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ACLU wants NSA phone dragnet killed

Congress should kill the section of the Patriot Act that lets the National Security Agency collect millions of phone records from the nation's residents, according to a civil liberties advocate.

Antivirus test labs call out Chinese security company as cheat

Chinese antivirus firm Qihoo 360 Technology today was censured by three major testing organizations for cheating on the evaluations.

Facebook change will give you control over data sharing with apps

Users are getting greater choice over what information is shared with websites and apps when they log in using their Facebook ID.

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The realities of security crash into the realities of business

Non-IT C-levels love absolutes on security. They want to know that if they approve those 50 more security staff and $200 million in additional equipment and software, breaches can be blocked. IT knows that it's a silly question, that...

Grooveshark has been shut down

Grooveshark bites the big one

Music streaming service Grooveshark has just shuttered its doors, never to open again. Today, all that remains is a contrite...

House panel OKs bill to end NSA phone records program

Now the bill goes to the House floor for a vote

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Google as your mom: New Chrome add-on nags about password reuse habit

Google released a free Chrome extension that preempts users from entering their Google account password into bogus websites and hampers the bad habit of reusing credentials.

RSA President Amit Yoran

RSA president questions government role in cybersecurity

RSA President Amit Yoran is skeptical that a stronger government role in cyberdefense will slow the growing number of attacks.

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Lawmakers criticize FBI's request for encryption back doors

U.S. lawmakers are skeptical of an FBI request for Congress to mandate encryption workarounds in smartphones, with critics saying Wednesday that back doors would create new vulnerabilities that bad guys can exploit.

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Secret, an app for anonymous posts, shuts down

Secret, an app for anonymous posts that initially attracted buzz but drew criticism after a redesign, is shutting down.

Flight plan app on iPad

What third-party app crashed American Airlines pilots' iPads and caused flight delays?

About two dozen American Airlines flights were delayed after a faulty third-party app glitched out and crashed pilots' iPads. But what app caused it and why? Could a compatibility issue with iOS 8.3 and a navigation app crash an iPad?...

Flaw in Realtek SDK for wireless chipsets exposes routers to hacking

The software that controls wireless networking chipsets made by Realtek Semiconductor contains a critical flaw that could allow attackers to compromise home routers.

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Malware remodeled: New tricks, new suits slamming enterprise resources

Time to beef up layered approaches to stop the new malware hoards at the door.

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Bipartisan bill to rein in NSA phone data collection reintroduced

A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers has reintroduced legislation aimed at ending the National Security Agency's bulk collection of telephone records across the country.

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SendGrid resets passwords as investigation reveals deeper breach

SendGrid is resetting the passwords for all of its customers after an investigation showed a cyberattack it sustained earlier this month was more extensive than first realized.

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Reading between the lines -- Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report

The annual Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report is one of the most comprehensive reports on the state of information security available today. Here are the findings that are important to most businesses, and suggested...

lenovo superfish how to remove

Lenovo ships free OS recovery media for Superfish-affected laptops

Lenovo in February admitted to preloading Superfish on some consumer notebooks Now the company has taken steps so the dangerous adware doesn't reappear when users reinstall Windows.


Security extortion? When legit disclosure morphs into a shakedown

The essence of security is not trusting that people will do the right thing. Firewalls, deadbolts and armed guards exist to slow down or stop bad guys, not to encourage good acts from good guys. With that in mind, let's look at how...

Raven II surgical robot in Ender's Game

Researchers hijack teleoperated surgical robot: Remote surgery hacking threats

Security researchers launched cyberattacks against a teleoperated surgical robot; they easily hijacked the Raven II robot during surgery and launched a denial-of-service attack that stopped the robot and made it impossible for a...

And people say IT security slows users down

This big company has a huge campus, with shuttle buses get get people between buildings -- and a facilities department that wants to tighten up security.

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