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Oracle preps 'Sonoma' chip for low-priced Sparc servers

Oracle will disclose the new chip at an engineering conference this month.

hp machine prototype

Prototype of HP's futuristic 'Machine' coming next year

The prototype will use DRAM, however, not the memristors eventually envisioned

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Server sales bolstered by cloud expansions

Both revenue and unit shipments showed strong growth during the first three months of the year.

HP's profit slips 21% as services business stumbles

The company says its on track to divide into two companies in November.

Intel looks to boost server chips with ASIC integration

Intel is expanding its custom server chip program by integrating a special processing unit that could speed up specific apps in cloud environments.

IBM's flexible Power servers can take on cloud, databases

IBM is building slimmer versions of its Power hardware to run complex database applications as well as simpler Web-based ones.

AMD finds renewed faith in x86 for servers

AMD is re-centering its server strategy around the x86 after two years of focusing on ARM produced no results.

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AMD's Zen chips to square off against Intel's Skylake next year

AMD shares details of high-performance FX and mobile A-series chips due in 2016.

Speedy servers with Intel's 18-core chips, DDR4 memory hit the market

Hardware makers are providing the building blocks for databases, ERP and analytics apps to run faster in data centers.

Intel's Xeon E7 v3 chip

Intel's 18-core Xeon chips tuned for machine learning, analytics

Intel believes the future is bright for powerful big-iron servers, thanks to companies' embrace of machine learning, which requires a lot of horsepower.

IBM's new Power Systems servers are just made for SAP Hana

SAP and IBM share a long history that dates back to the very roots of SAP; on Monday that allegiance got a little closer.

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Huawei eyes U.S. enterprise market despite political challenges

Huawei hopes it can attract U.S. customers to its enterprise products, which include servers, storage and IT services.

Qualcomm plans to fast-track Snapdragon 820 with help from Samsung

A plan by Qualcomm to get Samsung Electronics to make its Snapdragon 820 chip could lead to faster smartphones, offering longer battery life by early next year.

Update: AMD withdraws from high-density server business

AMD has pulled out of the market for high-density servers, reversing a strategy it embarked on three years ago.

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Intel sales sag as PC sales slowdown drags on

The slower PC market has hit Intel's financial results.

Environmentally-friendly, energy-saving monitor

It's a server! No, it's a radiator!

Cloud computation will be used to heat Dutch living rooms in the coming year.

cloud enterprise

HP boxes up the cloud for the enterprise

Enterprises that want to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing but still prefer to keep computational resources in-house should take a look at a new cloud system offered by Hewlett-Packard. A preconfigured package of hardware...

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IBM's OpenPower project makes strides with first commercial server

An IBM project to expand the market for its Power processor is making headway, with new hardware announced that aims to challenge Intel's dominance in the data center.

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