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Republicans subpoena three tech firms over Clinton emails

Republicans in Congress have subpoenaed three technology companies that declined to hand over documents about former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

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Ransomware attracts FTC attention

The FTC will host panel discussions on ransomware next month to highlight the crime wave and offer businesses and consumers ideas to avoid becoming victims.

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New law in Mass. attempts to raise IT pay for women

A new law in Massachusetts that goes into effect in 2018 aims to shrink or eliminate the pay gap between women and men in the workplace.


Judge rejects Uber’s settlement with drivers over employee classification

A federal judge in California rejected a proposed settlement between Uber Technologies and drivers in Massachusetts and California in lawsuits that claimed that they should be classified as employees with full benefits rather than as...

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Trump's 'extreme' anti-terrorism vetting may be H-1B nightmare

Many people from 'dangerous and volatile regions' work in the U.S. on H-1B visas, and Trump's plan would penalize these workers because of their birthplace.

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Tech industry desperate for U.S. action on the TPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, a controversial trade deal supported by many U.S. tech companies, is on death row, with both major party presidential candidates opposed.

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5 things to know about the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The U.S. presidential campaign has shined a spotlight on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a proposed trade deal that’s simmered on the back burner for years.

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FCC urged to crack down on Baltimore police for using phone trackers

Three civil rights groups have filed a complaint against Baltimore City police for using cell site simulator technology to investigate potential crimes.

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Where Clinton and Trump stand on tech issues

Their views are far apart on nearly every issue related to technology and the tech industry.

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Tech issues largely ignored on presidential campaign trail

Tech issues went largely ignored when U.S. presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton laid out their economics plans in speeches this week.

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IANA successor organization set up amid internet handover controversy

A new organization that will perform key internet domain name system functions has been formed, suggesting that a proposed transition to a global governance model could be completed this year despite opposition from some U.S....

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Ecuador says Swedes will question Assange at its UK embassy

Ecuador granted a request from Swedish prosecutors to question WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange at its embassy in London, where he has been holed up for over four years.

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Twitter found not liable for ISIS activity on its service

Twitter is not liable for providing material support to the Islamic State group, also referred to as the ISIS, by allowing its members to sign up and use accounts on its site, a federal judge in California ruled.

Computerworld Podcast: Mingis on Tech

Mingis on Tech: The future of H-1Bs and the fate of IT

There's talk this year on the campaign trail about revising the H-1B visa program, but will any changes actually occur? And if so, will it even matter for an IT industry in flux?

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Will Supreme Court settle network neutrality issue?

Critics of the FCC's controversial open internet order filed an appeal for a lower court to rehear the case, but they also see the Supreme Court as perhaps the best hope of reining in new online regulation.

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Melania Trump’s H-1B controversy explained

Melanie Trump's visa use in the 1990s has come under scrutiny this week, but a quirk of the law does indeed allow fashion models to use an H-1B visa.

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HPE's Whitman endorses Clinton; will Trump retaliate if he wins?

HPE CEO Meg Whitman on Tuesday endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton for president and slammed GOP nominee Donald Trump. Is that good for business?

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Google fires back at age discrimination lawsuit

Google, in a new federal court filing, is rebutting claims of age discrimination and its handling of two older job applicants who were rejected for jobs.

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