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Facebook video is booming, with 4B views per day

Facebook is fast becoming the place to watch videos. Billions of videos.

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Mobile ads now generate almost 75% of Facebook's revenue

Facebook grew its business last quarter with ads placed on small screens; 73% of its sales from mobile ads.

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Facebook gives priority to friends in News Feed change

Facebook announced that it is changing the algorithm that handles what posts, photos and videos users are shown on their News Feeds. The change is geared to giving users more information from their favorite friends.

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Appeals court rejects man's claim he owns half of Facebook

Paul Ceglia, who for years has claimed to own 50 percent of Facebook, was denied a bid to revive his case against the company in a U.S. appeals court on Monday.

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5 ways your company can defuse a social media crisis

When an employee is caught in the crosshairs of a social media mishap, businesses need to tread carefully. Here’s how to prevent a crisis and defuse one that's already occurred.

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Live streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope pose legal risks

Live video is messy, raw, unedited and with new mobile apps, it's can capture people who don't know they're being recorded. In some cases, that can add up to legal problems,

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Feds lay down social media rules; enterprises should, too

The U.S. government is telling federal employees what they can and cannot post or tweet about on their favorite social networks. Companies need to do the same thing.

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Facebook-backed loses some Indian partners over net neutrality

A project by Facebook-backed to offer people access to select online services without data charges has run into trouble in India, after the program was criticized by net neutrality activists.

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Twitter turns its home page into a news and information hub

In a bid to draw in new users, Twitter is turning its home page into a portal for news and content around dozens of topics.

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Facebook is still king of social media among teens

The findings of a new survey debunk theories that Facebook is losing its "cool factor" among teenagers.

Iceland-based Oz set to launch, aiming to give YouTube a chill

Iceland-based Oz will launch a new video platform to let up-and-coming artists, small businesses and even journalists publish videos online, gather metrics about their performance, and charge viewers to watch.

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Facebook releases a standalone Messenger web app

Facebook has launched a standalone Messenger app for chatting on the web outside of

The G4 from LG

LG wants you to help hype its G4 smartphone

LG Electronics is recruiting social media users to test out and talk up its new G4 smartphone ahead of its official launch April 28.

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ALL TWEET roundup: Twitter unveils REVAMPED QUOTES (Please RT)

A handful of hours ago, Twitter rolled out its new "revamped quote" functionality. Predictably, bloggers immediately began using the new feature, while at the same time sharing their pointed critiques with followers...

Turkey blocks Twitter, YouTube over hostage photo

A Turkish court blocked access to numerous sites, including Twitter and YouTube, over their hosting of images of an Istanbul prosecutor held at gunpoint by militants last week.

Etsy borrows some virtual HipHop help from Facebook

Etsy has moved from running PHP directly on the server to using Facebook's speedier open source PHP virtual machine

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California sends revenge porn operator to prison for 18 years

The operator of a revenge porn website has been sentenced to 18 years in prison, in what is being described as the first criminal prosecution in the U.S. of the operator of a website of this type.

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Want to secure your social info? Facebook shows you how

Facebook today launched 11 interactive guides and how-tos to help users secure their social information.

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LinkedIn buys social knowledge startup Refresh

In a move that could lead to even more automated suggestions and tips for LinkedIn users, the professional network has bought Refresh, which makes an app that gathers news and insights about participants in meetings.

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