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Aerosense drone

California bill one of many state bills that aim to regulate drones

A California bill that restricts flying of drones to above 350 feet is just one of several state bills in the U.S. that aim to regulate various aspects of flying the aircraft.

Investment group settles FTC complaint in Yahoo takeover bid

Three investment companies have settled a U.S. Federal Trade Commission complaint that they failed to disclose their larger intentions while acquiring Yahoo stock.


FTC can bring down the hammer on companies with sloppy cybersecurity, court rules

A U.S. appeals court turned down hotel operator Wyndham Worldwide's challenge of the Federal Trade Commission's authority to enforce cybersecurity practices.

battle war fight

Despite U.S. law, your tech may still be supporting wars

A U.S. regulation requiring companies to disclose whether they get minerals from war zones is turning out to be difficult to follow.

Google search

Google ordered to remove links to stories about 'right to be forgotten' request

Google has been ordered to remove links to news articles reporting on the company's earlier removal of links in response to a "right to be forgotten" request in Europe.

CMU Crossmobile drone

Senator to introduce proposal for mandatory drone geofencing

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer is to introduce a proposal soon that aims to make geofencing of drones mandatory, following a number of reports of close shaves between the unmanned aircraft and regular planes.

Donald Trump

Why Trump believes his H-1B plan is serious

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump wants to make it more expensive to hire foreign workers, and in doing so, encourage the hiring of U.S. workers.

150819 samsung apple court appeal

Samsung plans to appeal Apple patent loss to Supreme Court

Samsung Electronics plans a last-ditch appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court to avoid paying hundreds of millions of dollars in fines for infringing Apple patents, but the chances of success don't appear high.

White House

Petition on OPT program ruling draws thousands of names

A petition on the White House's "We the People" site urging a quick response to a court ruling affecting STEM students on student visas is fast gaining signatures.

ces2013 show floor

Wi-Fi provider kicked users off their own hotspots at conventions

Smart City, a provider of Internet services at convention centers and hotels, will pay the Federal Communications Commission $750,000 for kicking users off their personal hotspots to try and force them to use its Wi-Fi service.

080715blog trump and bush

Donald Trump, zingers and all, emerges as sharp H-1B critic

Businessman Donald Trump's plan for the H-1B visa would make it harder and more expensive for tech companies to replace U.S. workers with foreign help.

american justice courtroom gavel legal system law justice flag

Working STEM students may be forced to leave U.S. next year, says court

A federal judge made a ruling this week that could force tens of thousands of foreign workers, many of whom are employed at tech companies on student visas, to return to their home countries early next year.

american justice courtroom gavel legal system law justice flag

Former SAP exec pleads guilty to bribery charge

A former SAP executive has pleaded guilty to conspiring to bribe Panamanian officials in an effort to secure government contracts for the software vendor.

internet gavel keyboard

Oracle: Google has 'destroyed' the market for Java

Oracle has expanded the scope of its ongoing copyright battle against Android.


DOJ wants encryption that still allows law enforcement access

Encryption systems can be designed that still give law enforcement agencies access customer data with court-ordered warrants while still offering solid security, according to U.S. Department of Justice officials.

wall street sign stock exchange stock market manhattan financial district 000003381718

SEC charges 32 in press release hacking, stock trading scheme

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission charged 32 defendants with fraud in an international scheme that used stolen, yet-to-be-published press releases from hacked websites to conduct stock trades.

us surveillance spy ts

Twitter sees surge in government requests for account information

Twitter has expanded its latest Transparency Report to include information on trademark notices and email providers' privacy practices.

Senate delays vote on CISA cyberthreat info-sharing bill

Lawmakers plan to take up the controversial bill after a month-long recess.

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