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Obama signs law allowing regulatory e-labels for smartphones, wearables

President Obama on Wednesday signed into law the E-Label Act, which allows vendors to display regulatory approvals electronically rather than etch them physically on the exterior of the device.

U.S. lawmakers don't want the EU to break up Google

U.S. lawmakers want their counterparts in the European Parliament to back off a resolution that would split up Google by separating search engines from other online services.

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Oracle and Oregon fight over which court should take Cover Oregon case

Oracle and the state of Oregon tussled in U.S. district cour over which legal venue will hear their dueling lawsuits related to the vendor's work on the state's failed health insurance exchange website, Cover Oregon.

Was Microsoft forced to pay $136M in back taxes in China?

Microsoft may be have been targeted in a Chinese government crackdown on tax evasion, at a time when the company is already facing an anti-monopoly probe related to Windows and Microsoft Office sales in the country.

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San Francisco DA pushes for chip payment cards in tech's backyard

Chip-and-PIN payment cards have a strong supporter in the hotbed of payment technologies, with San Francisco's district attorney pushing the technology as a way to cut down on fraud.

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Internet users are vague on privacy, know more about net neutrality

U.S. Internet users have a limited understanding of net neutrality and what protections are contained in company privacy policies, according to the Pew Research Center.

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Court OKs IT worker lawsuit over student visa work program

A federal court gave a green light last week to a lawsuit by a union and IT workers challenging a student visa work program.


NSA privacy chief defends agency's surveillance

The National Security Agency's surveillance programs are legal and under close scrutiny by other parts of the government, the agency's internal privacy watchdog said Monday.

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Breaking up Google is one possible antritrust option, EU lawmakers say

Breaking up Google by separating its search engine from other commercial services is only one of the actions the European Commission could take to resolve the company's antitrust problems, say members of Parliament who are proposing...

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Apple's $450M e-books settlement wins final court approval

A federal judge in New York has approved to a settlement in which Apple will pay $450 million for its role in a conspiracy to fix prices for e-books.


EU eyes a break-up of Google

Members of the European Parliament are readying a motion calling for the break-up of Google, by separating its search engine functionality from other commercial services

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Obama immigration plan called vague, frustrating

The immigration reforms that President Obama announced have left people on all sides of the tech immigration issue uncertain and frustrated.

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New tools offer practical help to block official spies

Online civil-rights groups and IBM accidentally struck a blow for individual freedom simultaneously with tools that limit covert surveillance from both hackers and governments

FCC chairman offers no timeline for net neutrality decision

The FCC has no public timeline for voting on proposed net neutrality rules, despite pressure from President Barack Obama and some net neutrality advocates.

Obama H-1B FAIL

Obama H-1B immigration FAIL

How is this going to fix the tech-worker shortage? Obama is going it alone on immigration policy. But what about the H-1B issue? In IT Blogwatch, bloggers greet gridlock in DC.

Google and Rockstar settle lawsuit over Nortel patents

Google has agreed to settle a patent lawsuit brought by Rockstar, a patent company that had earlier acquired a large number of patents from Nortel Networks.

Hacking stealing password data.

Governments hit back against webcam-snooping websites

Government officials in the U.S. and the UK are warning people to secure their webcams after sites that broadcast the contents of those cameras sprung up online.

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NSA director: No changes in telephone record collection coming

The U.S. National Security Agency is planning no major changes in its domestic telephone records collection program after a bill to rein in those efforts failed in the Senate this week, the agency's director said.

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Court shuts down tech support 'scams' targeted by FTC

A federal court in Florida has temporarily shut down two "massive" telemarketing operations that allegedly conned tens of thousands of consumers out of millions of dollars by tricking them into fixing nonexistent computer errors.

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