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Amazon e-reader comparison

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5 high-tech toys to delight kids of all ages

Let's face it—you're going to have as much fun with these toys as your kids will. And that's just fine.

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Business wearables a juicy target market for HP Inc.

HP Inc. is shying away from the consumer wearable market, but sees an untapped opportunity in wearables for businesses.


Review: Apple's new iPad Pro

Review of Apple's iPad Pro

productivity tablet android

How to buy the best productivity-focused Android, iOS, or Windows tablet

Avoid the low-cost throwaways. We'll help you find a quality device with the features you'll need day in and day out.


Which Amazon reading device is right for you?

Shopping for a tablet for reading books? We'll help you make the right choice.


How to Pick the Best iPad

Trying to decide which iPad to buy? We've got the lowdown on each iPad model so you can buy the right one.

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Apple acknowledges mysterious iPad Pro shutdowns, offers no fix yet

For now, Pro owners are advised to force restart their tablets to unfreeze them.


5 awesome high-tech toys your kids will love

From robots who teach STEM skills to a tablet just for them, these gifts will be a huge hit with your kids (and with you) this holiday season.


The minimalist’s guide to the Apple Pencil

Here's everything you need to know about the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro.

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7 iPad Pro apps to illustrate its productive potential

These apps provide a great insight into the potential for Apple’s new iPad Pro platform.

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Apple CEO rejects notion of iOS-powered laptops

Apple CEO Tim Cook has again rejected the idea of following in the footsteps of rival Microsoft and building a laptop that runs Apple's iOS.

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iPad Pro: It's not an iPod, but that's OK

If computers became bicycles for the mind, then iPad Pro is the paper to plan your journey on

Network World gift guide - home article

Cool Yule Tools for the Home

Some of the stuff on our holiday gift list is ultra-techie and ultra-geeky, some of the stuff you may look at and go, “what kind of gift is that?”. Quite simply, it’s stuff we’ve tried out this year, stuff we’ve liked, or stuff that...

Gift guide collage work article

Cool Yule Tools for Work

We offer up our humble list of products and technologies that may impress someone on your holiday gift list.

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First impressions: The iPad Pro is 'wicked fast'

The iPad Pro is the biggest thing to happen to Apple's iPad lineup. Yes, that’s a pun, but it's also true.

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Apple touts the iPad Pro as built for business senior writer Matt Kapko visited Apple headquarters yesterday to talk about the iPad Pro the company’s strategy for positioning it as a tool for business.

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Tablet shipments are down, but they're gaining ground at work

Overall tablet shipments may have dropped in recent quarters, but workplace uses for the devices are still growing in the U.S.

Apple iPad Pro release date review

Apple iPad Pro: Release date and reviews and general foolishness. Oh, my! [u2]

The Apple iPad Pro is released, and the reviews are in. It’s a mixed bag, as usual, but there’s definitely a lingering confusion about whom and what this thing is for...

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