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DNS provider Dyn hit by DDoS attack that takes out major sites

Some of the biggest names on the internet – including Twitter, GitHub, Etsy, Spotify, the New York Times and the Boston Globe, among many others – were temporarily knocked offline by a DDoS attack that targeted DNS provider Dyn early...

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3 ways Windows Server 2016 is tackling security

Windows Server 2016 could be a generational shift in security on par with Bill Gates’ introduction of Trustworthy Computing in 2002.

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Intel asserts its trademark rights against John McAfee

Intel does not object to John McAfee using his personal name in connection with his business, but it objects to the use by the entrepreneur and security expert of the McAfee trade name and trademark in a way that could confuse or...

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Privacy groups target ads for kids disguised as YouTube content

Marketing companies are targeting children worldwide on YouTube with advertising disguised as other content, an "unfair and deceptive" business practice, three privacy groups said in a complaint to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

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Ex-NSA contractor hoarded 20 years of secrets

The former National Security Agency contractor suspected of stealing U.S. hacking tools allegedly was found hoarding two decades' worth of classified materials.

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Free tool protects PCs from master boot record attacks

A new open-source tool called MBRFilter can protect the master boot record of Windows computers from modification by ransomware and other malicious attacks.

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5 tools for making sense of system logs

Security and systems administrators discuss the best and worst features of log management products such Splunk, ArcSight and LogRhythm.

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We interrupt this blog to bring you National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Let timing of National Cyber Security Awareness Month show those on the front lines of dealing with reporters, angry customers, panicky vendors, nervous stockholders and who knows what else during a security breach, IT is a source of...

russian police

LinkedIn blames Russian hacking suspect for 2012 breach

A suspected Russian hacker arrested in the Czech Republic was involved in a massive 2012 data breach at LinkedIn, the professional social networking company said.

yahoo mail

Yahoo asks U.S. for clarity on email scanning controversy

Yahoo is asking the U.S. government to set the record straight on requests for user data, following reports saying the internet company secretly scanned customer emails for terrorism-related information.

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Flaw in Intel CPUs could help attackers defeat ASLR exploit defense

A feature in Intel's Haswell CPUs can be abused to reliably defeat an anti-exploitation technology that exists in all major operating systems, researchers have found.

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UK's porn age verification proposal outrages privacy advocates

The UK has an online age-checking plan to stop kids from watching porn, but there are no privacy safeguards. Porn-browsing adults would also hit an Age Gate which might verify age via banking, electoral information or social media...

robert gates

Politics keeps the U.S. from securing private-sector networks, says former CIA chief Robert Gates

Gates, a former U.S. Secretary of Defense, regaled the IT audience at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo with tales of old tech, including helicopter pilots having to grab film capsules before they hit the ground.

russian police

Czech police nab Russian hacker suspected of targeting U.S.

Police in the Czech Republic have arrested a Russian hacker suspected of targeting the U.S. for cyber crime.


Product security: Not just bells and whistles

The announcement this past week about the vulnerability in an insulin pump made by Johnson & Johnson was just one more of an ongoing series of vulnerabilities found in medical and other products. It seems that a common element...

20151027 oracle cloud on building

Oracle fixes 100s of vulnerabilities that put enterprise data at risk

Oracle has released another large batch of patches, fixing many critical vulnerabilities in enterprise products that are used to store and work with critical business data.

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Tim Cook or Bill Gates as Clinton's VP? It was considered

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Microsoft founder Bill Gates were both on a list of potential vice presidential candidates for Hillary Clinton, according to a leaked email published on Tuesday by WikiLeaks.

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Ecuador cut WikiLeaks founder's internet access to prevent U.S. election interference

Ecuador's embassy in the U.K. says it alone was responsible for cutting WikiLeak's founder Julian Assange's internet connection, stating that the country doesn't want to interfere with the U.S. elections.

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