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The Hacking Team became the Hacked Team
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Cisco leaves its Unified CDM software open to hackers

Cisco Systems recently realized that its Unified Communications Domain Manager (Unified CDM) software contains a default privileged account with a static password that cannot be changed, exposing the platform to hacking by remote...

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Spotting vulnerabilities takes many eyes

Traditional vulnerability management doesn’t always catch security issues. That’s why you need input from as many sources as possible.

Donald Trump

Will Trump cyberattack actually be good for security?

I've often heard techies say they wish politics could stay out of IT, but it looks like IT has found its way into politics this year. Hotels owned by Donald Trump, the Republican candidate currently polling No. 2 in a field of 14...

DEA agent pleads guilty to accepting Silk Road funds

A Drug Enforcement Administration agent intimately involved in the Silk Road investigation admitted that he secretly accepted bitcoins from the underground website's operator and illegally took other funds.

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Hacktivist group may have compromised hundreds of websites

A hacker group known as Team GhostShell is publishing snippets of sensitive data allegedly stolen from the databases of hundreds of compromised websites.

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Team GhostShell hacktivists dump data from US universities and hundreds of sites

The hacker group GhostShell is back, claiming to have access to billions of accounts, trillions of records, hacking sites and dumping data to show that governments, educational institutions and other sites still have shoddy...

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ACLU to fight FISA court's OK to NSA bulk data collection

Thought that bulk metadata collection had been quashed? Think again: FISC instructs NSA to carry on regardless. IN FRENCH. But the ACLU ain't impressed...

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China tightens grip over the Internet with new security law

U.S. trade groups are worried that China's security policies could stifle business in the country

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FBI alert details malware tied to the OPM and Anthem attacks

The FBI has released information about the malware used in the breach at the Office of Personnel Management. It turns out that the malware also has ties to the earlier Anthem hack.

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Surveillance court extends NSA's phone records collection

The program was extended for five months as it winds down.

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8 backup and security tips for frequent fliers

Do your data security plans include recovery contingencies for when you’re traveling?

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The one-minute security manager

Many organizations today do not feel that they can afford to have a dedicated information security manager or analyst. If not just ignored, this responsibility often falls to an existing staff member with other responsibilities. ...

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Which industries best safeguard your personal information? Security perceptions vs. reality

When it comes to your personal information, which industries do you trust most, or least, with your data? How do some of the recent, highly publicized breaches affect your opinion in terms of which industries are most vulnerable, and...

Agencies need to pay more attention to supply chain security

Government agencies seeking the lowest bidders typically overlook cybersecurity when awarding contracts, and data breaches are the result.

Extreme Hacks to Be Paranoid About

10 terrifying extreme hacks

Truly innovative or thought-provoking hacks are few and far between, but these extreme hacks have earned the grudging respect of security experts.

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US personnel agency takes system offline after security flaw detected

Problems for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management aren't letting up. The government agency said Monday it had suspended a system used for background checks after a security flaw was discovered in the Web-based app.

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IoT is the password killer we've been waiting for

IoT, with its tiny screens and headless devices, will drive an authentication revolution. It's a short leap from the kind of two-factor authentication used on the Apple Watch to proximity-based authentication that does away with any...


6 reasons why there will be another OPM-style hack

Congress might fume about the security failures, but the truth is that it’s part of the problem.

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