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Apple iOS 8 messaging features on the iPhone
Apple iOS 8 on iPhone

Apple iOS 8 on the iPhone

iOS 8 gets off to sluggish start

The initial uptake for Apple's iOS 8 has been less than half of its predecessor, iOS 7, an online ad network said today, citing North American traffic.

Amazon Fire HD in colors

Amazon's new Fire tablets offer more features at lower prices is providing more bang-for-the-buck with four new Fire tablets; prices start at $99 for a Fire HD with a 6-inch screen.

Lenovo ThinkPad 10

4 Windows tablet/keyboard combos take on the Surface Pro

Microsoft's Surface Pro can be used as both a tablet and a laptop. We test four devices from Acer, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba that make the same claim.

iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus

'Phablet,' the word we love to hate

"Phablet" is a word that people love to hate but continue to use. With Apple's late arrival to the category with the iPhone 6 Plus, it's sure to skyrocket in usage, if not in popularity, even though Apple, shuns the word.

mems igzo reduced power display tv

Sharp to mass-produce low-power mobile displays in 2017

Sharp has set 2017 as its target for mass production of a new display it says will reduce power consumption in smartphones and tablets. The MEMS-IGZO display, being developed under a 2012 tie-up with Qualcomm subsidiary...

iPhone 5 / 6 / 6 Plus comparison

The iPhone 6 completes Apple's mobile line-up

The new smartphones Apple unveiled this week fill gaps in a product line-up that now stretches from the iPhone 5C to the iPad Air.

5 things Apple Watch can do, and 5 it can't

There's fitness tracking and shopping tools, but no built-in GPS or Wi-Fi

Intel's Skylake chips set for PCs and tablets next year

Intel showed off the first PC containing a next-generation chip based on the upcoming Skylake architecture, set to be in PCs and tablets in the second half of next year.

iOS 7 hits 90% share, iOS 8 likely to ship Sept. 17

Just hours before Apple announces new iPhones, an ad network trolling its traffic data said that iOS 7, which will be replaced next week on most customers' devices, was running 90% of all North American iPhones and iPads.

Intel Core M processor package

Intel's Core M chips slated for 20 Windows tablets, hybrids

Intel's new Core M chips, which bring PC-like performance to paper-thin tablets, will initially show up in many Windows 8.1 tablets.

samsung galaxy note edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge phablet is weird yet innovative

Weird science brings forth curvy phone-tablet hybrid: Samsung unveiled its latest phablet at IFA 2014. It has this weird curved screen edge, which may take some getting used to. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder if it's a gimmick or...

lenovo tablet s8 horizontal

Lenovo launches its first Intel-powered Android tablet

Lenovo announced its first 8-in., Intel-powered Android tablet, the Tab S8, which will go on sale later this month, starting at $199.

Sony refreshes Xperia line, adds Android Wear smartwatch

Sony Mobile announced three new Xperia smartphones running Android ahead of the IFA trade show. It also unveiled an 8-in. Xperia tablet, its first Android Wear smartwatch and a second-generation SmartBand Voice wristband that...

As tablet growth slows, Apple may face a year-long iPad sales contraction

The iPad will be hit hard this year as global tablet shipments and sales growth slow dramatically, especially in North American and Europe.

Overlapping mobile tablets and phones

Tablets sales will grow just 6.5% this year

Tablet shipments worldwide will continue to grow this year, but not as quickly as earlier expected.

sap foldingdevice mobile copy

SAP, a devices company? Maybe, maybe not

SAP has made a big push into mobile software and device management with the acquisition of Sybase and a series of apps, but it hasn't made overt moves into the devices market. This could change down the road, judging from a recently...

SAP, a devices company? Patent application points that way

While SAP has made a big push into mobile software and device management, it hasn't made overt moves into the devices market -- yet.

new ipad pro jony ive

Size Matters: 13-inch iPad 'Pro' release date rumor redux

Tim and Jony are is (again) said to be readying a larger iPad. A 13-inch Apple tablet is rumored to be aimed at business users and will feature split-screen multitasking. So, all in all, it's just like the similar Samsung and...

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