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Court rules that 'pocket-dialed' calls aren't private

A federal appeals court in Ohio has ruled that a person who accidentally "pocket dials" someone shouldn't expect any overheard conversation to be considered private.

New Android Maps Your Timeline feature

huawei store

Higher-end phones help Huawei rake in the cash

Huawei Technologies' shift to selling high-end smartphones is paying off. The more expensive devices helped almost double the company's handset revenue in this year's first half.

the apple music tip every itunes match user needs

The Apple Music tip every iTunes Match user needs

How do I see the tracks I have downloaded to my device?

ZTE Axon

ZTE fights off low-end stereotype with high-end Axon phone

Chinese brands don't always command much attention in the U.S., so when ZTE teased its newest smartphone, the Axon, it initially didn't mention the company at all.

5G wirelesss technology

What if 5G launched and no one could afford it?

Based on some of the standards work under way, 5G could shape up to be an awfully expensive connectivity solution.

Microsoft COO Kevin Turner

Microsoft exec: Forget the past

In a revival tent-like speech Wednesday, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner urged the company's partners to forget the past -- an allusion to the failure of its smartphone business to gain meaningful share -- and defended the decision to keep...

are samsung shoppers really buying iphones instead

Are Samsung shoppers really buying iPhones instead?

Potential Samsung purchasers seem to prefer iPhones, new analysis claims

Satya Nadella Microsoft Lumia Windows Mobile Phone

Microsoft ''will'' make Lumia Windows phones. But how? (Nadella isn't clear)

The Microsoft Lumia and Windows Phone business is dead. Unless it isn't. Satya Nadella 'clarified' the strategy, but now there are more questions than answers...

the case for a successful byod strategy image.jpg

The bring-your-own-device fad is fading

U.S. companies are moving away from the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend that kicked off in earnest five years ago and had workers using their personal smartphones and tablets for work duties, according to a new study.

ZTE Axon

ZTE Axon: A new flagship for the prepaid market

ZTE is upping the ante with the Axon, a new high-end Android phone that comes with strong audio and visual features.

041515 microsoft windows 10 smartphone windows phone

Microsoft gives Windows phones one last shot

Microsoft will continue to make smartphones for its Windows 10 Mobile operating system, but the company has thrown in the towel on the devices strategy pursued by its former CEO and will probably give up entirely unless Windows 10...

Microsoft Lumia and Windows Phone are dead

Told ya so: Microsoft Lumia, Windows Phone are DEAD (also Snoopy)

Windows Phone is dead. Microsoft Lumia is dead. If you didn't already know this, you've not been paying attention. The writing's on the wall...

7 ios 9 features

7 freshly revealed iOS 9 improvements

Here are the latest new features you’ll find in iOS 9 as revealed within the latest (third) beta release.


Never mind Apple's curved devices — you can plunge your finger into a GHOST screen

A research group in Europe has created a way to make smartphone and computer screens malleable in order to render 3D objects. Makes all that fuss about Apple's forthcoming curved screens seem somewhat silly, doesn't it?

Microsoft writes off $7.6B, admits failure of Nokia acquisition

Microsoft today wrote off billions of dollars related to its Nokia acquisition, taking an "impairment charge" valued at nearly the full amount it paid for the Finnish firm's smartphone business and patents last year.

nadella microsoft

Update: Microsoft pulls back from phone business, announces 7,800 layoffs

Microsoft will write off the entire value of the smartphone business it acquired from Nokia.

legal gavel

New trial on damages ordered in Apple, Smartflash patent dispute

The court is concerned that the jury was not properly instructed

Affordable Android smartphones

6 affordable Android phones you'll actually enjoy using

Looking for a decent unlocked smartphone that doesn't cost too much? You'd be surprised what you can find.

gs6 tips galaxy s6 primary

Samsung's profit squeezed by Galaxy S6 shortage

Samsung Electronics expects to report lower-than-expected earnings later this month for the second quarter and blamed supply issues that hurt sales of its Galaxy S6 smartphone.

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