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YouTube cofounder endorses paid version

YouTube is preparing to launch an ad-free subscription service, perhaps by year-end.

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New York eases limits on Uber's growth

It's probably safe to say goodbye to "de Blasio" mode in Uber's app in New York.

Twitter will reconvene Flight conference for mobile developers

Last year, Twitter sought to broaden the reach of its software by giving outside developers new tools at its first Flight conference. This year the company will try again, as the pressure on it to grow its user base has only increased....

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N.Y. judge rules against Facebook in search warrant case

A New York judge ruled Tuesday that Facebook has no legal standing to challenge the constitutionality of search warrants served on its users, highlighting the limits to online companies' abilities to protect user privacy.

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After losing Photos, is Google+ circling the drain?

If shutting down Google+ Photos isn't the death knell for the social network, it at least indicates that Google is losing interest.

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Some sharks have become social media stars

When pro surfer Mick Fanning was attacked during a competition Sunday, Twitter lit up, but it wasn't talk of Jaws and scary fish; many were sharing information about the location of their favorite sharks and the fact that they weren't...

Google to begin closing Google+ Photos on Aug. 1

The end is near for Google+ Photos, the photo-sharing service that's part of the company's social network.

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Reddit to crack down on objectionable content

Reddit, the self-appointed "front page of the Internet" and one of the Web's most popular sites, is planning to crack down on objectionable content -- at least in public areas of the site.

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Here's how Google wants you to buy stuff on mobile

Google is rolling out a new service that lets users buy retail items directly from the search results page on mobile devices, in an effort to make mobile search more useful and to give advertisers a new way to attract customers.

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Reddit's new CEO tries to clean up the 'dark side' of the site

Once regarded as a freewheeling discussion forum, Reddit is struggling with creating rules to curb offensive and obscene content on the site, risking alienating a number of users, some of them concerned about protecting freedom of...

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Facebook reportedly working on 'Moneypenny' virtual assistant

Facebook is reportedly working on a virtual assistant for its Messenger app.

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Fake Bloomberg news story causes Twitter shares to spike

Twitter's stock spiked in midday trading Tuesday after a fake Bloomberg news report said the company had received an offer to be acquired for $31 billion.

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Reddit CEO Ellen Pao resigns amid vitriol, protests

Ellen Pao is resigning as Reddit's interim chief executive after a week of tumult on the online message board with many users calling for her ouster.

Facebook news feed tool lets users pick posts to see first

Facebook is adjusting its news feed and adding a tool that will let users pick the content that appears at the top of their news feeds, among other new features.

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Petition to remove Reddit CEO tops 200K signatures

In what became the last straw for Reddit moderators, the firing of a popular employee has sparked an all-out rebellion against the social-sharing platform's chief executive with hundreds of thousands calling for her dismissal.

Reddit CEO Ellen Pao works to calm furor with big 'mea culpa'

Ellen Pao, interim CEO of online community site Reddit, offered the site's users an apology Monday after a weekend of rage aimed at Reddit's administrators in general -- and Pao in particular.

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How Instagram spots a trend

Instagram relies on simple automated analysis of hashtags to understand the hot topics among its users.

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Scott McNealy sees gold in the hills of social data

Now head of Wayin, the former Sun Microsystems CEO aims to wrest enterprise value from all the chatter

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