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Hitachi's big-data tools should help IT, mobile health workers

Hitachi Data Systems is now aiming its big-data expertise at health care and enterprise IT departments.

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Bipartisan bill to rein in NSA phone data collection reintroduced

A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers has reintroduced legislation aimed at ending the National Security Agency's bulk collection of telephone records across the country.

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Best Buy remains in MCX group despite move toward Apple Pay

Best Buy said Tuesday that it will support Apple Pay mobile payments while remaining a member of the MCX group of retailers that is pushing an alternate pay system called CurrentC

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Update: Credit card terminals have used same password since 1990s

A major vendor of payment terminals has been shipping devices for over two decades with the same default password, according to researchers.

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter

Defense Dept. wants to rebuild trust with the tech industry

The Department of Defense needs to rebuild trust with Silicon Valley because it needs new technology partners to fight cyberattacks, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said Thursday.

FTC hits retail firm for secretly tracking customers

A company that tracked retail store customers through their smartphones without notifying them and without giving them a chance to turn off the tracking has settled an FTC complaint that it didn't live up to its privacy promises.


Target's under-stocked sale: Lessons not learned

In retail—and especially in E-Commerce—there's a nuanced distinction between having a very popular sale and arranging for far too little merchandise. It's like those hold recordings that say the lengthy hold time is because of high...

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Apple retail chief rebuts showroom strategy speculation

Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts has told store employees that the online-only sales of the Apple Watch and new 12-in. MacBook were a "unique situation" that would not become the new norm for the company.

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Lack of broadband in some areas limits telemedicine

The lack of broadband service is limiting the deployment of telemedicine in some parts of the U.S.

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U.S. plans a cybersecurity center in Silicon Valley

The U.S. government plans to open a cybersecurity office in Silicon Valley to encourage closer cooperation between law enforcement agencies and the private sector.

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Is Amazon trusting tech too much?

When Amazon recently filed a Patent application to make retail payments absolutely transparent to shoppers, it suffered from the same fate of so many IT projects: Having too much faith in bits and bytes doing what they are supposed to...

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Bloomberg blames 'faulty hardware' for data terminal outage

Bloomberg blamed a "combination of hardware and software failures" for a two-hour outage affecting users of its popular data and messaging terminals.

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Insurance company now offers discounts -- if you let it track your Fitbit

John Hancock insurance has become the first company to offer discounts for policyholders who let it track their Fitbit activity levels and log other healthy-living activities into a online service.

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Canadian banks play hardball with Apple Pay moving north

Apple Pay is poised to cross the border into Canada this fall, but some Canadian banks are reportedly concerned that Apple wants a bigger cut of each transaction than it takes in the U.S.

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Feds lay down social media rules; enterprises should, too

The U.S. government is telling federal employees what they can and cannot post or tweet about on their favorite social networks. Companies need to do the same thing.

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NFL CIO: Tech isn't the problem with health info sharing

While the healthcare industry is now grappling with interoperability problems related to electronic medical records, the NFL has figured out how to solve the issue.

Whistleblowers are at risk using U.S. gov't sites to report fraud

More than two dozen U.S. government websites should be urgently upgraded to use encryption to protect whistleblowers, the ACLU said.

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Time to let domestic-spy Patriot Act rules die

How long can you trust the judgement of people who think iPhone is a terrorist weapon and can't even lie effectively about how big a waste domestic surveillance programs have really been?

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