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China's Tianjin is latest disaster zone to attract drones

Court of Justice of the European Union

EU Safe Harbor ruling could affect Microsoft email dispute

Microsoft has cited a ruling by an European Court on transatlantic transfers of personal data as having a bearing on its litigation over turning over email held in Ireland to U.S. law enforcement.

Court of Justice of the European Union

No need to panic: EC upbeat about Safe Harbor ruling

European commissioners took time out from discussing the plight of refugees to examine the Court of Justice's rejection of the Safe Harbor data protection agreement and were upbeat about the consequences.

Court of Justice of the European Union

Court ruling on Safe Harbor brings uncertainty to privacy dealings

The Safe Harbor agreement protected businesses exporting personal data from the EU to the U.S., but a court ruling has declared it invalid, opening a legal void.

ECJ Facebook safe harbor privacy

European Court kills Safe Harbor -- Panic at Facebook and other cloud firms

Europe has killed the Safe Harbor agreement. At a stroke, Facebook and more than 4,000 other companies can no longer legally move personal data from Europe to the USA...

Max Schrems at irish dpc

European court invalidates EU-US Safe Harbor pact

The Safe Harbor data protection agreement is invalid, the Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled in a case brought by a European Facebook user

keith bergelt open invention network OIN

Why the software world needs a patent 'no-fly zone'

Launched 10 years ago this fall, the OIN was formed by IBM, Novell, Philips, Red Hat and Sony to create a protected zone of patents around core Linux and open source software technologies -- functionality that's essential for global...

sygic gps navigation phone app jan 2014

Why the FCC’s 911 locating mandate was a colossal failure

The FCC is setting itself up for yet another failure. New rules for indoor locating hold operators responsible for things they don’t control.

florida east coast railway and portmiami

Agreement reached on TPP trade deal, may affect some digital rights

Twelve countries representing nearly 40 percent of the global economy have reached basic agreement on an expansive new trade deal called the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Generic snap for court issues

Recent court ruling may have nudged Google, Microsoft to settle patent disputes

A few days before Microsoft and Google announced that they were dropping their patent disputes, a decision in an appeals court may have helped the two companies focus on a lasting compromise over their expensive lawsuits over...

Meg Whitman

Former Autonomy CEO Lynch sues HP for $150M

Making good on the promise he made earlier this year, former Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch on Thursday filed a $150 million lawsuit against HP over what he called a public smear campaign against him and other Autonomy executives.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton aides worried about antiquated technology, use of personal email

Senior aides to Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state expressed concerns about the poor level of State Dept. computer technology and the use of personal email by staffers, according to emails released on Wednesday.

google microsoft

Microsoft, Google bury the hatchet with global patent deal

Google and Microsoft have put a pile of lawsuits behind them with a legal settlement affecting around 20 outstanding patent infringement lawsuits between the two companies in both the U.S. and Germany.

Microsoft no patent war with Google

Microsoft and Google kiss and make-up, drop silly patent feud

Throwing chairs never solved much of anything. So when Satya Nadella took over as Microsoft's CEO, he decided to take the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference...

Internet of Things IoT stock

Meeting the demand for mobile everything

LTE-U could help as an increasing numbers of devices and the things of the IoT compete for spectrum.

google play store

US antitrust authorities could follow EU in investigating Google's Android deals

Antitrust authorities in Europe are investigating whether Google illegally forces smartphone vendors to install its own app suite on phones running the Android operating system. Now, it seems, U.S. authorities may be ready to follow...

automobile exhaust gas 1

EPA details how VW software thwarted emission tests

A letter to Volkswagen from the U.S. EPA details how cars were able to detect they were being tested for emissions and placed the engine in a "clean" mode during those tests.

1553911660 7f6767a84b

A diesel whodunit: How software let VW cheat on emissions

Volkswagen, which has admitted to cheating on emissions tests on its diesel cars, was able to use software that could detect when a car was being tested. A standard software development audit trail could pin down the culprit.

indian business visa india passport stamp passport rubber stamp asia embassy 000000214013

Congress set to make the H-1B visa less costly for India

Congress is set to drop a $2,000 H-1B visa fee mostly paid by India-based IT services providers.

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