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Not fired, just shifted to a new position

User comes back from a two-week vacation and promptly calls this IT pilot fish with a very large concern: His keycard no longer works, and he's afraid he's no longer working too.

IOS crash bug

Fake Apple iOS crash reports prove tricky to remove

The fake message advertises a phone number for a technical support scheme.

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Facebook says Flash security woes could hurt its business

Security vulnerabilities in Flash could affect the use of Facebook games, the company said in a filing.

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Ad group urges FTC to reject "right to be forgotten"

Enforcing the European regulation in the U.S. could open the door to other rules, the group is arguing.

Black Hat 2015: Cracking just about anything

Researchers at the Black Hat conference next week will show how to crack Internet routing protocols, malware-detecting honeypots radio-frequency ID gear that gates building access and more. They'll also offer tips on how to avoid...


Hacker steals Bitdefender customer log-in credentials, attempts blackmail

A hacker extracted customer log-in credentials from a server owned by Bitdefender that hosted the cloud-based management dashboards for its small and medium-size business clients.

Researchers improve de-anonymization attacks for sites hiding on Tor

Attackers controlling entry nodes on the Tor network could find the location of hidden services or unmask users visiting them.

google hits misses google right to be forgotten

Google rejects French request to expand right to be forgotten

Google won't comply with an order from France's privacy watchdog group to apply the right to be forgotten to all its search results around the world.

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Critical BIND denial-of-service flaw could disrupt large portions of the Internet

The flaw could be exploited remotely to crash DNS servers by sending them a single packet.

Opponents focus on defeating CISA cyberthreat info-sharing bill

Opponents of a U.S. Senate bill intended to encourage businesses to share information about cyberthreats may have stalled a vote on the legislation.

United Airlines

OPM, Anthem hackers may also have breached United Airlines

The cyberespionage group that stole the personal records of millions of Americans from U.S. health insurer Anthem and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management has also reportedly breached United Airlines.

Data Security

7 essential SQL Server security tips

How to protect your database from SQL injection, data theft, rogue users, and well-meaning meddlers without tying your environment in knots.

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Researchers develop astonishing Web-based attack on a computer's DRAM

The rowhammer problem can be exploited using JavaScript over the Web, researchers have found.

Hacking stealing password data

Symantec: Well-heeled hacking group Black Vine behind Anthem breach

Black Vine has been active since 2012 and is behind several hacks targeting different industries.

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Closing the data floodgates

The unauthorized disclosure of sensitive and controlled data is a major issue for businesses today. Data loss prevention is a relatively new class of products that attempt to monitor common communication channels for the presence of...

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Update: Maliciously crafted MKV video files can be used to crash Android phones

A malicious application or Web page could be used to crash Android devices, in some cases persistently, due to a vulnerability in a multimedia processing component.

FaxBigBrother to stop CISA cyber threat and cyber spying bill

#FaxBigBrother to bury Senate under mountains of paper and stop CISA cyber spying bill

Congress can't grasp modern tech, so Operation FaxBigBrother will turn your emails and hashtagged tweets into faxes -- tech they do understand -- and bury Senators under mountains of paper devoted to stopping the CISA cyber spying...

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How should U.S. respond to state-sponsored cyberattacks?

A new poll suggests the general public views the growing threats from nation-states as significant, but they may be off base in terms of their prescriptions for how to respond.

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No building access card? No problem if you have new Def Con tools

RFID card access systems are used by most companies to let people into their buildings. But over the last few years, researchers have shown how these systems can be easily bypassed.

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