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Yahoo slams 'digital will' law, says users have privacy when they die

Yahoo is criticizing new legislation that gives executors charged with carrying out the instructions in a person's will broad access to their online accounts.

FTC warns companies not to use big data to exclude consumers

The collection and analysis of big data holds great promise, but could let companies create consumer profiles that lead to discrimination.

Google drone test in New Mexico

Google wants to test drones above New Mexico

Google is planning to test Internet delivery by drone high above New Mexico.

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Europe has a love/hate thing for U.S. tech

European regulators never seem to miss a chance to crack down on U.S. tech companies, but their market share on the continent just keeps growing.

yahoo fisa fine

Yahoo! caved to U.S. PRISM threat (because money)

While Yahoo! initially fought NSA order, it didn't take it to the Supremes: Yahoo! is crowing about how it fought an order to hand over private user information. However, it's emerged that it gave up after the government threatened...

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Yahoo faced $250K in daily fines for defying U.S. surveillance requests

The U.S. government once threatened to fine Yahoo $250,000 a day if it failed to assist with its surveillance efforts, Yahoo said Thursday.

Hacking stealing password data.

Senators ask Apple, Home Depot for information on breaches

Two lawmakers ask the companies to explain the cause of recent data breaches

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China state-run media dreams up conspiracy theories about missing iPhone 6

Government-controlled media outlets in China yesterday speculated that the iPhone 6 will not be immediately sold there because Apple retaliated against carrier partners who leaked details of the new models before their launch.

Slow binary snail.

Internet Slowdown Day becomes an online picket protest

Today is Internet Slowdown Day and web sites, including Netflix, Etsy and others, were drawing attention to the debate over net neutrality and efforts to ensure that Internet service providers and governments treat all data crossing...

meredith attwell baker

CTIA chief lashes back at FCC chair on net neutrality

Mobile has to have different Open Internet rules from fixed broadband, Meredith Attwell Baker says

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Snapchat settles ownership dispute, says app idea came from ousted partner

Snapchat cofounders Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy have reached a settlement with former Stanford colleague Frank Reginald Brown, admitting that Brown had originally come up with the idea for the app for sending disappearing picture...


Net neutrality is DEAD. Get over it, Internet

Bend over, the FCC chair says so (between the lines): The Federal Communications Commission chairman seems to be saying that network neutrality isn't going to happen. In a series of statements, Tom Wheeler appeared to be tough on the...

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Tech groups press Congress to pass USA Freedom Act

As Congress returned from summer recess Monday, several technology and civil rights groups quickly renewed their push for a bill that seeks to put curbs on the bulk collection of phone records and Internet data by the government.

Senators want FTC probe of Home Depot breach

The FTC should investigate security practices at Home Depot following media reports that the hardware retailer's payment systems were breached, two U.S. senators said Tuesday.

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Tech industry groups ask Senate to 'swiftly pass' NSA curbs

Tech industry groups have written a letter to U.S. Senate leaders, asking them to swiftly pass the USA Freedom Act, legislation that is expected to end the collection of bulk domestic phone data by the National Security Agency.

google antitrust europe

Déjà vu -- Europeans restart antitrust probe of Google (is Android next?)

Eric's head just exploded: Google's European frustrations continue. The EC has re-opened its interminable antitrust case, because the proposed settlement doesn't seem to please ministers nor rivals. When will it all end? In IT...

google eric schmidt right to be forgotten

Google convenes first 'right-to-be-forgotten' meeting

Google has received more than 100,000 "right-to-be-forgotten" requests from people who want information about them removed from the search engine, it said Tuesday at a meeting in Madrid. Loek Essers/IDG News Service Google...

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Apple denied retrial in California Samsung patent case

Apple will not be allowed a new trial on damages for infringement of its patents by Samsung Electronics, a U.S. court ruled Monday.

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