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US rejects N. Korea offer to investigate Sony hack, reaches out to China

The U.S. government has rejected North Korea's proposal for a joint investigation of a devastating hack on Sony Pictures, and has reached out to China for help blocking future cyberattacks.

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Judge questions evidence on whether NSA spying is too broad

A federal judge on Friday questioned the strength of a key lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the government's Internet surveillance program known as "upstream" data collection.

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Staples says hack may have compromised 1 million-plus payment cards

The data breach at the Staples office-supply chain may have affected roughly 1.16 million payment cards as criminals deployed malware to point-of-sale systems at 115 stores, the company said.

DPRK parody account on Twitter

Twitter parody of North Korea's mouthpiece not afraid to crow over Sony's capitulation

A Twitter account that parodies pronouncements from North Korea's DPRK News Service is gaining followers with its spot-on tweets.

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After FBI blames North Korea for Sony attack, now what?

More important than arguing over who attacked Sony Pictures is what companies do in response to the breach.

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We can learn from the Sony hack

The greatest mistake would be to sit on any information Sony learns about how it was breached.

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Why <i>The Interview</i> won’t play in Peoria — for now

The decision to shelve the dictator-assassination comedy has more to do with a bad business model than with terrorist fears.

Trojan program based on ZeuS targets 150 banks, can hijack webcams

The new Chthonic Trojan borrows features from ZeuS and several of its spinoffs, researchers said

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FBI concludes North Korea was 'responsible' for Sony hack

North Korea was responsible for the devastating cyberattack on Sony Pictures, the FBI said Friday.

Here's what we know about North Korea's cyberarmy

The attack on Sony Pictures has put North Korea's cyberwarfare program in the spotlight. Here's what we know about it.

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Think North Korea hacked Sony? Think about this

North Korea or not? There's still a lot we don't know about the attack on Sony Pictures and those behind it.

Critical vulnerability in Git clients puts developers at risk

A critical vulnerability in client software used to interact with Git, a distributed revision control system for managing source code repositories, allows attackers to execute rogue commands on computers used by developers.

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The 'grinch' isn't a Linux vulnerability, Red Hat says

The "grinch" Linux vulnerability cited by Alert Logic on Tuesday isn't a vulnerability at all, Red Hat says.

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Driver’s license app on a smartphone raises privacy issues

Iowa is poised to become the first state to offer a mobile app as an official driver’s license that can be displayed to police officers and security personnel, but smartphones hold a lot more data than a plastic card.

The Sony breach may be start of new nation-state cyberattack

It has been an exceptional year for IT security breaches and part of an escalating trend in destructive attacks, and it's going to get worse.

Point-of-sale malware creators still in business with Spark

The Spark malware program steals payment card data from compromised point-of-sale (POS) systems and is likely a modification of the older Trojan called Alina.

Travel safely with your tech: How to prevent theft, loss and snooping on the road

All your pricey electronics are juicy targets for hackers and sticky-fingered thieves. Here's how to reduce your risks while traveling.

Why we love decentralized IT

This bank tracks deposits and loans with a widely used and well-supported application, and it has always worked fine -- even though it's administered by the Deposit Operations department, not IT -- until now.

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