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Google Inbox will change everything about email (or not)

Meet Inbox. Not your dad's inbox, but the new (confusingly) named app from Google designed to replace dad's email inbox. Currently invite only for the hoi polloi, blogger reviews of Inbox are divided. Optimistic bloggers believe...

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Twitter tears into mobile developer services with Fabric

Twitter is moving into mobile app services with Fabric, a new tool for developers that ties their most popular services together into one extension.

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Snapchat rolls out non-'creepy' ads that still might get creepy

Ads are officially coming to Snapchat, in a form the company says is not "targeted," but Snapchat's own terms of service suggest it could do something very much like that.

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How to control trolls with Google+

Not all social networks are equal when it comes to defeating trolls, haters and spammers. Here's why Google+ has the best anti-troll system and how to use it.

Twitpic is shutting down -- really -- after a failed acquisition

Image hosting company Twitpic will, in fact, shut down on Oct. 25, the firm said Thursday -- a surprising development since it previously said an acquisition would save it from death.

Facebook doubles reward for bug reports in ad code

Facebook is doubling the rewards it will pay for security vulnerabilities related to code that runs its advertising system.

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Would an anonymous app from Facebook be creepy or smart?

Facebook is preparing to launch a mobile app that would enable users to interact online anonymously, a move analysts said could be good or scary.

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Q&A: Yik Yak wants to weed out abuse and become the next Twitter

Of the new social media apps that have sprung up around connecting anonymously, Yik Yak might be the most toxic. Or the most misunderstood.

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Why Google+ is the place for passions

The single biggest controversy about social media is whetherGoogle+ is a dying wasteland of non-activity or a hive of conversation and engagement. Mike Elgan is here to explain why it's the latter.

Snapchat hacked

Snapchat denies it was hacked

After Snapchat accounts were used for spam and hackers said they'd stolen thousands of photos and videos, the photo messaging site released a statement saying the incident was due to user credentials found on other sites.

online abuse

Social media giants fail in response to online abuse

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are criticized in a scathing report from a campaign committed to eradicate technology-related violence against women.


See yah, Facebook. Teens prefer Instagram

Teenage users have been drifting away from Facebook for the last few years, but now it seems they're in a mad rush to get away.

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Google, Facebook to discuss online extremism with EU officials

Google, Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft representatives will discuss concerns about online radicalization and jihadist propaganda with EU officials at a dinner today.

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Facebook's location-based ads can pitch the store you just passed

Facebook is rolling out a new feature that lets businesses target users based on whether they've gone near the physical store that's being advertised.

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Twitter sues to reveal more about national security requests

Twitter sued the U.S. government on Tuesday, becoming the latest tech giant to say it should be able to disclose more about official requests for information about its users.

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Facebook, armed with data, helps others show mobile ads

A "like" on Facebook is worth a lot to advertisers there. Now it's also worth something to advertisers in other mobile apps.

WhatsApp on iOS

Facebook's $22B purchase of WhatsApp is a done deal

Facebook has closed its acquisition of messaging app WhatsApp, giving the social network a massively popular service for mobile messaging.

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Why do contextual ads fail?

Companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon violate our privacy in order to show us relevant ads. So why do their ads miss the mark?

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