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011215 president barack obama

Obama’s trade win brings H-1B unease

President Barack Obama's successful push for authority to negotiate new trade agreements is causing concerns among those who support changes to the nation's H-1B visa program.

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House votes to slow ICANN transition away from US oversight

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to require ICANN, which coordinates the Internet's domain name system, to jump through several hoops before a government agency ends its oversight of the organization.

security phishing hook

SEC said to be investigating corporate hacks by FIN4 group

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is concerned that data stolen from companies in cyberattacks is being used to conduct what effectively is insider trading, Reuters reported.

Silk Road

Federal investigator to plead guilty to Silk Road robbery

The U.S. Department of Justice's conviction of Silk Road mastermind Ross Ulbricht may have been compromised by two corrupt investigators.

google street view freedom tower

Supreme Court rejects Google request in Street View patent case

The U.S. Supreme Court declined a request by Google to hear a patent case involving the company's Street View service, leaving the company to defend the infringement claims in lower courts. The high court's decision to deny...

google antitrust

Google's foes have 4 weeks to comment on antitrust charges

The European Commission has sent complainants a redacted version of the antitrust charges it intends to bring against Google

121514 google earth

U.S. court allows Google Earth image as legal evidence

Google Earth images, like photographs, can be used as evidence in a court.


Lyft to pay $300K, make insurance changes in settlement with N.Y.

Lyft has agreed to pay the state of New York $300,000 to settle claims that it is running a for-hire livery service in violation of local laws

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Samsung wants court to review damages in patent fight with Apple

Samsung Electronics has asked that a full bench of an appeals court review a damages award in a long-standing patent infringement dispute with rival Apple.

privacy eye look

AT&T, WhatsApp get low marks for data disclosure policies

The Electronic Frontier Foundation released the latest version of its annual "Who Has Your Back" report on tech companies' data disclosure policies, giving perfect five-star ratings to companies including Apple, Adobe, Dropbox and...

Former Cisco Systems Chairman and CEO John Chambers

Cisco to make $10B investment in China

Cisco plans to invest $10 billion in China, although its sales in the country are slumping due in part to persistent security concerns surrounding U.S. technology.

121514 uber

Update: Calif. decision could undermine Uber's business model

The California Labor Commission has ruled that a Uber driver was an employee when she was driving for the company, a decision that could have a major affect on how Uber does business.

Tom Wheeler

Update: FCC to fine AT&T $100M over 'unlimited' data plan throttling

The FCC plans to fine AT&T $100 million for throttling speeds on the lines of millions of customers who had "unlimited" data plans.

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Apple, electric-car battery maker settle employee-poaching lawsuit

Apple and A123 Systems have settled a lawsuit that alleged Apple violated non-compete clauses after it hired five employees from the lithium-ion battery maker.

consumer privacy ts

Amazon now an open book on search warrants and subpoenas published its first transparency report describing how it has responded to requests from law enforcers for information about its customers.

FCC net neutrality discussion

Four things to look for as net neutrality rules take effect

The FCC's net neutrality rules went into effect Friday. Here's what to watch out for as regulators begin to enforce them.

net neutrality logo

New net neutrality rules begin Friday as appeals court denies delay requests

A U.S. appeals court has denied requests by several broadband providers and trade groups to delay the FCC's net neutrality rules.

funded with kickstarter

FTC charges game developer with misusing Kickstarter money

A project developer who raised more than $122,800 on Kickstarter to create a new board game has been charged by the FTC with using the money improperly.

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