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North Korea blames U.S. for Internet blackouts, calls Obama 'monkey'

North Korea on Saturday blamed the U.S. for its nine-and-a-half-hour Internet outage last week, and called President Barack Obama a "monkey" as part of a racist, vitriolic statement issued by the country's highest government body.


Sony says PlayStation Network is back online now, really

After giving gamers false hope on Saturday, Sony now says its PlayStation Network has been fully restored after a Christmas Day attack that knocked it offline for about three days.

PlayStation Network recovers from outage -- or does it?

Sony said early Saturday that its online gaming platform was getting back to normal, but apparently it ran into trouble again later on.


Hackers target Tor as PlayStation disruption continues

Hackers who apparently attacked Sony's PlayStation Network and Microsoft's Xbox Live on Christmas Day have taken aim at the Tor network.

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Google, Microsoft, Sony make 'The Interview' available online

"The Interview" is now available online through Google and Microsoft services as well as a Sony Pictures website.

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Court reaffirms: Think before you email

A recent ruling against Google makes it clear again that courts can demand access to email, even after it’s been deleted.

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Ireland wants US to use treaty to access Microsoft held emails

"Respect Irish sovereignty," Ireland has told a court that is hearing a dispute over access for U.S. law enforcement to email communications held by Microsoft in Dublin.

Apple deploys first-ever automatic patch to fix NTP flaw

Apple on Monday used an automatic security update mechanism for the first time to deploy a fix for a critical vulnerability in NTP, or Network Time Protocol, that was uncovered by a Google engineer.

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Yes, Virginia, 'The Interview' will be shown on Christmas Day after all

The Interview will be screened in U.S. theaters on Christmas Day, the original release date of the controversial movie, which triggered a major cyberattack against Sony, threats of harm against moviegoers and the suspension of its...

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US lawmaker asks Sony for details on data breach

A senior U.S. lawmaker wants Sony Pictures Entertainment to provide details about its recent data breach and its cybersecurity practices, saying the information will help Congress decide whether new laws are needed.

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China is key to North Korean Internet, but maybe not hackers

A request to the Chinese government by U.S. diplomats to help crack down on North Korean hacking underlines the important role that China plays in keeping the dictatorship online.


Thunderbolt devices can infect MacBooks with persistent rootkits

The rogue code will run in the boot ROM and will be hard to detect or remove, a researcher said.

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Garden-variety DDoS attack knocks North Korea off the Internet

The simplest explanation for North Korea's suddenly dropping off the Internet on Monday was a distributed denial-of-service attack that overwhelmed the isolated nation's tenuous connection to the rest of the world, experts said.

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Two-factor authentication oversight led to JPMorgan breach

The attackers who stole information about 83 million JPMorgan Chase customers earlier this year gained a foothold on the company's network because a server reportedly lacked two-factor authentication.

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PATCH NOW: NTP vulns remotely exploitable. Sploits in wild already

Sky falling: Film at 11. The network time protocol (NTP) is badly vulnerable (again). Time to get patching. But this won't be a simple matter for many IT shops. Not great timing if you're winding down for the holidays, is it? In IT...

DirecTV won't show 'The Interview'; others won't say

Sony says video-on-demand providers are unwilling to carry the movie.


Cyberwarfare: Digital weapons causing physical damage

While the attack on Sony is considered “unprecedented,” it was not the worst corporate hack in 2014. More records were stolen from JPMorgan, Home Depot and even eBay. But details of two of the scariest cyberattacks just hit the news...

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