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Man-in-the-middle attack on Chinese iCloud users

Chinese Big Brother launches nationwide attack on iCloud

Since the iPhone 6 launched in China, Chinese authorities have been staging a man-in-the-middle attack, via a self-signed digital certificate, so when Chinese users connect to, they are instead redirected to a spoofed...

Researcher creates proof-of-concept worm for network-attached storage devices

Network-attached storage (NAS) devices are riddled with vulnerabilities that can put the security of sensitive data and networks at risk, a researcher has found. To prove his point, he has created a proof-of-concept worm that can...

Telco Systems lays groundwork for fewer management worries with virtual routers, firewalls

The company's platform lets service providers offer virtual router and firewalls

dropbox phishing

Dropbox used for convincing phishing attack

Dropbox's file storage service was used for a tricky phishing attack, although the service was quick to shut down it down, according to Symantec.

12 surprising ways personal technology betrays your privacy

It's not just your boss or the government that's spying on you, it's also the devices and technologies you embrace.

Obama orders chip-and-PIN for government credit cards

President Barack Obama issued an executive order Friday to have secure chip-and-PIN technology embedded in government-issued credit and debit cards as part of an effort to stem payment data breaches.

anonabox inline21

Kickstarter suspends Anonabox Tor router project

After days of critical scrutiny on social media networks, the wireless router that was supposedly a custom-built Tor privacy engine has been suspended by Kickstarter after raising nearly $600,000 in only a few days.

Apple logo, patched up

Apple patches OS X to protect against POODLE

Apple has issued a security update for OS X Mavericks and Mountain Lion meant to protect Macs against possible POODLE attacks.

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Once the FBI has a back door into your smartphone, everyone does

FBI director James Comey believes tech companies should be forced to insert back doors to bypass encryption on smartphones. But experts say once that happens, security is moot and anyone can breach your privacy.

RFD attack on Google

New Web flaw enables powerful social engineering attacks

A new type of Web vulnerability can trick users into downloading malicious executable files that are not actually hosted where they appear to be.

Technique allows attackers to hide Android malware in images

A new technique that allows attackers to hide encrypted malicious Android applications inside images could be used to evade detection by antivirus products and possibly Google Play's own malware scanner.

google privacy

Six browser plug-ins that protect your privacy

Privacy is a real concern for users these days. We review six browser plug-ins that offer privacy protection -- and a way to avoid ads.

Mobile phone data privacy.

Anonymous sharing app Whisper under a cloud about user location data

Anonymous sharing app Whisper has come under scrutiny after a newspaper reported it has been tracking the location of its users, including those who asked not to be followed.

Invincea screenshot

Hackers strike defense companies through real-time ad bidding

Hackers have embraced a major change in how online ads are sold and are now using advanced ad-targeting capabilities to precisely deliver malware.

Drupal releases patch for serious SQL injection flaw

Drupal has released a patch for a highly critical flaw in its content management system that could allow rogue code to run.


FBI director calls for greater police access to communications

Apple and Google should reconsider plans to enable encryption by default on their smartphones, and the U.S. Congress should pass a law requiring that all communication tools allow police access to user data, FBI Director James Comey...

CleanMyDrive app

Got a Mac? Prevent OPSEC leakage by cleaning hidden OS X files from USB drives

If you plug a USB drive into OS X and use the Finder app to browse and change sort order, then you may have an OPSEC problem. Apple knows about the issue, and came up with a work around starting with OS X Tiger; but while Apple...

Fish meets phish. Guess who wins?

This university's IT department regularly sends out warnings about scammers and phishing, since some students and faculty fall prey every semester. But not everyone gets the idea.

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