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samsung galaxy s6 s6 edge
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Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge

Hands on: Getting to know the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are the most talked about new smartphones of the season -- and they're officially here in my hands. Ready to check 'em out?

happy young businessman on spring field 106509898

The signs of spring: Birds, flowers and new tech

As the winter snow melts, tech companies are starting to push their new smartphones, tablets and operating systems out into the public eye.

galaxy s6 edge

Galaxy S6 Edge: Is its distinctive style worth the premium price?

What will customers pay for style? That's the question faced by the marketing teams behind the Apple Watch, whose 18k gold models are priced to start at $10,000. The same issue confronts marketing teams for the new Samsung Galaxy S6...

htc one m9 gunmetal 3v

Despite its design, One M9 unlikely to rescue HTC

The One M9 may be a knockout, but it's not likely to save HTC. The device looks similar to its predecessor at a time when competitors have multiplied and stepped up their game, making it even harder for the struggling company to make...

How Smartphone Reviews Really Work

How smartphone reviews really work

The inside scoop on what happens behind the scenes of a smartphone review, from someone who's written more than a few of 'em.

galaxy s6 app uninstalls

Samsung will add Microsoft services and let users remove bloatware

Samsung has announced that it will add Microsoft services to several tablets and phones, while there are reports that bloatware will be removable.

qualcomm 820 snapdragon

Here are the components that will power your next smartphone

The last couple of months haven seen the launch of a clutch of new smartphones -- and also new chipsets that aim to make the next generation of smartphones more powerful and simpler to recharge.

Windows apps running on an iPad

Microsoft answers Windows device share slump with freemium strategy

Microsoft's strategic shift to creating apps and services for rival operating systems was born from the hard realization that Windows' share of the total device market was in the middle of a three-year slump, according to new...

HTC's ex-CEO Peter Chou

HTC founder Cher Wang takes over as CEO

HTC founder Cher Wang is taking over as CEO, as the Taiwanese Android smartphone maker fights to revive its business.

lumia 430

Microsoft to release lowest-priced Lumia smartphone yet

Building on the launch earlier this year of two low-cost Lumia phones, Microsoft has taken the price down even further for its latest smartphone.

Samsung chip could bring 128GB storage to cheaper phones

Samsung's new 3-bit NAND-based Embedded MultiMediaCard could help bring 128GB capacity to less-expensive smartphones and tablets.

Sprint launches turnkey wired, wireless service

Sprint today announced a turnkey wired and wireless communicationsservice for SMBs that will cost $200 a month per worker.

apple iphone 6 6plus, Apple Watch

Why Apple may go its own way with wireless charging

Apple has filed several patents on wireless charging over the past 10 years, but hasn't added the feature to any of its devices. If it does so, the technology will likely be proprietary.

fire flames hot heat light flicker

Fujitsu's thin heat pipe could let smartphone chips run cooler

While it won't eliminate heat, this heat pipe could spread it out better and reduce extremes of temperature on the surface of smartphones

Apple opens iOS public beta, urges backup in case things go south

Apple yesterday launched a first-ever public beta for iOS, offering some iPhone and iPad users a chance to test iOS 8.3, a still-under-construction edition that has been in developers' hands for more than a month.

Snowden docs show CIA tried to defeat Apple device security

Researchers sponsored by the U.S. government have reportedly tried to defeat the encryption and security of Apple devices for years.

apple watch

Apple Watch: Apple’s new failure?

So many pundits just don't get it

legal gavel

Microsoft wants court to ban Kyocera's Android phones in the U.S.

Microsoft asked a federal court in Seattle to ban Kyocera's DuraForce, Hydro and Brigadier lines of phones, alleging they infringed on seven Microsoft patents.

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