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how to take complete control of iphone ringtones

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China’s booming middle class augurs well for Apple, says Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook still sees great potential in the Chinese market despite a drop in his company's revenue from the country in the first quarter.


3 features that would make the iPhone 7 truly innovative

The iPhone 7 doesn't have to be mind-blowing to get us excited for an upgrade.


How to save a wet iPhone in 9 tips

May also save Apple Watch, iPads, iPod touch and other smartphones

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FBI uses 5th-Amendment loophole to unlock iPhone of Bkhchadzhyan

iPhone owner ordered by judge to give FBI the finger -- to unlock her iPhone with her fingerprint, that is. The feds think Paytsar Bkhchadzhyan's shiny hides evidence of criminality. But hold on there, buddy -- surely the 5th...

6 reasons iphones dont matter anymore

6+ reasons iPhones don’t matter anymore

It’s what you do with them that counts..

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Google, what are you doing? Motorola ex-prez now new hardware chief

Google hires Motorola ex-president to lead a new centralized hardware team. This is BIG BIG news -- it hints at Google's plans for Nexus, ChromeOS, the living room, and even the ludicrous Google Glass...

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Next Google Nexus phones are by HTC -- for release in 2016

HTC will make two Google Nexus devices for 2016. Thought to both be smartphones, we're hoping to catch sight of them at Google I/O next month, with a release date in the second half of the year...

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iPhone sales drop in Q1 reflect a market that remains flat

Apple iPhone sales declined 16% in the first quarter, but it's important to remember that the overall smartphone market has also flatlined.

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Apple investors panic as iPhone sales tank

Updated: Apple's iPhone shipments fell off a cliff last quarter -- results were worse than the Street expected. And it doesn't look like the mid-priced iPhone SE will help this quarter, either...

steve jobs was an alien

Steve Jobs was an alien, and other myths

Reaction to Apple's results is unrealistic and overblown

Apple logo from inside Apple Store in Boston

Apple stumbles in world's biggest smartphone market

Last year, Apple was on a gravy train in China. Sales of the iPhone were booming, and the country looked poised to overtake the U.S. in terms of its contribution to Apple’s business. Suddenly, things don't look so rosy.

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Financial analysts forecast first-ever year-over-year decline in iPhone sales

Apple will announce downbeat results from the first quarter of 2016 later today, according to nearly three dozen financial analysts.

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Microsoft launches two-for-one Lumia phone deal to slash excess inventory

Microsoft will toss in a free Lumia 950 when customers buy a $649 unlocked top-tier Lumia 950 XL.

Apple Watch iPhone watchOS

Tim decrees: Apple Watch will cut the cord from iPhone -- app devs must obey

Apple Watch apps must not need an iPhone, dictates Apple. Developers of watchOS apps have until June 1 to give up on those sluggish, trashy, tethered toys -- they give the pomaceous wearable a bad name...


How the smartphone is being reinvented (in 7 cases)

Smartphones are reaching the limits of innovation. Now they're being transformed by their cases.

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U.S. no longer requires Apple's help to crack iPhone in New York case

The U.S. no longer requires Apple’s help to unlock an iPhone 5s phone running iOS 7 used by the accused in a drug investigation, stating that an “individual provided the passcode to the iPhone at issue in this case.”

Microsoft Windows Phone is dead

Microsoft Windows phone biz is dead -- here is clear proof

Microsoft's Windows Phone is clearly dead. Redmond's already-bad Windows Phone sales plummeted over the last year to a mere 26% of what they were -- this is simply, spectacularly execrable...

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Hands on: The iPhone SE -- a classic design with modern hardware

Apple's new iPhone SE offers the latest smartphone technologies in a smaller, 4-in. size that will appeal to users who don't big phones.

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