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Facebook's alternative PHP engine attracts Web service providers

Some large Internet services are pressing Facebook's open-source PHP runtime engine into production after being impressed with the performance metrics for the alternative to the ubiquitous open-source PHP package used across the Web.


Twitter's new SUPER SEARCH takes to the air

Social network service Twitter has improved its search engine, allowing users to search through Twitter's entire index of tweets. This represents a vast improvement over the old engine, limited to searching through content less than a...

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Facebook’s new Groups app helps you separate your friends

The social network has launched a Facebook Groups app designed to help people share more easily with all their groups.

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Now you can search every tweet that was ever sent

Twitter is enabling users to search through its massive index of roughly half a trillion public tweets.

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WhatsApp adds end-to-end encryption to message service

Ramping up efforts to keep its customers' messages safe from snooping, WhatsApp said Tuesday that it now supports end-to-end encryption for messages sent between users. The end-to-end encryption comes thanks to a collaboration...

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Facebook may be building social network for the enterprise

Facebook may be expanding from a social website where users share photos of their favorite sandwiches and pets, to a network focused on business users.

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Facebook: You post it, we can see it, and that's that

Facebook lets its users control whether other people can see the information they post, but when it comes to controlling what Facebook itself gets to see, privacy-conscious users are out of luck.

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Facebook's Iowa data center goes modular to keep pace with growth

The traffic inside Facebook's data centers is growing so fast that the company's changing the basic architecture of its networks to keep up.

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Privacy is the new killer app

Ello, Wiper, Anonabox and others prove that Apple, Facebook and the like can't rest on their laurels when it comes to security.

Microsoft finally fusing Yammer-Office 365 sign-on systems

Although Microsoft began bundling Yammer with Office 365 shortly after acquiring the enterprise social networking firm in mid-2012, users have had to log in separately to both suites.

Facebook nudges users to take control with privacy makeover

Facebook wants its users to take control of their own privacy, and it's giving them new information to help them do just that.

Control over personal info nearly dead

Internet companies have run amok with our personal data, and people aren't entirely sure what to do about it, judging from the results of a new survey.


Instagram brings editing tools (and more of your friends) to the foreground

Photo captions and their locations can now be edited in Instagram after posting.


Half a billion people now use Messenger, after Facebook forced them into it

Facebook's Messenger is now one of the most widely used mobile messaging apps in the world.

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Facebook gives users more ways to filter their feeds

Facebook is giving users more options to control what content they see in their feeds.

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Facebook will be mostly video in 5 years , Zuckerberg says

At the company's first community town hall, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said most of Facebook will be video.

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Facebook releases C++ libraries to ease Internet communications

Facebook has released a collection of open-source code libraries that should ease the process of getting C++ programs to communicate over the Internet.

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Computer scientists say meme research doesn't threaten free speech

Five of the nation's top computing research organizations defended a research grant to study how information goes viral, fending off claims that the government-funded effort could help create a 1984-type surveillance state.

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