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warning the mythical ipad pro may replace the enterprise pc
this cable is way more exciting than that secret apple watch port

031615 wi fi 1

New Gigabit Wi-Fi access points target SMBs

Cisco, D-Link, Edimax deliver impressive speeds, solid management tools

031615 wi fi 1

Review: Gigabit Wi-Fi access points for SMBs

This time around, we’re testing three new entrants to Gigabit Wi-Fi access point market. Cisco, D-Link and Edimax deliver impressive speeds, solid management tools.

How hard can it be?

After three decades as a IT consultant, this pilot leaves his long-time employer to start his own company -- and discovers just what kind of client behavior he's been shielded from for all those years.

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CheckPoint, Watchguard earn top spots in UTM shootout

Unified threat management appliances for SMB security are getting smaller, more powerful and more feature rich.

Not the house call he had in mind

This pilot fish mostly supports small businesses, but he also does occasional house calls for users who need it -- and this one's not the usual computer-and-printer problem.

SMBs get their very own Salesforce app store

A data integation feature will allow users to add customer information stored in the apps to their portal.

Kansas City, Missouri

Google Fiber opens to small businesses in Kansas City area


apple eats microsoft in the mobile enterprise

Apple is still eating Microsoft in the mobile enterprise

Apple's enterprise success story lays strong foundations for consolidation as smartphone sector enters next stage.

apple owns the mobile enterprise

At this rate, Apple's gonna own the mobile enterprise

Apple's success in enterprise markets for so long closed to it reflects the damage complacency did to those who previously dominated the enterprise IT space.

Lightning? That's the least of their problems

This consultant pilot fish is called in by a new client -- a banquet hall -- to clean up wireless network problems after a lighting storm. But what he finds is a much bigger mess.

Now, SPENDING money -- that's an issue

Pilot fish takes a job as the solo IT guy at this small company. His mandate: Get things working right -- and money isn't an issue. "Management knew their systems had lots of major issues that needed to be remedied," says fish. "I...

Identity crisis

This small company's bookkeeper has inherited her job -- and her PC, and most of her contacts -- from a predecessor who was well known along the company's supply chain, according to a pilot fish on the scene. "The predecessor,...

Apple's slice of the enterprise market has doubled in three years

Those Windows XP boxes may still be whirring away in the forgotten corners, but Apple's slice of the enterprise market has doubled across the last three years, JAMF Software will reveal in a report to be published...

Really, you just can't ever have too many backups

Flashback a few decades, to the days when this consultant pilot fish has written a reservation system for a company that runs charter tours -- and it's about to become obsolete. "I had developed the airline, hotel and trip options...

Good thing we snuck that in last night, huh?

IT pilot fish gets one of his first assignments as a consultant: Do an after-hours installation of a new firewall for an important client. "I showed up with the firewall in hand and met the owner," says fish. "He took me to...

Turns out net 30 is the same old net 30 after all

It's the 1990s, and this pilot fish is the IT director for an Internet service provider. "I often needed to order new desktop equipment for tech support, operations and others," fish says. "We had a good relationship with an...

Never mind the manual, read the @#$%! neon sign!

The small computer repair shop run by this pilot fish is open for a few hours each Saturday, mainly for customers who can't make it in during the work week. "Like most stores, we have our business hours listed on a sign on the...

Maybe an expert witness is just not what you want

Flashback to the 1980s, when this pilot fish works for a small family-operated tour company and is responsible for its minicomputer-based IT operations. "In 1988, I moved to another state to go to graduate school," says fish. "My...

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