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Dell expands stable of ARM server prototypes, but is not shipping products yet

Dell, not typically an early adopter of server technology, is experimenting with systems based on ARM architecture while rival Hewlett-Packard has jumped ahead.

Redfish spec wiggles servers free from vendor lock-in

A coalition of equipment providers have joined to develop a new specification for controlling servers over the network, promising to eliminate data center vendor lock-in.

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IBM pumping more horsepower into Watson successors

IBM is adopting a new interconnect and making memory improvements for new Power servers due in 2016.

After a long road to the server market, ARM CEO Segars looks ahead

At TechCon this week, ARM will celebrate and show off hard-won successes.

Cisco and Netgear line up behind new Helix 64-bit ARM chips

AppliedMicro is looking to disrupt the embedded chip market with the new system-on-a-chip.

Lenovo set to close deal on IBM's x86 server business

Nine months after it was first announced, Lenovo's acquisition of IBM's x86 server business is headed toward closing.

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Review: Dell's 13G PowerEdge R730xd, a workhorse server with a kick

Hardware improvements, rich storage options, and plenty of room for expansion add up to a very fast, flexible 2U workhorse

Dense server battle to heat up with Intel's Xeon D

Intel is putting more weight in the server space with a new Xeon D family of chips, due out in systems in 2015.

How Intel plans to find its way in smartphones

Smartphone success has eluded Intel for years, but the company's CEO hopes to reverse its fortunes by drawing lessons from an aggressive strategy that made it a major player in the tablet market.

Intel's Skylake chips set for PCs and tablets next year

Intel showed off the first PC containing a next-generation chip based on the upcoming Skylake architecture, set to be in PCs and tablets in the second half of next year.

Lenovo, IBM x86 server strategy gets clarity as acquisition looms

With Lenovo expected to close its IBM x86 server business acquisition by year end, a glimpse at the combined server product line has emerged.

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Beefier servers pack more storage, DDR4 memory

Chasing the latest data center trends, top server makers have made storage and memory capacity a priority in their new servers.

Intel's E5 2600 v3 processor

Intel looks to modernize data centers with new Xeon server chips

Intel has designed its latest server chips to provide the building blocks to modernize "legacy data centers" by providing more processing cores, throughput and power-saving features.

Nvidia sues Samsung and Qualcomm, wants to block Galaxy sales

Nvidia has sued Samsung and Qualcomm for allegedly infringing seven of its patents related to GPUs.

Google offers to accelerate Web servers with software

Web server administrators who want to trim bandwidth costs and speed up the delivery of Web pages should take a look at Google's PageSpeed, which is designed to automate a number of techniques used to compress content.

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Google to build quantum-computing processors

Google has partnered with scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara to build new processors that can be used in quantum computing systems.

First mobile device with MIPS 64-bit processor coming in 2016

The Warrior i6400 chip will support Android 64-bit operating systems starting with the L release

AMD's new eight-core FX chips are based on aging Piledriver architecture

Advanced Micro Devices is targeting mid-range desktops with its latest high-end FX chips based on the Piledriver architecture.

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Intel is shipping its fastest PC processor yet

Intel is now shipping the Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition chip, its fastest PC processor to date and its first with eight cores.

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Server sales have turned a corner

Intel's Grantley Xeon chip and the end of support for Windows Server 2003 should keep server makers busy for a while

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