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How to Speak Security

At the recent Black Hat Conference, CSO chats with security industry officials about how InfoSecurity leaders can interact with other parts of the business when it comes to data security issues.


How is the CISO role evolving?

At the recent Black Hat Conference, CSO chats with security industry officials about how the CISO role has been changing, and whether the role reports to the CIO or Risk Management group.


Security Priorities and Challenges

At the recent Black Hat Conference, CSO asked security officials what is "top of mind" in terms of priorities and challenges in the information security industry.


What traits do security employers look for?

At the recent Black Hat Conference, CSO asked security officials what traits and skills they look for in employees they want to hire.


What Security Terms are Overhyped?

At the recent Black Hat Conference, CSO asked security industry officials what terms or phrases they feel are overhyped or misused.

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The myth of the cybersecurity skills shortage

There seems to be a shortage of cybersecurity talent only because people are looking in the wrong places.

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Windows 10: Public enemy No. 1, or an OS like any other?

It’s been denounced in the Russian parliament and reviled as a privacy nightmare — all for doing things that are common to all modern OSs.

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Beyond bitcoin: 7 ways to capitalize on blockchains

Bitcoin’s widely trusted ledger offers intriguing possibilities for business use beyond cryptocurrency.

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ACLU wants court to block NSA's ongoing phone records collection

The American Civil Liberties Union is taking the NSA back to court over its data collection practices.

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Spy equipment suppliers: Report exposes who sells surveillance tech to Columbia

Privacy International's investigative report reveals that more than a dozen international companies are selling spy equipment used for mass surveillance to Columbia, despite that it may be used for unlawful spying.

Web attack silently modifies DNS configurations in routers

Long after reports of hacking, baby monitors remain woefully insecure

A security analysis of nine baby monitors from different manufacturers revealed serious vulnerabilities and design flaws that could allow hackers to hijack their video feeds or take full control of the devices.

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Of Black Hat and security awareness

The annual security conference was a chance to go deep. But back in the office, how do you get 100% of the company’s employees to complete the security awareness training?


Check Point’s SandBlast sandbox spells R.I.P. for ROP attacks

Check Point software upgrade counters a technique attackers have used to evade traditional sandboxes.

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Workers risk business data with gambling apps on their phones

The average company has more than one gambling app installed on some of its employees' mobile devices, and in some cases as many as 35.

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HP beefs up enterprise security suite with tools to root out malware, app vulnerabilites

Hewlett-Packard has added machine learning analysis capabilities to its Fortify application testing service, and introduced a new service for checking DNS requests for malware attacks.

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Tanium review: Endpoint security at the speed of now

Tanium Endpoint Platform draws on fast peer-to-peer communications to answer queries of managed clients within seconds.

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VMware pitches network virtualization for better security

While the idea of network virtualization has been around a while, it has not been adopted in the enterprise as quickly as virtualization for servers. Now, VMware, one of the biggest proponents of virtualizing the entire data center,...

jailbreak Apple iPhone iOS KeyRaider

Apple iPhone jailbreak? STOP! KeyRaider is your worst iOS nightmare made real [u2]

Don't jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. That's the stark warning given by some commentators after a huge hack came to light. 225,000+ Apple accounts got hijacked, thanks to the KeyRaider iOS malware from a Chinese Cydia repo...

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