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How I Use Android: Phil Nickinson

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What's behind BlackBerry's move to stop making smartphones

BlackBerry will no longer be making its own smartphones. The news has been expected for a while now -- so what is ahead for the company?

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Why people are drilling into their iPhone 7s

A parody video on YouTube has people believing they can use a drill to reintroduce the headphone jack on the iPhone 7. They can't.

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Quick take: The iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black really shines

While the iPhone 7 is essentially all new under the hood, aesthetically, the new kid on the block is the Jet Black model.

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The Evolution of Apple's iPhone

For the iPhone, change is constant

160902 samsung note7 3

Majority of U.S. users opt to stay with Galaxy Note7 after recall

Samsung Electronics said that about 500,000 devices, or half of the recalled Galaxy Note7 phones sold in the U.S., have been exchanged through its program.

Google Allo

Google's Allo is a solution in search of a problem

Getting at the root of why Google's new messaging app exists -- and why it feels so inconsequential.

Computerworld Podcast: Mingis on Tech

Mingis on Tech: The iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 -- and the gadget guy!

After a quick update on the latest Apple news, it's time to get a gander at the gadget guy's latest goodies -- just in time to prepare for the upcoming holiday shopping season.


Did Apple make the iPhone 7 just to sell more Beats headphones?

Apple’s jack-less iPhone 7 may help boost sales of Beats, the world's biggest wireless headphone company. But is that the only strategy?

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Introducing Allo: A cross-platform messaging app with A.I. chops

Let's be honest, we were all thinking it: Google needs a new messaging app. Luckily, Google thought so, too. So today it is starting the roll out of its new app, Allo, which includes some special functionality that its other messaging...


iPhone 7 Review: Big steps forward, but little steps back

Apple improved almost everything about the iPhone 7, from the processor to the camera. Then they took away the headphone jack. Do the iPhone 7’s drawbacks ruin the experience?

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Samsung ships 500,000 replacement Note7s for recall exchange

Samsung said that 500,000 new Note7 devices have been shipped to U.S. carriers and retailers to replace the smartphones recalled because of a fire hazard. The devices will be available for exchange starting Wednesday.

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Google ad hints of new smartphones to come on Oct. 4

Google released an intriguing new video on prime time TV Monday that hints of an Oct. 4 announcement of two new smartphones -- the Pixel X and Pixel XL.

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Pixel phones and the birth of Bizarro Google

Google's setting the stage for a major hardware announcement in October, but you don't have to wait til then to see some serious signs of change.

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Google's Pixel and Pixel XL announcement -- what we know so far

Google has finally (somewhat) confirmed that it will be debuting its new smartphones at an event next month. Photos were leaked earlier Monday.

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17% off Sensi Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat, Alexa Compatible - Deal Alert

Sensi thermostat makes it easy to remotely control and schedule the comfort of your home using your phone, tablet or PC. Currently discounted 17% on Amazon.

boring but record setting iphone 7 shows hope beats hype

‘Boring’, record-setting iPhone 7 shows hope beats hype

Apple's new iPhone is defying the picture given by an out of touch media

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Bigger iPhone 7 Plus outsells smaller sibling

Preliminary data from U.S. sales of Apple's newest iPhones suggested that the larger 7 Plus was outselling the smaller 7, which would be a first, a market research firm said.

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In video, Samsung apologizes for Note7 battery defects

A top Samsung official issued an unusual video apology over Galaxy Note7 battery-related defects linked to fires and assured owners that replacement Note7 units are safe.

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