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A man is silhouetted against a video screen with a Facebook logo
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Facebook testing a spare 'Lite' service for Android

Facebook is testing a stripped down version of its mobile app that requires far less data.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

Winklevoss twins plan regulated Bitcoin exchange

The most famous twins in social media and cryptocurrency want to launch a regulated Bitcoin exchange -- named Gemini, of course.

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Now on CIO: Why IT should be skeptical of 'Facebook at Work'

Facebook wants to move into the busy enterprise social market, but its plans raise a number of important questions and concerns for IT.

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Facebook, take note!

Those copyright notices that people are posting on their Facebook pages don’t mean a thing legally, but that doesn’t mean Facebook, or the media, should ignore them.

Obama on Instagram

White House uses social media to amplify Obama's big speech

The White House updated its social media efforts in an effort to control the messages coming out of the president's State of the Union address Tuesday night. sends personal data to Twitter, Yahoo and Google

Information entered into the U.S. government's health insurance website is being passed to companies such as Twitter, Yahoo and Google.

A man is silhouetted against a video screen with a Facebook logo

Facebook thinks it's charged the global economy, but analysts are skeptical

According to Facebook, the company hasn't just changed the face of social networking. It's also boosted the global economy and put millions of people to work.

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Twitter to acquire Indian startup ZipDial in emerging markets play

Twitter is to acquire ZipDial Mobile Solutions, a Bangalore company that has developed a platform that allows content like promotions to be delivered to users through voice, SMS or an app notification when an user gives a missed call....

Google teams up with PwC on military cloud bid

Google is adding its muscle to PriceWaterhouseCoopers' bid to build a new cloud-based healthcare system for the military that would support its more than 9.7 million beneficiaries.

New York Post Twitter account hacked, UPI's compromised, too

The Twitter account of the New York Post was hacked, and UPI's was also apparently hit today.

Virtual face of artificial intelligence circuits and binary data

Facebook open-sources new A.I. smarts

Facebook has released as open source some software modules that can speed image recognition, language modeling and other machine learning tasks.

Mark Zuckerberg, speaking in Colombia

Zuckerberg describes need to balance local laws and free speech

Mark Zuckerberg tackled the thorny issue of how to balance free speech with local laws at Facebook's first international town-hall Q&A in Colombia on Wednesday.

facebook at work

Facebook takes on the enterprise with new social network

Facebook is beginning a pilot test of a desktop service and mobile app for what's being dubbed Facebook at Work, an enterprise-level social and collaborative network for the workplace.


UK's David Cameron wants to kill Snapchat -- because TERRORISTS

After an unsuccessful attempt to annul the Law of Gravity, UK prime minister David Cameron is now trying something easy, something he believes he can accomplish: Pass a law banning all apps and messaging services using end-to-end...

Data and analytics

Computers may soon know you better than your spouse

How good are you at sizing someone up? Perhaps not as good as a computer, according to researchers at the University of Cambridge and Stanford University.

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U.S. CENTCOM Twitter feed compromised by 'Cyber Jihadists'

The official Twitter account for the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) was compromised Monday afternoon, by attackers claiming to support the terrorist group ISIS.

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Zuckerberg could face gritty questions at Facebook townhall in Colombia

Facebook users in Latin America will have a chance to pepper Mark Zuckerberg with questions when he heads to Bogota, Colombia, for Facebook's first international townhall Q&A.

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Facebook buys video tech startup QuickFire Networks

Facebook is acquiring QuickFire Networks, a video processing and transcoding company.

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