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Fairphone 2
Xiaomi offices in Beijing

mit bounce imaging 2 press

The long-awaited throwable camera is here, and guess who gets it first?

The police wanted a simple device that can be easily used in the field, which they are getting. But Bounce Imaging is also planning to option its stitch-imaging camera technology to other industries.

Windows Phone

What’s the future for Windows Phone?

Despite rumors that Microsoft is about to kill Windows Phone, some industry observers say that's unlikely for several reasons, especially the expected gains from the rollout of Windows 10, which will run on smartphones and other...

huawei honor smartphone

Huawei's Honor smartphone brand strives to become global

Huawei is building up a separate consumer brand that's been growing fast in China and hopes to take the world by storm.

iPhone 7 rumors iPhone 6s specs Apple, Inc.

RUMORS: Apple iPhone 6S specs: Force Touch (don't say iPhone 7 OK?)

Apple iPhone 6S specs rumors are a-swirlin'. But please don't call it the iPhone 7. Will the shiny force touch you?

apples force touch trackpa

Those Apple Force Touch iPhone rumors look credible

More complex apps, nested settings, more desktop real estate and more suggestions the late Steve Jobs will get his wish for a button-free iPhone.

OnePlus Two release date specifications virtual reality

OnePlus Two release date -- soon, post-reveal in virtual reality

The OnePlus Two release date looks like being in August or September. It's now confirmed that a virtual reality launch will be on July 27. Shut up, and take my money!

Microsoft Office for Android Phone

Microsoft Office for ANDROID phones: Yes! Download for free (kinda)

Want Microsoft Office on your Android smartphone? Well here you go. And it's absolutely free -- but with some paid features. Amazing...

5 reasons youre going to want apples next iphone

5 reasons you’re going to want Apple’s next iPhone

Apple's making huge investments in unique technologies for the next iPhone

02 galaxy s6 fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint sensors on their way to more smartphones

Fingerprint authentication will become more common on smartphones of all prices as sensors get cheaper, and Google's integration of the technology in the next version of Android will make it much easier for app developers and service...

galaxy s4

Samsung will plug security hole in Galaxy smartphones

Samsung will update the security software on its Galaxy smartphones to address a flaw that could let attackers access people's devices.

american justice courtroom gavel legal system law justice flag 000000804982

Samsung wants court to review damages in patent fight with Apple

Samsung Electronics has asked that a full bench of an appeals court review a damages award in a long-standing patent infringement dispute with rival Apple.

12 great ios 9 features you probably missed

12 great iOS 9 features you'll probably use

Here's a look at the coolest little-known iOS 9 features you can look forward to using come Fall.

Mobile device management illustration

Mobile management on the rise, but many companies still at risk

There's a lot of confusion, disruption and even turbulence in the market for enterprise mobility management software, which is used to manage smartphones and tablets and the data and apps running on them.

android apple ios

Google on Apple: The end is near

In the wake of announcements at Apple WWDC last week, and at Google I/O last month, it's clear that the days of using Google services on Apple hardware are numbered. Soon we'll be forced to choose between all-Google or all-Apple.

061215 blackberry

Android on a BlackBerry slider smartphone idea gets mixed reviews

BlackBerry may run the Android operating system on a slider smartphone coming this fall, according to unnamed sources in a Reuters report.

Asus Jonney Shih and tablet

Asus chairman leaves door open to looking at HTC acquisition

A deal for Taiwanese PC maker Asustek Computer to buy struggling phone-maker HTC makes sense to some, and Asus's chairman said he wouldn't rule it out.

lg g4

LG G4 review: A fine, but not exceptional, phone

The U.S. model of LG's latest Android flagship, the LG G4, has plenty of good qualities, but it doesn't quite make it into the realm of exceptional smartphones.

android apple ios

Apple to court Android defectors with switcher's app

Apple did not trumpet it earlier this week during the keynote address kicking off its Worldwide Developers Conference, but the company will release an Android-to-iOS migration app alongside iOS 9 this fall.

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