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6+ iOS 8 mistakes that make you look dumb

These common iOS mistakes make you look dumb, so here's how to avoid them.

Apple shutters Russian online store as ruble plummets

Apple's online store for Russian customers was offline all day Tuesday after the U.S. company shut down the mart because of the ruble's plunge.

t mobile ceo john legere

T-Mobile’s new Data Stash plan doesn’t let workers share data

T-Mobile today unveiled a monthly data rollover plan for consumers and business customers called "Data Stash," but the plan still won't allow workers to share their data with others in a work group.

Android Power Favorite Things

Android Power's 3 favorite things for December 2014

From a fresh take on the home screen to an inexpensive accessory that makes your phone more secure, this month's picks are oozing with Android-flavored awesomeness.

Apple, Xiaomi win big as Samsung's smartphone struggles continue

A successful iPhone 6 launch in the U.S. helped Apple increase its share of the smartphone market in the third quarter, but nemesis Samsung Electronics struggled, with upstart Chinese manufacturers nipping at its heels and growing...

apple samsung sketch

Apple v. Samsung and the road to patent sanity

Apple’s attempt to grab all of Samsung’s profits highlights the need for major reform.

Xiaomi offices in Beijing

Patent battles risk disrupting Xiaomi's international growth

Xiaomi has halted product sales in India due to a patent dispute.

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Canada's Competition Bureau probes Apple over iPhone contracts

A Canadian competition authority is probing allegations that Apple tried to stifle competition with its iPhone contracts with wireless carriers.

Best Android Phones

The best Android phones you can buy right now

So many Android phones -- so which one should you buy? Some real-world recommendations from someone who's lived with 'em all.

gadget worship

In gadget we trust

The allegiance that some of us have for certain operating systems, gadgets and programs can seem like religious fervor. There might be a reason this is so.

panasonic led phone data

Panasonic LED signs beam data to phones 5 meters away

Panasonic has developed LCD signs that can beam ID codes linked to ads and other information to smartphone cameras that are 5 meters or more away.


Sprint pleased by early response to its half-off deal

Six days into its new "Cut Your Bill in Half" offer, Sprint was enthusiastic about the offer's early reaction from new customers, but didn't offer any details.

im a born again fell walker and apple is to blame

I'm a born again fell walker, and Apple is to blame

One day while struggling with deadlines I noticed I'd walked only 2,500 steps. That's when things began to change.

four professionals looking at mobile devices

Users will soon opt first for smartphones and tablets, not laptops and PCs

There’s a persistent debate going on in the IT industry over whether smartphones and tablets will replace laptops and desktops in coming years, especially in the workplace.

so whats happening with apples ibeacon tech

So, what's happening with Apple's iBeacon tech?

Apple's iBeacon solution is proliferating much faster than realized as the company sets the foundations for its next retail revolution.

yotaphone 2

YotaPhone 2: Are two displays better than one?

The YotaPhone 2 offers users both an LCD screen and an e-ink screen -- along with a hefty price.

Lumia 535 with cover

In battle for sub-$200 smartphones, buyers will be winners in 2015

If you plan to buy a cheap smartphone next year expect to get LTE, an HD screen and a good-looking device, as competing manufacturers and chip vendors lower prices.

susan kare

8 cool toys for Apple users

I keep coming across innovative solutions I want to write more about, so here's the latest collection.

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