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Critical XSS flaws patched in WordPress and popular plug-in

New security updates for the WordPress content management system and one of its popular plug-ins fix cross-site scripting vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to take control of sites.

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Russians easily 'hack' webcams, like others have for YEARS

Webcam hacking is in the news -- and it's bad stuff. But...haven't people been circumventing webcam security using default passwords for years now? How too could anyone forget, recent news about the NSA hacking webcams?

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NSA chief worries most about cyberattacks on industrial systems

Hackers are targeting critical U.S. infrastructure, making defense of those networks a top priority, NSA chief Admiral Mike Rogers said Thursday.

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Governments hit back against webcam-snooping websites

Government officials in the U.S. and the UK are warning people to secure their webcams after sites that broadcast the contents of those cameras sprung up online.

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Uber to rethink privacy policies amid backlash

Reeling from a public outcry over alleged data abuses, Uber is now working with a Washington, D.C. law firm to reassess its privacy policies.

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NSA director: No changes in telephone record collection coming

The U.S. National Security Agency is planning no major changes in its domestic telephone records collection program after a bill to rein in those efforts failed in the Senate this week, the agency's director said.

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Attackers use Citadel malware to target password management apps

Attackers are using the Citadel Trojan program to steal master passwords for password management applications and other authentication programs.

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Doxxing defense: Remove your personal info from data brokers

Don't want your home address or other personal info published to the world? This weekend, take an hour or two to make yourself a less visible target.

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Intel and Europol team up to fight cybercrime

Intel's McAfee security branch and European law enforcement will exchange technical information and non-operational data related to cybercrime.

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Android botnet could pose threat to corporate networks

An Android Trojan program that's behind one of the longest running multipurpose mobile botnets has been updated to become stealthier and more resilient.

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Facebook's privacy blunders may trip up potential enterprise push

If Facebook launches a social network for the workplace, CIOs will have to decide whether they can get past the company's history of privacy issues.

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This is how Google handles 'right to be forgotten' requests

Google is employing a team of lawyers, engineers and paralegals who have so far evaluated more than half a million URLs European citizens want delisted from search results.


Anonymous wages cyberwar on the KKK with #OpKKK & #HoodsOff

Anonymous has been waging cyberwar on the KKK after the hate group said it would use 'lethal force' on Ferguson protesters. The KKK threatened to shoot anyone wearing a Guy Fawkes (Anonymous) mask. The FBI warned there will likely be...

Apple Pay’s security pros and cons

Taking credit card numbers out of transactions is a helpful step that could alleviate the risk of giant data breaches, but that doesn’t mean the bad guys are going to give up and become accountants.


Net admin pilot fish is a contractor in a large federal agency, and with several sites to keep track of, he needs the right tool for the job. But Information Security has a different idea.

national security agency headquarters fort meade maryland

Senate fails to pass NSA reform bill

The U.S. Senate has voted down a bill that would rein in the National Security Agency's bulk collection of telephone records within the country, possibly killing any NSA reforms until next year.

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Apple, Microsoft, Google and others join push against government spying

Ten top tech companies have signed onto an open letter backing legislation that would prevent the bulk collection of Internet metadata by government agencies.

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EFF, Mozilla back new authority that will offer free SSL certificates

A new organization supported by Mozilla, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and others is working to set up a new certificate authority that will provide website owners with free SSL/TLS certificates.

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