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Legal trouble for wearables: Jawbone sues Fitbit

The intense rivalry in the wearables market has spilled over into court.

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Legal trouble in wearables: Jawbone sues Fitbit

The intense rivalry in the wearables market has spilled over into court with Jawbone accused rival Fitbit of "systematically plundering" its employees, trade secrets and intellectual property.

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Judge OKs class-action status for email-scanning lawsuit against Yahoo

A lawsuit that alleges Yahoo's email scanning practices are illegal can proceed as a class action complaint, a development that will shine the spotlight on the Yahoo Mail use of messages' content for advertising purposes.


Senate to return early to D.C for debate on phone dragnet law

The U.S. Senate will return early from a week-long recess in a last-ditch effort to extend provisions of the Patriot Act.


Restoring a vibrant and open Internet

Treating access providers and edge providers differently makes for an unfair and unstable regulatory regime.

big data

EU regulators misunderstand big data

More data doesn’t mean less competition.

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EU plunges ahead with Amazon probe despite change to tax practices

Amazon has changed its tax-payment practices in Europe, but that is not going to halt the European Commission's investigation into what it considers to be a likely illegal tax deal with Luxembourg.

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Charter-Time Warner deal would get tough regulatory scrutiny

Charter Communications' planned acquisition of Time Warner Cable faces a regulatory review by the same federal officials who were widely blamed for nixing the recent proposed merger of Time Warner with Comcast.

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Senate blocks NSA surveillance reform bill

The U.S. Senate voted early Saturday to block the USA Freedom Act, legislation that aimed to put an end to the bulk collection of telephone records by the NSA.

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Senate leader pushes to extend NSA phone dragnet

The U.S. Senate was deadlocked Friday over whether to extend authorization for the National Security Agency's massive collection of domestic telephone records, with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell insisting the program should continue...

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Senators stall efforts to extend NSA phone records dragnet

Four U.S. senators ground the chamber's business to a halt Wednesday in an effort to prevent lawmakers from voting on a bill to extend portions of the Patriot Act.

Examining records

Third-party risk management -- not just papering the file

Virtually every business depends to some degree on third parties for supporting products and services, and many of these products or services are critical to the business's operation. Review and oversight of these parties is mandated...

Feds slap PayPal with $25M fine over credit service

The nation's financial consumer protection watchdog has ordered PayPal to cough up US$25 million in fines for deceptive practices around the company's credit service, which included signing up customers for the service without their...

6 China residents charged with stealing US mobile phone technology

Six residents of China face economic espionage and theft of trade secret charges for allegedly funneling radio frequency technologies used in mobile devices from U.S. companies to a university controlled by the Chinese government.

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Apple, Google urge Obama to reject encryption back doors

Apple and Google are appealing to President Obama to reject proposals to allow encryption "back doors" in mobile devices.

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Samsung won't have to pay $930M to Apple in patent case

Samsung will not have to pay all of the $930 million in damages Apple was awarded in 2012 in a patent fight between the two smartphone makers.

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Alibaba faces lawsuit from luxury brands over counterfeits

Alibaba Group has been hit with a lawsuit from luxury brands alleging that the Chinese e-commerce giant deliberately promoted the sale of counterfeit products.

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FTC recommends conditions for sale of RadioShack customer data

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has weighed in on the contentious issue of the proposed sale of consumer data by bankrupt retailer RadioShack, recommending that a model be adopted based on a settlement the agency reached with a...


Critics blast NSA phone records bill as 'fake reform'

A lopsided vote in the U.S. House of Representatives this week to rein in the National Security Agency's domestic telephone records dragnet won muted praise, with many supporters calling on Congress to take stronger action.

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