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Iron Man exoskeletons

MIT C-Mod fusion reactor

MIT takes a page from Tony Stark, edges closer to an ARC fusion reactor

MIT has been developing a small fusion reactor prototype, three of which could power the City of Boston if they were fully built. Though the project lost federal funding for its current fusion device, the school plans to press ahead...


The MIT C-MOD Fusion Reactor Project

MIT has been developing a small fusion reactor prototype, three of which could power the City of Boston if they were fully built.

Tesla Gigafactory

Panasonic to invest $1.6B in Tesla's Gigafactory

Longtime Tesla battery partner Panasonic said it will spend up to $1.6 billion on the lithium-ion battery Gigafactory in the hopes it can cement its future in automotive electronics.

Facebook's planned data center in Fort Worth, Texas

For love of money and the environment

Our waste of energy is not only bad for the planet; it can cripple the balance sheet as well.

150914 salesforce dreamforce 2

Salesforce backs new wind farm in 12-year renewable-energy deal

A few months ago Salesforce committed to a goal of eventually powering its global operations entirely with renewable energy, and on Monday it took a key step in that direction by signing a 12-year agreement to back a brand-new wind...

SolarCity installation

In surprise move, Congress extends renewable energy tax credit

Congress today approved a five-year extension of a renewable energy investment tax credit that had been set to expire in 2016. Analysts believe solar and wind projects will now expand to create enough power more than 8 million...

renewable energy windmills

Renewable energy passes the 50% mark for new U.S. electricity capacity

Fifty-four percent of all new electrical capacity installed in the U.S. last year came from renewable sources.

Ford focus electric vehicle

Ford to add 13 electric vehicles to its lineup

The car-maker will invest additional $4.5 billion in electric vehicles by 2020, when, it says, some 40% of its vehicles will have EV models.

Computerworld Podcast: Mingis on Tech

Mingis on Tech: Pushy Microsoft, 2016 disruptors, Gates goes green

Executive News Editor Ken Mingis and Computerworld's Tracy Mayor and Lucas Mearian weigh in on Microsoft's aggressive Windows 10 plans, DevOps, and tech's role in helping to spur clean-energy research.

San Jose Pole

San Jose gets SmartPoles with LTE, LED lights and energy meters

San Jose, Calif. has begun installing 50 SmartPoles that integrate LTE wireless with LED street lighting.

Googleplex Google solar power

Google announces massive clean energy purchase

In the same week that President Obama, Bill Gates and others at the Paris Climate Change talks committed to more clean energy research, Google announced it will purchase 842 million watts of clean energy around the globe.

SolarCity installation

Obama and Bill Gates tout plans to double clean energy research spending

At the U.N. Climate Summit today, President Obama announced the U.S. will join 19 other nations and 28 leading tech innovators and commit to doubling investments in research toward clean energy.

Wind farm

Amazon to build massive wind farm to power web services

Amazon is building a 100-megawatt wind farm in Ohio to power its cloud service centers.

Republican candidates on debate stage

Extreme tech positions of the presidential candidates

This is an election where extreme positions have become the norm, and the implications for science and technology may be huge. These emerging proposals, the ones with the most impact on technology, deserve attention. Here's a look at...

Daimler battery storage

Daimler to recycle electric car batteries for massive energy storage systems

Daimler AG plans to take old lithium-ion EV batteries and transform them into power storage systems for businesses and homes, enabling renewable energy systems to store electrical capacity for use off-hours.

151112 vanderbilt battery 1

Nanoparticle breakthrough could lead to faster-charging batteries

Researchers at Vanderbilt University have gained new insight into the nanoscale workings of Lithium Ion batteries, a discovery that could speed the development of batteries that can be recharged in seconds.

Solar panels on roof

My big fat rooftop solar installation

After writing about solar power for more than year, I figured it was time to pull the trigger and get rooftop panels installed on my home, a 2,200-square-foot ranch-style house. While I was pleased with the results, it wasn't a simple...

A lithium-ion battery cell that is commonly used today.

Longer-lasting, 3D solid-state batteries could displace lithium-ion

A new 3D solid-state battery from Prieto Battery could provide five times more energy capacity than existing lithium-ion batteries.

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