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xiaomi mi 4i
winged flying iphone 6

lg g4

LG out to prove the G3 wasn't a fluke with new flagship smartphone

The success of LG Electronics' G3 has put the company under pressure to dazzle the market with the G4, set to debut Tuesday.

alcatel onetouch idol 3

OneTouch Idol 3 review: How good can a $250 smartphone be?

With its biometric eye-scanning and reversible body, Alcatel's OneTouch Idol 3 is definitely not your typical budget-level device.

Microsoft hints at impending write-off of Nokia acquisition that could total billions

Microsoft has signaled that it may take a massive write-off of its 2013 Nokia acquisition, perhaps as early as July.

Nokia mobile rumor

Nokia decidedly, definitely, emphatically denies a return to mobiles (FOR NOW)

Disregard it all, so sayeth Nokia. Disregard any report, rumor, blog post, forum thread, random headline, palm reading, or star charts claiming...

xiaomi mi 4i

Xiaomi Mi 4i combines impressive specs with a $200 price tag

Xiaomi is hoping the well-equipped Mi 4i will help the company grab a larger smartphone market share, but it's still holding off entering the U.S. and Europe.

01 samsung galaxy s6 edge2

Samsung confirms screen-rotation problem with some Galaxy S6 Edge phones

Samsung acknowledged late Tuesday a screen rotation problem on a "very limited" number of Galaxy S6 Edge devices, which went on sale April 10.

How I Use Android: Jean-Baptiste Queru

How I use Android: Open source superstar Jean-Baptiste Quéru (JBQ)

The former lead of Google's Android Open Source Project opens up about what apps and devices he adores and how his personal home screen setup helps him stay productive.

Qualcomm plans to fast-track Snapdragon 820 with help from Samsung

A plan by Qualcomm to get Samsung Electronics to make its Snapdragon 820 chip could lead to faster smartphones, offering longer battery life by early next year.

galaxys6edge 8802

Samsung expects 70M Galaxy S6 and Edge phones to be sold

Samsung says the first week of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge sales was "impressive" and predicted overall sales for both devices will pass 70 million globally.


Nokia wants back into the mobile phone business?

Although Nokia sold off its mobile phone business to Microsoft last fall, one of Nokia's remaining business units is eyeing a return to the consumer mobile phone market next year.

sony xperia z4

Xperia Z4 reflects Sony's timidity in smartphones

Sony's decision to launch its new high-end smartphone, the Xperia Z4, only in Japan, shows its hesitancy about this market and raises questions about its commitment to it.

apples iphone 7 rumors really are the best yet

Apple’s iPhone 7 rumors really are the best yet

Faster, more powerful, and more capable than before, the thinner, lighter, tougher "iPhone 7" rumors that are making the rounds should make Apple fans happy.


Inside Apple's future iPhone camera

Apple just bought a startup that makes revolutionary new smartphone camera technology. You won't believe your eyes.

Sony introduces new flagship Xperia Z4 smartphone

Sony's new flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z4, will ship in summer in the Japanese market.

Galaxy S6 Edge onboard diagnostic test

Some new Samsung Edge smartphone displays won’t auto-rotate

Some new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone displays won't auto-rotate properly, according to early customers on user forums.

findmyphone android

Where did I leave my Android phone? Google it

Wish there was a way to easily find your smartphone when you've dropped it under a sofa cushion or the dog ran off with it? If you have an Android-based phone, Google may be able to help.

sharp 4k smatphone display

Sharp develops 4K smartphone display

Sharp has developed a 5.5-inch display with 3860 x 2160 pixel resolution, which is equivalent to "ultra high definition," also known as 4K.


5 features to get you started with your new Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung's new flagship comes bundled with a heaping of new software features, including an improved fingerprint scanner, Themes, and more.

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