest photovoltaic manufacturers and installers, today filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after a binge of acquisitions left it with massive debt.

emv chip and pin

Chip card payment confusion, anger rages on

Six months after U.S. retailers began assuming liability for debit and credit card fraud, only a fraction of the nation's in-store payment terminals can accept the highly secure chip-enabled cards.

point of sale credit card reader

New point-of-sale malware Multigrain steals card data over DNS

A new memory scraping malware program steals payment card data from point-of-sale (PoS) terminals and sends it back to attackers using the Domain Name System (DNS).

digital doctor dr virtual health

New CMS initiative a pivotal point in primary care market

New Comprehensive Primary Care model to drive demand for patient communications/coaching solutions.

Dreamforce (3)

Next up in IoT: The Internet of shirts and shoes

IoT startup Evrythng is teaming up with packaging company Avery Dennison to give apparel and footwear products unique identities in Evrythng’s software right when they’re manufactured.

healthcare it security jobs

Intacct partners with athenahealth to offer health industry ERP

As competition heats up, verticals are increasingly the way for cloud vendors to differentiate.

e skin composite

New electronic display is 10 times thinner than human skin

Japanese researchers have created an e-skin electronic display for human bio feedback that's transparent and flexible enough to distort and crumple in response to body movement.

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Need more proof of mobile's impact? Look to AMC CEO's statements

It's become almost a cliché to say that mobile is having a seismic impact on all of technology and that no vertical right now is feeling it more than retail. But every now and then, an example illustrates what a complete reversal in...

security hacker code cyberespionage

Hybrid GozNym malware targets customers of 24 financial institutions

A group of cybercriminals have combined two powerful malware programs to create a new online banking Trojan that has already stolen million dollars from customers of 24 U.S. and Canadian banks.

online security hacker

Microsoft's lawsuit, and retail's data-disclosure secrecy problem

When Microsoft on Thursday (April 14) sued the U.S. Justice Department demanding more openness about data seizures, it made the case that its customers have the right to know when their data in the cloud is being examined. Retail IT...

carekit primary

Apple's healthy CareKit revolution

Apple's new CareKit developer framework allows developers and doctors to connect copious amounts of healthcare data -- and make sense of it all. The end result should be healthier patients.


Fitbit likely helped doctors save a man’s life

A Fitbit worn by a 42-year-old man who arrived in a Camden, N.J., emergency room with an irregular heartbeat, supplied critical data that allowed doctors to shock the man's heart back into a normal rhythm without risking a stroke.

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