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apple will soon confirm record iphone 6 sales

blackberry apps

BlackBerry wants to require app developers to make apps for its platform

BlackBerry CEO John Chen wants net neutrality to extend to content and applications, so that developers of apps for Android and iOS will have to develop on the BlackBerry platform.

iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus sales gain steam in China

Users in China are flocking to Apple's iPhone 6 Plus.

Broken Lollipop, Android 5.0

Broken Lollipop: 5 things that need to be fixed ASAP with Android 5.0

For all of its positives, Android 5.0 has some pesky defects that need to be addressed.

Xiaomi Note

Hands on with the Xiaomi Mi Note

Chinese Handset maker Xiaomi took a few jabs at Apple on Thursday when it unveiled its new 5.7-in. phablet.

xiaomi mi note 376 02rj

Mi Note phablets vs. iPhone 6 Plus (Xiaomi CEO MOCKS Apple)

Xiaomi's aggressive move: OMG, that's incredibly inexpensive for a premium, 5.7-in smartphone. Xiaomi unveils its incredibly low-priced flagship Android phablets, the unoriginally-named Mi Note and Mi Note Pro. Apple's equivalent...

The Xiaomi Note.

Xiaomi's new phablet seeks to outshine the iPhone 6 Plus

The latest Android handset from Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Note, aims to overshadow Apple's iPhone 6 Plus,

mergers and acquisitions

Samsung buying BlackBerry makes sense

Samsung's reported offer of up to $7.5 billion for BlackBerry may turn out to be only a rumor, but such a match might make sense for both sides.


BlackBerry flatly denies it talked to Samsung about a buyout

BlackBerry has flatly denied a report that it met with Samsung Electronics to discuss a proposed $7.5 billion buyout.

mergers and acquisitions

Samsung makes $7.5B buyout bid for BlackBerry

Samsung Electronics approached rival BlackBerry with a buyout proposal worth as much as $7.5 billion, according to a Reuters news report.

Project Ara prototype

Google brings Project Ara modular phone pilot to Puerto Rico

Google today detailed the Project Ara Market Pilot, with Puerto Rico as the first test bed for the modular smartphone.

lumia 435 smartphone

The Lumia 435 is Microsoft's cheapest smartphone yet at $80

Microsoft is hoping to turn around the fortunes of Windows Phone with a growing number of cheap smartphones. The Lumia 435 and Lumia 532 are its latest contenders.

samsung z1 tizen

Samsung's first Tizen phone arrives in India at $92

Samsung Electronics started selling its first Tizen smartphone in India, priced at $92.

Samsung Tomorrow

Samsung -- for real this time -- ships a phone running TIZEN OS

Samsung has finally jumped off the fence, now one hundred percent sure it wants to sell a Tizen OS based phone. The company is shipping the Z1 smartphone, letting the Tizen chips fall where they may...

google project ara smartphone

Google's Lego-like Project Ara smartphone to get a hardware store

As Google gets ready to ship the Lego-like Project Ara smartphone later this year, the company wants to ensure relevant hardware is available to coincide with the device's release.

Samsung Galaxy S6 TouchWiz

Samsung toning down TouchWiz on the Galaxy S6? Gee, that sounds familiar

A new report says Samsung is going back to the basics with software for its Galaxy S6 phone. Is anyone else feeling a serious sense of déjà vu?

8 handy ios tips youll probably use

8 handy iOS tips you’ll use

Eight years after the arrival of the first iPhone, here's eight handy iOS 8 tips you will use and appreciate.

Samsung's Galaxy A7 packs bigger screen, more processing power

Samsung is coming out with a new phablet that will incorporate a metal frame and comes at "competitive price point," according to the electronics maker.


What CES told us about this year's smartphone trends

International CES has never been a showcase for new smartphones, but it always features several interesting announcements that highlight big trends for the next 12 months, and this year was no exception.

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