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oberthur credit card security

E-paper display gives payment cards a changing security code

By embedding an e-paper display in the back of credit and debit cards, payment specialist Oberthur Technologies hopes to make online fraud a lot more difficult. An upcoming test in France will show if the underlying technology can cut...

healthcare security hp

How the cloud helps fight cancer

When it comes to the complex and costly fight against cancer, the cloud offers doctors and researchers a new way to find novel treatments and clues that could one day yield cures.

No more questionable software security in medical devices

Building code blueprint released to help build secure medical device software

Today the IEEE Cybersecurity Initiative released “Building Code for Medical Device Software Security” to help establish secure code development for software that runs in a wide range of medical devices.

retail experience

Mobile payments: What will it take for beacons to take the next step?

Beacons — those little ad-beaming mechanisms littering storefronts today — have been heralded as the ultimate mobile app partner for retailers. But as they exist today, they do little more than make Madison Avenue come-ons, teasing...


Time's up for putting off IPv6 decisions

As companies become used to the Internet of Things, they are assigning IP addresses to everything from printers and watches to refrigerators and garbage cans. We're going to be needing a lot more IP addresses. That's exactly what IPv6...

warning the mythical ipad pro may replace the enterprise pc

Warning: that mythical iPad Pro may replace your enterprise PCs

“Apple is doomed because iPad sales have slowed down,” is a popular narrative in some quarters, and while the analysis is grossly simplistic it is attractive to many. Not to me.

The E-skin's sensors are sensitive enough to measure the health of insects as well as humans.

Card-sized diagnostics, e-skin are future of wearable medicine

Think your Apple Watch is next-gen? Try printing a card that will track your diabetes or wrap on an e-skin to monitor and transmit your vital signs to a doctor.

Russian cybergroup eyes bank attacks

A group of Russian hackers known for targeting military, government and media organizations is now preparing to attack banks in the U.S. and elsewhere.


CoxHealth finds relief in a network overhaul that pushes Layer 3 to the edge

Sprawling health care system has an unusual mix of Brocade for wireline, Cisco for wireless.

012215 nordstrom

Whole Foods, Nordstrom: To thy own brand be true

The best retailers have spent years — often decades — cultivating their brand. But they can get into trouble when they look at today’s technology and try to envision ways they can leverage programming magic to boost margins. The...

Apple Pay

Apple Pay 2.0: Phones with benefits

It's becoming increasingly clear that what all mobile wallets have lacked so far is a good reason for anyone to use them.

this cable is way more exciting than that secret apple watch port

This cable is way more exciting than that secret Apple Watch port

Yet another lucrative new sector of the enterprise market is being opened up for Apple thanks to Redpark’s latest innovation.

ron johnson apple

Former Apple exec's new company offers home setup with gadget buys

The man behind the idea of the Apple store and the Genius Bar has launched a store where trained employees bring the gadget you just bought to your house -- and help you set it up.

healthcare it business thinkstock

The consumerization of health IT

Consumerism in healthcare will force health IT vendors to change their sales strategy and become more end-user oriented. Instead of just using buzz words and product demos to hard-sell their solutions, health IT vendors might benefit...

amazon gift cards

Is Amazon a lousy retailer? The answer truly is in the cloud

For the bulk of the last decade, has been the bogeyman of every brick-and-mortar retail chain. Sales dropping in-store? Amazon's fault. Sales dropping online? Mobile sales lower than we had projected? Amazon's to blame....

system lock

The realities of security crash into the realities of business

Non-IT C-levels love absolutes on security. They want to know that if they approve those 50 more security staff and $200 million in additional equipment and software, breaches can be blocked. IT knows that it's a silly question, that...

Hitachi's big-data tools should help IT, mobile health workers

Hitachi Data Systems is now aiming its big-data expertise at health care and enterprise IT departments.

nsa sign

Bipartisan bill to rein in NSA phone data collection reintroduced

A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers has reintroduced legislation aimed at ending the National Security Agency's bulk collection of telephone records across the country.

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