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warning the mythical ipad pro may replace the enterprise pc

In a first, AT&T stamps its brand on a tablet, offering Android 5.0, 8-in. screen

AT&T us coming out with its first branded tablet, even though global shipments of the devices are flattening out.


Surface 3: Right tablet, wrong time

Starting at $500 the new tablet runs full Windows 8.1 and will be upgraded to Windows 10 later this year.

Surface 3 and docking station

Microsoft takes old Surface tablets in trade for new Surface 3

Microsoft is now taking old Surface tablets in trade toward the purchase of a new Surface 3, which went on sale today.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Surface books third straight quarter in the black

Microsoft on Thursday reported the third-consecutive quarter of gross profit for its Surface tablet line, with revenue up 44% compared to the same period the year before.

chromebook 15 cb3 531

Acer's new laptops, hybrids set tone for Windows 10-Chromebook battle

A heavyweight battle between Windows 10 laptops and Chromebooks is expected to break out later this year, and Acer will play on both sides with low-priced laptops and laptop-tablet hybrids it announced on Thursday.

How I Use Android: Jean-Baptiste Queru

How I use Android: Open source superstar Jean-Baptiste Quéru (JBQ)

The former lead of Google's Android Open Source Project opens up about what apps and devices he adores and how his personal home screen setup helps him stay productive.

LA school district seeks millions from Apple over iPad software woes

The Los Angeles Unified School District is seeking a multimillion dollar refund from Apple over a failed project to provide 650,000 students with iPads.

Surface 3 and docking station

For Microsoft, hardware and OS consistency are key in Surface 3

With the Surface 3, Microsoft is ending experimentation and bringing back hardware and OS consistency across its line of tablets.

Dell Venue 11 Pro

Dell to ship Windows 10 tablet with USB Type-C port

Dell is looking ahead to Windows 10 and planning to release a tablet with the OS and other new technologies in September or October.

The Dell Venue 10 7000

Dell's new tablet has a 3D camera and a swanky OLED screen

Dell has added the Venue 10 7000 to its tablet line-up, a relatively high end device with a crisp OLED screen and a 3D camera.

Surface 3

Benchmark scores show performance gap between Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3, iPad Air 2

A handful of benchmark scores for Microsoft's not-yet-released Surface 3 tablet hint that it's between a third and half as fast as the more powerful Surface Pro 3.

5 years of apple ipad magic

5 years on, is the iPad still 'magical'?

Five years since the iPad first shipped in the US on April 3 we look back at Apple’s achievement

i cant believe apple is doing this

I can’t believe Apple is doing this

Apple is defining the digital future right under the noses of watchful competitors.

Intel's Cherry Trail in a tablet

Seven things to know about Intel's 'Cherry Trail' Atom chips

Microsoft's Surface 3 is the first announced device to use Intel's new Cherry Trail Atom chips, but it won't be the last.

Surface 3

Microsoft resurrects the Surface with third try

Microsoft today unveiled the Surface 3, pitching the smaller device as a "more compact and efficient package" than the Surface Pro 3


Microsoft should forget the Surface, stick to the Pro 2-in-1 line

Microsoft will resuscitate its Surface tablet with a new model powered by Windows 8.1, ditching the flop that was Windows RT for a lower-priced device, according to an online report. But the company would be better served by sticking...

digital transformation strikes house of commons

UK government develops an iPad habit

Digital transformation is impacting the UK government -- like every part of today's world, everything is subject to disruption

Imagination floats sub-$100 MIPS tablet running Firefox OS

With Android and iOS dominating the tablet market, Mozilla's Firefox OS hasn't had much of a look in. It's now getting a bit of help from ARM rival Imagination Technologies, which has ported a version of Firefox to a prototype tablet...

galaxy s6 app uninstalls

Samsung will add Microsoft services and let users remove bloatware

Samsung has announced that it will add Microsoft services to several tablets and phones, while there are reports that bloatware will be removable.

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