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Facebook job posting

Looking for a job? Facebook's got you covered

Facebook is now making it easy for employers to post jobs to Facebook, and equally easy for potential hires to apply.


Twitter rolls back abuse fix few hours after protests

Twitter rolled back a new fix aimed to prevent abuse a few hours after it met with protests, reflecting that the company is still scrambling to find solutions to the problem of harassment on its service, but is willing to make changes...

google maps social

Google lets users get social with Maps

Google is moving to make Maps more than just about getting to your destination. Maps is getting social.

twitter things that bother us

Why Twitter's new anti-harassment tools will fail

Twitter's new policies won't solve the harassment problem, and they'll ruin engagement, too.

twitter logo shattered glass

Why the trolls are eating away at Twitter’s bottom line

Twitter has to do something to stop sinking. Here's one idea.

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Facebook shareholders would have uphill climb ousting Zuckerberg from board

A move by a watchdog group and a small group of shareholders to oust Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg from his post as chairman would be an uphill battle that would be unlikely to succeed and could hurt the company, analysts said.

twitter logo shattered glass

Twitter fights back, again, against online trolls

Twitter is extending its campaign to curb trolls and abuse on its social network, building on efforts it rolled out last fall.

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Irish court hears case challenging transatlantic data transfers

Max Schrems' 2013 complaint to the Irish data protection commissioner over Facebook's handling of his personal information put him in an unusual position on Tuesday: He's a co-defendant, alongside Facebook, in a case before the High...

Donald Trump

French to fight fake news with backing from Google, Facebook

News organizations operating in France will open up a new fact-checking service, CrossCheck, at the end of this month. Their initial focus will be on covering the forthcoming French elections, but with a number of international...

facebook photos

Facebook just got a lot better at knowing exactly what is in your photos

Facebook has updated its image processing software so it can better identify exactly what is in the photos you post.


Facebook's video strategy -- what you need to know

Mark Zuckerberg has shared more details of Facebook's video strategy.

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Twitter will roll out new features to counter abuse

Twitter said late Monday it will soon introduce features to counter abuse on its platform, though it did not provide details of the measures it is taking.


Facebook looks to revamp password recovery by supplanting email

Forgot your password? Well, Facebook wants to help you recover your account. The company is releasing an open source protocol that’ll let third-party sites recover a user’s account through Facebook, or any trusted service.

WhatsApp (1)

German consumer groups sue WhatsApp over privacy policy changes

WhatsApp's privacy policy change allowing Facebook to target advertising at its users has landed the company in a German court.

man hands reading newspaper

Why fake news is a tech problem

While "fake news" has always existed, the recent explosion of disinformation, conspiracy theories and half-truths calls for serious action. The tech industry needs to step up.

Trump Twitter

Trump administration is giving us a good lesson on Twitter security

Several recent incidents involving U.S. President Donald Trump's administration can teach users something about IT security -- particularly about Twitter and what not to do with it.

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Controversial Park Service tweets arose from old Twitter passwords

Two instances of tweets from National Park Service accounts that became political hot potatoes in the last few days were the result of bad password management, according to officials.

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Here’s why President Mark Zuckerberg is such a bad idea

Sure, he is going to visit every state this year. That does not mean he should be President. In some ways, tongue in cheek, he already is.

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