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Microsoft Surface Pro 3
surface pro 3

Lenovo New Android UI

First look: Lenovo's new Moto-inspired Android UI, coming soon to a tablet near you

Lenovo and Moto are growing closer together in their approaches to Android -- but not in the way some feared that might happen.

ipad mini

Apple quietly dumps the original iPad Mini

Apple today quietly stopped selling the original iPad Mini, the 7.9-in. tablet that debuted in 2012.

HP aims for quick switch to Windows 10 on PCs, tablets

Acting quickly to move away from Windows 8, Hewlett-Packard will start pre-installing Windows 10 across its old and new PCs and tablets within days of the release of the new OS on July 29.

Dell Venue 10 7000

Dell Venue 10 7000 review: This isn't your average Android tablet

Premium hardware, a stunning display, and stellar software help make this convertible 10-in. tablet stand out for both productivity and play.

microsoft surface hub

Microsoft Surface Hub goes on sale in September

Microsoft has a gigantic new member of its Surface family of touch-enabled devices called the Surface Hub, a widescreen all-in-one computer that can act as the focal point of conference-room meetings.

iPad Air 2 split view

iOS 9's split-screen modes signal bigger iPad in the works

Apple on Monday gave a strong hint that it has a larger iPad in the works.

intel cpu socket3

Does Intel have a major advantage in tablets?

Intel's two pronged strategy to fully support Android and Windows will give it a market advantage

tablet traveller 2

Asus doubles down on tablets with ZenPad series

The ZenPad tablets come in 7, 8 and 10-inch sizes.

thinkpad 10 standard 01

Windows takes early lead over Android in Cherry Trail tablet fight

More Windows devices with Intel's Atom chips code-named Cherry Trail were announced this week, giving the Microsoft OS an early lead over Android

thinkpad 10 lenovo tablet

Lenovo's new Windows 10 tablet to arrive in August

Lenovo will be one of the first to offer a Windows 10 tablet, with a new ThinkPad device that's slated to arrive in August.

Android, Chrome OS

Android, Chrome OS, and the future of Google's platforms

Android and Chrome OS are destined to come together -- but not necessarily in the way you might think.

How I Use Android: Brian Rakowski

How I use Android: Android VP Brian Rakowski

One of Google's Android VPs gives us the skinny on his favorite apps and devices -- plus an up-close look at how he sets up the home screens on his own personal phone.

warning the mythical ipad pro may replace the enterprise pc

Warning: that mythical iPad Pro may replace your enterprise PCs

“Apple is doomed because iPad sales have slowed down,” is a popular narrative in some quarters, and while the analysis is grossly simplistic it is attractive to many. Not to me.

In a first, AT&T stamps its brand on a tablet, offering Android 5.0, 8-in. screen

AT&T us coming out with its first branded tablet, even though global shipments of the devices are flattening out.


Surface 3: Right tablet, wrong time

Starting at $500 the new tablet runs full Windows 8.1 and will be upgraded to Windows 10 later this year.

Surface 3 and docking station

Microsoft takes old Surface tablets in trade for new Surface 3

Microsoft is now taking old Surface tablets in trade toward the purchase of a new Surface 3, which went on sale today.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Surface books third straight quarter in the black

Microsoft on Thursday reported the third-consecutive quarter of gross profit for its Surface tablet line, with revenue up 44% compared to the same period the year before.

chromebook 15 cb3 531

Acer's new laptops, hybrids set tone for Windows 10-Chromebook battle

A heavyweight battle between Windows 10 laptops and Chromebooks is expected to break out later this year, and Acer will play on both sides with low-priced laptops and laptop-tablet hybrids it announced on Thursday.

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