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More than 80% of healthcare IT leaders say their systems have been compromised

A survey of IT leaders in healthcare revealed that 81% of them believe their systems have been compromised by at least one malware, botnet or some other cyber-attack in the past two years, placing patient sensitive data at risk.

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Coke's movie theater trial shows beacon potential

Retail beacons have huge potential, but it can only be met when chains move beyond seeing beacons solely as tiny ad broadcasters. Coca-Cola is starting to get creative about beacons, with a trial in Norway movie theaters to not merely...


Bloomingdale's gift card glitch illustrates lack of oversight

Bloomingdale's major gift card glitch illustrated two huge retail IT security issues. First, human approval of gift cards can avoid some big problems. Second, chains have almost no meaningful system for dealing with such glitches.

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Intel to pilot cloud technology for sharing personalized cancer treatment

Intel and an Oregon hospital announced a technology that will allow clinics around the world to securely share patient genomic data, images and electronic health records as part of an analytical cloud platform to discover personalized...

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Target troll proves it’s all or nothing with corporate social media

It's imperative for companies to closely monitor their social-media accounts, for security, reputation and other reasons.

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Silicon Valley's 'pressure cooker:' Thrive or get out

People working in Silicon Valley may cry at their desks and may be expected to respond to emails in the middle of the night, but that's the price to work for some of the most successful and innovative tech companies in the world,...

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Using clues to move paper coupons to mobile

Printed coupons and mobile devices are as far apart as Bitcoins and silver dollars. One company that's been specializing in bridging the gap sees the answer in not looking at any one element and instead layering.


With MacPractice, every doctor can get a Mac

MacPractice sets the bar for doctor's seeking medical practice solutions for Mac, iPad or iPhone.

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Memory issue disrupts FAA air traffic control system

A memory issue in the traffic management system of the Federal Aviation Administration resulted in the disruption of flights on the U.S. East Coast on Saturday, according to the agency.

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Tech trains more powerful athletes

Helped by laser arrays, breathing systems and other high tech tools, Northeastern University athletes are improving their game and their fitness


Tech trains more powerful athletes

Northeastern University has invested heavily in technology to reduce injuries in its athletics program. The suite of high tech gadgets have helped in eliminating costly ACL injuries. Reporter: Nick Barber, IDG News Service,...

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AT&T's ties to NSA detailed in Snowden docs

A fresh analysis of documents disclosed by former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden shows that AT&T has been a much closer partner for the National Security Agency's Internet spying activities than was known.


The best and worst performing retail mobile apps — but no reasons why

Nowhere is more customer feedback needed than with mobile apps. What works? What do you like? What is needed that isn't there? And, most critically, why do you like or hate whatever you like and hate? A report crossed my desk the...

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As it sets IT layoffs, Citizens Bank shifts work to India via Web

Citizens Bank in Rhode Island has offered its IT employees solid middle-class wages and good benefits, but this slice of the America Dream is ending for many of them. Bank IT employees are training replacements in India to take over...

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SEC charges 32 in press release hacking, stock trading scheme

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission charged 32 defendants with fraud in an international scheme that used stolen, yet-to-be-published press releases from hacked websites to conduct stock trades.

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FAQ: What you need to know about chip-embedded credit cards

The conversion process from older magnetic stripe cards to chip-embedded credit and debit cards has sped up in recent months because of an Oct. 1 deadline. That's the day when liability for credit card fraud will shift from banks to...

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Adobe picks up FedRAMP certification; cue government sales

FedRAMP isn't a name that rolls off the tongue, but it's a key certification for companies wishing to sell to the government. Adobe has just received FedRAMP and with it access to a whole bunch of new sales opportunities.

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Google Alphabet play unshackles Sundar Pichai in ''alpha bet''

Larry Page will transform Google into a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alphabet. In a corporate structure some are comparing to GE or Berkshire Hathaway, Google is ringfencing its stick-to-the-knitting business of targeted ads...

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