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microsoft surface pro 4

Microsoft says it will customize Surface tablets for enterprise needs

Microsoft is open to the idea of customizing Surface hardware to meet the specific need of enterprise customers

Microsoft's Surface tablet

Microsoft and IBM in a deal to push Surface devices to enterprises

Microsoft said its Surface devices generate about $1 billion in revenue every quarter, and the company hopes to raise that number by putting the devices on more corporate desktops.

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Screens that fold and roll will arrive as early as next year

Cool displays that can bend and fold have been shown in prototypes smartphones, wearables and other devices, but when will such products be available?

apple 9.7 inch ipad pro pencil

Pressed by falling numbers, Apple adds iPhone and iPad Pro to back-to-school promotion

Apple is including the iPhone and iPad Pro in this year's back-to-school promotion because the company must manage a slumping smartphone as well as a stuck-in-decline tablet market, an analyst said.

11 ios 10 tips

11 iOS 10 tips you’ll use

11 iOS 10 tips you’ll almost certainly need once the public beta ships later this summer or when the final OS reaches out in Fall.


Drawing on iPad Pro in OneNote vs. Evernote

The OneNote and Evernote note-taking apps are both useful, but one is thoughtfully designed for use with the iPad Pro and Apple's Pencil stylus, while the other ... isn't.


Dell stops selling Android devices

Dell has stopped selling its last Android devices as it washes its hand of pure tablets and focuses more on Windows 2-in-1 devices.

Huawei MateBook

Review: The Huawei MateBook has class, but lacks a few features

Huawei's new 2-in-1 MateBook has an excellent display and a good selection of hardware, but the design of its keyboard cover could use some tweaking.

surface 3 main 2

Should Microsoft release a Surface 4?

Microsoft will stop manufacturing Surface 3 by the end of the year, which raises a big question: Will there be a Surface 4? Analysts have mixed opinions.

asus hero

Asus challenges the iPad Mini with the less-pricey ZenPad Z8

At $249.99, Asus' new ZenPad Z8 tablet with Android could make one ponder why to buy Apple's iPad Mini 4, which starts at $399.

tabtops 2

Invasion of the tabtops: The new hybrid tablets reviewed

The Surface Pro, iPad Pro, Pixel-C, and Galaxy TabPro S all seek to merge the tablet and the laptop with mixed success.


Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 enterprise features's Sarah White takes a closer look at Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 all-in-one device to see how it fits into enterprise IT.

samsung galaxy tabpro s

Decline in slate tablets bigger than expected, IDC says

Demand for slate-shaped tablets is declining even faster than expected. For all of 2016, global tablet shipments will drop by 9.6% over 2015, market research firm IDC said, marking the second straight year of decline.

restaurant neon sign diner sign restaurant neon light 000002444633

Chili's sees table-based tablet as way to recapture dinner

Far too often, retailers use technology to slightly accelerate current operations, rather than to leverage technology's power to radically rethink how business can be done. Fast casual chain Chili's is trying to do the latter.

transformer 3 t305 01

Move over Skylake: An Asus PC with Intel's Kaby Lake chip is coming in Q3

The wait for Intel's Kaby Lake chip will end in the third quarter, as the first PC with the 7th Generation Core chip was announced at Computex.

ruggedgeek battery charger

55% off Rugged Geek Portable Power Supply and Vehicle Jump Starter - Deal Alert

Father's day alert? This gadget has enough power to boost most passenger vehicles on the road today, as well as mobile devices and laptops.

what to do when your apple pencil stops working

What to do when your iPad Pro’s Apple Pencil stops working

Apple Pencil giving you the blues? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

8 essential tips every ipad user needs

8 essential tips every iPad user needs

Have you seen all these iPad features?

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