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Scott McNealy

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Zuckerberg wants to be the Stephen Hawking of social relations

What makes humans social? Facebook's CEO wants to know

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Social-media policies: You can’t say that!

The sad truth is that “That’s not what I meant” isn’t a defense that can save anyone’s job.

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Uber grabs mapping tech, employees from Microsoft

Uber is adding to its mapping smarts by acquiring technology used by Microsoft's Bing Maps, and has hired roughly 100 Microsoft employees who work on image collection and data analysis.

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Is facial recognition a threat on Facebook and Google?

Photo recognition is so good on Facebook and Google that they don't even need to see your face to ID you. Now what?

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New Salesforce line helps enterprises deliver in-app customer support

An offering for SMBs is also on the way.

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Facebook, like Google, makes scant progress in hiring blacks, women

Facebook and other tech companies aren't making much progress in their efforts to increase the percentages of women and minorities they employ, and that's a matter of concern for civil rights activists.

A Facebook account is no longer needed for Messenger

Facebook wants to squeeze as much growth as it can out of its popular Messenger app, even if that means foregoing Facebook.

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Update: Amazon, eBay, Etsy to remove Confederate flag merchandise

Amazon, eBay and Etsy have joined big retailers in removing Confederate flags and related items from their sites, in moves responding to increased vitriol over the symbol after a shooting last week at an African-American church in...

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After photo leak, North Korea said to block Instagram

Days after photos leaked of a fire at one of North Korea's biggest and best-known hotels, the country has begun restricting access to Instagram.

Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco

Twitter wants a 'full-time' CEO, deflates Dorsey's candidacy

Twitter's search committee will only consider CEO candidates "who are in a position to make a full-time commitment" to the social micro-blogging company.

Twitter TWTR Project Lightning

FACEPALM: Project Lightning turns Twitter into... something else

The Twitter they are a-changin'. Project Lightning promises more revenue, but less of the classic service. Is the blue bird taking lessons from Zuck?

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Twitter acquires machine-learning startup Whetlab

To boost its in-house, machine-learning efforts, Twitter has acquired Whetlab, a startup that makes it easier for companies to use machine-learning tools.

Twitter adds autoplaying videos

Twitter has moved well beyond its foundation of 140-character messages. The site will now host videos that play automatically in users' feeds.

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Facebook turns to wizened old C++ to power new photo-sharing app

For its new Moments photo-sharing app, Facebook eschewed the crop of fashionable mobile development platforms in favor of coding in the venerable C++ programming language.

Facebook's API change severs Microsoft apps from friends' info

Facebook has rolled out a new API that has crippled most of the connections Microsoft built into its mobile and desktop apps to link with Facebook calendars, contacts and photos.

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Why Twitter's CEO is looking for a job

Some investors and industry watchers have been calling for management changes for nearly a year because user growth has stalled and the company has failed to perform well financially.

Dick Costolo Twitter CEO fired

Twitter boss Costolo says he wasn't fired (but, yeah, HE WAS)

Dick Costolo "has decided to step down" as Twitter CEO. Voluntarily. And most certainly not because Twitter is losing money every quarter. Oh no. Not at all. Did I mention he went of his own accord? (TWTR)

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Twitter's next CEO faces four challenges

In the wake of Dick Costolo's decision Thursday to step down as CEO of Twitter, the company will be searching for a new leader. Here's what he or she faces.

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