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Hackers exploit router flaws in unusual pharming attack

An email-based attack spotted in Brazil recently exploited security flaws in home routers to allow hackers to change DNS settings.


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EPIC files FTC complaint about Samsung's Smart TV 'surveillance'

A complaint filed by a privacy group to the FTC argues that Samsung's Smart TVs intercept and record private communications of consumers in their homes, violating a number of rules including the Children's Online Privacy Protection...


Sen. Nelson questions use of StingRays for phone surveillance

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson is asking the FCC about the certification process for a device law enforcement is using to track suspects without first getting a court order.

Lenovo site hack

Lenovo website hacked in wake of Superfish debacle

Lenovo's website appeared to have been hacked Wednesday, possibly in retaliation for a piece of adware it installed on PCs that was found to have opened up a security hole. Early Wednesday afternoon Pacific time, some visitors...


Lenovo's brand 'buzz' score takes hit after Superfish crapware flap

Lenovo's "brand buzz" rating fell by half after reports surfaced that it had pre-loaded hacker-vulnerable adware onto consumer PCs, a brand quality measurement firm said today.

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Google scrubs Pwnium hack contest

Google has shut down its annual Pwnium hacking contest, which it has held alongside the better-known Pwn2Own challenge each spring since 2012.


Facebook fixed 61 high-severity flaws in'14 through its bug bounty program

Facebook confirmed and fixed 61 high-severity vulnerabilities last year after the flaws were reported via its bug bounty program.

Gemalto now says spies didn't get mobile phone encryption keys

SIM card maker Gemalto has dismissed recent reports that U.K. and U.S. spies obtained encryption keys protecting millions of mobile phones.

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Anthem now says 78.8M were affected by breach

The Anthem data breach may have exposed 78.8 million records, according to a more finely tuned estimate by the health insurance company, which is still investigating.

Feds offer $3M reward for Gameover Zeus botnet suspect

Two U.S. government agencies are offering a $3 million reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction of a Russian man suspected serving as an administrator for the destructive Gameover Zeus botnet.

Reddit bans nude photos, adult videos posted without consent

Reddit is going against its laissez-faire philosophy and moving to restrict an abusive form of sexual content.

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More lawyers swoop down on Lenovo, Superfish with class-action lawsuits in hand

Lenovo and adware maker Superfish came under more legal fire as two new lawsuits were filed in federal courts taking the firms to task for putting consumers at risk of hacker spying and information theft.

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Critical remote code execution flaw patched in Samba

Security researchers are urging users to install new Samba security updates in order to address a critical vulnerability that allows attackers to execute arbitrary code with root privileges.

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There's no free lunch: Lenovo and Superfish

A commentary concerning Lenovo and Superfish adware.

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Many attackers lurk undetected for months, then pounce

Attackers who penetrate company networks often pose as legitimate users for long periods of time, causing lengthy delays before victims figure out they've been hacked.

Google to curb sharing of adult content on Blogger

Google will restrict from next month the public sharing of adult content on its Blogger platform.


NSA director wants gov't access to encrypted communications

It probably comes as no surprise that the director of the National Security Agency wants access to encrypted data on computers and other devices. The U.S. should be able to craft a policy that allows the NSA and law enforcement...

Chrome 40 alert

Chrome warns users of devious software that could impact Google's business

Google has added an early warning alert to Chrome that pops up when users try to access a website that could try to dupe users into downloading underhanded software.

Burning Man 2014 Burning Embrace

200 virtual line jumpers exploited 'technical backdoor' to score Burning Man tickets

Nearly 80,000 people were waiting in a virtual line queue to purchase 40,000 Burning Man 2015 tickets. About 200 techies allegedly 'exploited' a backdoor in the ticketing system to cut in front of other Burners in line and buy the...

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