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Google Pixel Phone Updates
Google Pixel Phone


Google Pixel Camera Shootout

We take the Pixel XL into the lab and square it off against the iPhone 7 Plus, LG V20, and Galaxy S7 Edge.

pixel xl google assistant how can i help

Google Pixel and Pixel XL -- what reviewers think

Google Pixel and Pixel XL reviews started rolling in on Tuesday. Here is what everyone had to say.

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Samsung faces lawsuit from Note7 owners who couldn’t use their phones

Samsung’s problems with lawsuits from alleged victims of overheating batteries in the Galaxy Note7 smartphone could get compounded by consumers suing for compensation of carrier charges.


Pixel is a Google smartphone, inside and out

The Pixel smartphone is the first phone created solely by Google.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Review: Google's new Pixel XL is a fine phone -- but is it really special?

Google’s new flagship phones, the Pixel X and XL, offer fast performance and the latest hardware. But do they meet expectations?


Google Pixel XL Unboxing

An Android user, an iPhone user, and an all-around mobile curmudgeon unwrap and boot up Google's new superphone.

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Qualcomm's 5G preview: High frequencies, 5-gigabit speed

5G networks will be five times as fast as the quickest LTE technology by using the highest cellular frequencies ever, according to Qualcomm, which provided a glimpse of a next-generation modem at its 4G/5G Summit.

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To unlock phones, feds demand fingerprints

U.S. investigators are exercising a broad legal authority to force suspects to unlock their smartphones. In a recent case, they demanded that anyone found inside a California residence give up their fingerprints.


Feds: It's legal to demand fingerprints to unlock phones of everyone in a building

Federal prosecutors wanted cops to collect fingerprints and thumbprints of everyone in a building to unlock all smartphones at that location.

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Windows Phones bolster NYPD's crime-fighting chops

The entire New York Police Department is using Windows Phones, and the technology is helping them fight crime and connect to the community.

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The Note7 will cost Samsung another $3 billion in profit

The fallout from the Note 7 debacle, which is expected to take a big chunk out of Samsung’s third-quarter profit, will keep hurting its business into next year, the company said.

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Some reports of faulty Note7s invalidated

Some of the early reports on faulty Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphones that caused burns and property damage have been invalidated, significantly reducing the number of incidents.

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iOS 10's one-month adoption rate hits 68%

iOS 10 adoption continued to climb a month after its release, with some sources estimating the upgrade is on more than two-thirds of iPhones.

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Samsung raises recall deals to retain Note7 customers

In a bid to retain customers, Samsung Electronics is giving larger financial incentives to people who choose to exchange the recalled Galaxy Note7 for another smartphone from the company, rather than seek a refund.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 from hell

While production of the Note7 has stopped, it's imperative that Samsung figure out what went wrong and lay out the details publicly.

Google Pixel Phone, Verizon

Some important things to know about Google's Pixel phone and Verizon (updated...again)

Google is selling its new Pixel phone through Verizon, but take note: The arrangement has some big asterisks that aren't immediately obvious.

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Samsung's Note7 calamity cracks open a door for Apple

The explosion-implosion of Samsung's premier Galaxy Note7 line may boost iPhone sales, but don't expect outright gloating from Apple.


Google made an iPhone, so now what?

Google’s new Pixels phones look and cost the same as the iPhone. Now that Google is in Apple territory, what can the original iPhone-maker do to stand out?

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