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Apple's iPhone will go on sale in China on Oct. 17

Apple's iPhone 6 will go on sale Oct. 17 in mainland China, one of the biggest markets for the company, with high demand expected from iPhone users.

Tim Cook

Apple could have received significant tax reductions from Irish authorities

Apple's alleged favorable tax treatment by the Irish government will come under renewed scrutiny Tuesday, when the European Commission publishes its reasons for opening an in-depth investigation into the company's tax affairs.

china hongkong protest teargas

China blocks Instagram, mentions of 'tear gas' amid Hong Kong protests

China started blocking the popular photo-sharing app Instagram on Sunday, as part of its moves to squelch any mention of the use of tear gas on pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Russia orders Facebook, Twitter and Google to register as social networks -- or be blocked

Russia's communications regulator has ordered Facebook, Twitter and Google to join a register of social networks or face being blocked in Russia.

wi-fi in flight

Forget 'airplane mode,' devices are OK'd for inflight use in Europe

Airline passengers traveling on European airline flights will be able to leave their mobile phones and other gadgets on throughout the entire flight, the European Aviation Safety Agency said.

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Google gets privacy lesson from EU data protection authorities

European Union privacy regulators want Google to make its privacy policies easier to find and understand.


FAA clears movie and TV drones for takeoff

The FAA will allow six TV and movie production companies to use drones to shoot video.

iphone 6 seized in china

Gray market iPhone 6 prices plunge in China

Prices of gray market iPhones have fallen in China, according to the People's Daily, the Communist Party's official house organ.

BMC Software goes after ServiceNow for patent infringement

BMC Software has filed a patent infringement suit against ServiceNow, claiming its rival's IT management technologies violate BMC's patents.

Shanghai authorities ban government officials' use of iPhone

Authorities in Shanghai have banned the use of all foreign smartphones, including Apple's popular iPhone, by government officials, according to a report from the People's Republic of China.

google antitrust

EU tells Google to make more concessions or face charges in antitrust dispute

Google has to improve its settlement terms in an antitrust investigation over its search practices or face charges, following opposition from some quarters to the deal, the European Commission's competition chief Joaquin Almunia said....

Lenovo to hand out $100 refunds, $250 vouchers to settle IdeaPad suit

Lenovo will refund $100 or issue a $250 voucher to owners of IdeaPad U310 and U410 laptops to settle a class-action lawsuit alleging design defects in the computers.

networking servers

FCC questions how to enforce net neutrality rules

Groups disagree on how the agency should apply any regulations it might pass

Senate bill would limit access to emails stored abroad

Legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate on Thursday aims to place limits on access by U.S. law enforcement agencies to emails and other communications stored abroad.

Apple store in China

Apple closer to green light for iPhone 6 sales in China

The iPhone 6 has received two of the three licenses needed in China before it can be sold there, according to an official government news report Thursday.

Senate committee steps into net neutrality debate

The FCC should abandon efforts to pass net neutrality rules because new regulations would hurt investment and the deployment of broadband, a parade of Republican senators and advocates said Wednesday.

tom wheeler fcc net neutrality

Net-neutrality craziness: Fools on the Hill shill as FCC flounders

Chair Tom Wheeler vs. the corporations: The FCC is trying to make a sound decision about this net-neutrality thing. That's not helped by a succession of industry-funded lobbyists and lawmakers, trying to shout louder than We, The...

U.S. military didn't know of Chinese attacks against transport contractors

The U.S. Defense Department plans to tighten reporting of cyber incidents against transportation contractors after finding the military was mostly left in the dark about successful attacks from China in 2012 and 2013.

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