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net neutrality

FCC will vote next month on plan to share valuable 3.5GHz spectrum

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will vote April 17 on a spectrum-sharing plan for a band that could serve the military, mobile service providers and individuals.

Ellen Pao

Kleiner Perkins cleared of sex discrimination against Ellen Pao

A jury has found mostly in favor of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in a historic lawsuit accusing one of Silicon Valley's best-known venture capital firms of sex discrimination.


Congress moves quickly on cyberthreat information sharing

Congress is moving forward quickly with legislation that would encourage private companies to share cyberthreat information with government agencies, despite concerns that two leading bills weaken consumer privacy...

Hacking stealing password data

US offers rewards for fugitive Russian hackers

The U.S. government is offering multimillion-dollar rewards for information that leads to the arrest or conviction of two alleged Russian hackers.


Tech companies call on US to end bulk collection of metadata

A slew of tech companies have joined privacy groups in calling for the U.S. government to reform its surveillance practices.


White House making it easier to get an L-1 visa

The White House has released a memo intended to give clarity over how businesses may use the temporary L-1 work visa, a document derided by critics of the H-1B visa.

google logo

FTC says it did not go easy on Google in search probe

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission said its decision not to prosecute Google over its search practices was in line with the recommendations of its staff.

rendering of facebook data center

Facebook sued for alleged theft of data center design

Facebook is being sued by a British engineering company that claims the social network stole its technique for building data centers and, perhaps worse, is encouraging others to do the same through the Open Compute Project.

amazon prime air drone

Amazon blasts FAA on drone approvals, regulations

The Federal Aviation Administration is taking too long to approve drone tests and isn't looking far enough into the future as it prepares rules for commercial drone flight, an Amazon executive told lawmakers.

net neutrality

Update: FCC faces lawsuits against proposed net neutrality order

Broadband industry trade body USTelecom and a Texas Internet provider filed lawsuits Monday against a controversial U.S. Federal Communications Commission proposal to reclassify broadband providers, which could be the harbinger of...

ted cruz outsourcing

Ted Cruz, the presidential candidate who wants to increase the H-1B cap by 500%

It's going to be hard for the Republicans to field a presidential candidate as enthusiastic about the H-1B visa as U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

net neutrality

Net neutrality rules: Separating fact from fiction

The net neutrality debate in the U.S. has been filled with hyperbole, speculation and questionable claims. Here's a look at reality.

google antitrust

Leaked FTC antitrust report gives EU cover to rule against Google

A leaked report by U.S. Federal Trade Commission staff gives the European Commission political cover to rule against Google as it moves forward with its own antitrust inquiry, sources familiar with the process said. The FTC report...

Pro-net neutrality rally in 2014

Does net neutrality really mean 'net regulation?

Critics have blasted the FCC's new net neutrality rules, saying they amount to a government takeover of the Internet. Backers say that's not true.

visa work passport h-1b

The H-1B visa debate: Pain and the politics

This week's hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee on the H-1B visa program offered a compendium of thought, insight and friction. Here's a look at the debate from both sides.

google logo

Leaked U.S. antitrust report on Google adds weight to rivals' complaints

A leaked report by FTC staffers portrays Google as a bullying monopolist and adds credence to complaints from rivals who criticized its business practices.

amazon drone delivery prime main

Amazon gets FAA OK for drone delivery tests

Amazon's plans for a drone delivery service took a big step forward Thursday when the FAA agreed to let the company begin flight tests.

FCC logo

Net neutrality rules let FCC police future ISP conduct

The FCC's proposed net neutrality rules allow the agency to police future network management practices and business models rolled out by broadband providers, raising concerns about possible overreach.

net neutrality

GOP senators rip FCC's net neutrality decision

The FCC's net neutrality rules could open the door to rate regulation and could drive some small broadband providers out of business.

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