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warning google is killing google with poor design

Is Google murdering Google+ with poor UI design?

The new Google+ is almost unusable, critics claim.

google plus

Google+ gets the pivot of the year

Google transforms its everything-for-everyone social network into a site that does one thing really well -- connecting supernerds.

Facebook work chat

Facebook begins testing its Work Chat app for businesses

Facebook quietly released a new Work Chat app that connects its popular consumer messaging service to its privately-available work social network.

hangouts icon

Google updates Hangouts with guest access

Google just made it easier to have a business meeting, or any kind of meeting, via Google Hangouts. The company announced that people no longer need to have a Google account to use Hangouts. They just need to be invited to one.

Google+ Redesign

Google+ rides again with a redesign focused on communities of interest

Google isn't done with its attempts at running a social network. On Tuesday, the company gave Google+ a redesign focused on people getting together around shared interests.

Google Plus

Google+ is “dead”... Long live Google Plus—in a responsive ghost town [u2]

Google+ is changing again. To be charitable, it's pivoting into a site for communities—but it's aroused the usual chorus chanting, “Google Plus is dead.”

Dynamics CRM Online Hootsuite integration

Hootsuite ties into Microsoft Dynamics to turn likes into leads

More companies are turning to social media as a way to communicate with their customers, and Hootsuite is working with Microsoft to make that even easier through an integration with the company's products.

Lyon, France prayer

Social media lights up in grief and rage over Paris attacks

In timea of grief and fear, people from around the world turned to social networks to search for loved ones and to share feelings of support, anger and sadness.


Poof! Facebook tests Snapchat-like disappearing messages

Facebook is now running a small test of a Snapchat-like feature, enabling users to send messages that will automatically disappear.

fb instant articles 2

3 ways to make social sharing work for publishers

It’s still early to effectively weigh the pros and cons of these social media partnerships for digital publishers, but what’s certain is that the way that readers access content -- and the way that publishers distribute it -- is...


Hello, Facebook! Obama gets his social media on

Hello, Facebook! That's part of the message that President Obama posted on his first Facebook page.

facebook mobile

Facebook reportedly ready to launch Notify app

Facebook reportedly is getting ready to launch Notify, a new app designed to bring users the latest news.

Republican candidates on debate stage

Is Facebook the new political town hall?

Candidates for the U.S. presidential nomination are turning to Facebook to reach potential voters, COO Sheryl Sandberg said Wednesday.

Mark Zuckerberg (1)

Facebook tops 1.5B monthly users

Facebook passed another milestone, reporting that its base of monthly active users passed 1.5 billion for the first time.

facebook screnshot

With A.I. advances, Facebook tests M, your newest assistant

Striving to keep up with the increasing demands of delivering users' News Feeds, Facebook is pressing hard to advance artificial intelligence.

oculus social

Why virtual reality is the next social network

The first mainstream social virtual world came into existence last week. Oculus VR, the virtual reality company owned by Facebook, released an app called the Oculus Social alpha. But even as we gather and interact in virtual worlds,...

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Facebook revs up a new money machine to tackle emerging markets

Facebook is on an aggressive push to gain users in emerging markets and on Thursday began tackling a new task: Making money from them.

Slow binary snail.

Facebook aims for slow-download empathy with 2G Tuesdays

Facebook wants its employees to understand the pain of a slow, really slow, connection. On Tuesdays, Facebook employees can opt in to use a slower mobile Internet connection to give them a better understanding of users in developing...

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