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Apple sues Amazon supplier over fake iPhone chargers

In a federal lawsuit, Apple asserted that nearly all the iPhones, chargers and cables it surreptitiously purchased from online retailer Amazon were fakes.

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Tesla ratchets up fully autonomous cars; watchdog group wants tighter safety regs

On the same day Elon Musk said Tesla's new vehicles will have fully-autonomous capabilities, a consumer watchdog group called on the California Department of Motor Vehicles to prohibit cars without human driver capabilities.

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Intel's $1.4B antitrust verdict should be reviewed, top EU judge says

Intel's hope of recovering a record antitrust fine have improved with a recommendation from a top European Union judge on Thursday that the case be reviewed.

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Samsung faces lawsuit from Note7 owners who couldn’t use their phones

Samsung’s problems with lawsuits from alleged victims of overheating batteries in the Galaxy Note7 smartphone could get compounded by consumers suing for compensation of carrier charges.

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German arms maker Armatix to release second smart gun in U.S.

German firearms maker Armatix launched the first production semi-automatic pistol – a .22 caliber weapon -- three years ago, but gun owners and gun rights advocates pressured stores not to carry the weapon. Now, Aromatic is trying...

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Lawmakers question DOJ's appeal of Microsoft Irish data case

Four U.S. lawmakers are questioning a Department of Justice decision to appeal a July court decision quashing a search warrant that would have required Microsoft to disclose contents of emails stored on a server in Ireland.


Feds: It's legal to demand fingerprints to unlock phones of everyone in a building

Federal prosecutors wanted cops to collect fingerprints and thumbprints of everyone in a building to unlock all smartphones at that location.

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Outsourced IT workers ask Feinstein for help, get form letter in return

A University of California IT employee whose job is being outsourced recently asked Sen. Dianne Feinstein for help. Her response didn't offer much hope.

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AllSeen's merger with OCF brings IoT closer to common ground

Two of the main IoT standards groups have merged, probably bringing consumers closer the day when your lights, your refrigerator and the power company can all talk to each other. On Monday, the Open Connectivity Foundation and the...

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Supreme Court will hear Samsung, Apple damages dispute on Tuesday

The U.S. Supreme Court is to hear arguments Tuesday in a closely watched dispute between Samsung Electronics and Apple on the procedure for calculation of damages for the infringement of design patents.

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FCC to vote on strict privacy rules for ISPs in late October

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will push forward with controversial privacy regulations that would require broadband providers to get customer permission before using and sharing geolocation, browsing histories and other...

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Secure messenger app Signal fought government and kept privacy promises

Creator of secure messenger app Signal fought a government request for user data and a gag order, proving that it keeps the privacy promises made to customers.

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5 ways to improve voting security in the U.S.

Voting officials can take several steps to improve security, even a couple that can still happen this year.

Election 2016 teaser - A hacker pulls back the curtain on United States election data

If the election is hacked, we may never know

At particular risk are touch-screen voting machines that have no paper trails. If those are hacked or a hack is even suspected, it will be difficult to prove -- and impossible to reconstruct the real tally.

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Trump calls for U.S. to use offensive cyberweapons

The U.S. government needs to be ready to use its offensive cyberweapons in response to attacks from other nations, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Monday.

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Four state AGs sue to block U.S. decision to cede key internet role

A judge in Texas has fixed for Friday the hearing in a suit filed by four state attorneys general against a decision by the U.S. government to transfer some key internet technical functions to a multistakeholder body.

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U.S. carriers will look to LTE-U tests to protect Wi-Fi

The biggest U.S. carriers planning to deploy controversial LTE-Unlicensed technology expect to use gear that’s been tested for coexistence with Wi-Fi, their executives said.

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Va. senator wants SEC probe of massive Yahoo breach

U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., on Monday urged the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate whether Yahoo met its legal obligations to keep the public and investors informed about a massive breach of 500 million Yahoo...

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