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Android Security Audit

7 Android tools that can help your personal security

Forget security suites: These seven sensible tools are all you really need on your Android phone to stay safe.

Suzan DelBene

ENCRYPT Act co-sponsor learned tech ropes at Microsoft

Rep. Suzan DelBene, one of four congressional sponsors of the ENCRYPT Act, which would preempt state and local laws banning encryption on smartphones, cut her teeth in mobile communications for Microsoft.

destroyed hard drive

Data destruction 101: There's more to it than wiping your drive [Infographic]

What you need to know about preparing hard drives for reuse, recycling, and disposal.

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Critical flaw exposes Cisco security appliances to remote hacking

Cisco Systems patched a critical vulnerability that could allow remote attackers to take over Adaptive Security Appliance firewalls configured as virtual private network servers by simply sending malformed network packets to them.

7 encryption

House bill would prevent patchwork of state laws banning smartphone encryption

Four bipartisan members of Congress introduced legislation this week to preempt a potential patchwork of state and local government laws banning encryption on smartphones.

Rep. Ted Lieu ENCRYPT Act

Encryption boost from U.S. House bill: Stop States’ smartphone stupidity

Amazingly, some Hill dwellers are pro-encryption, and are starting to fight for citizens’ privacy rights. The first step seems to be to stop individual States from enacting their own crazy anti-crypto laws...

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Android root malware is widespread in third-party app stores

Four third-party app stores for Android have apps with a malicious component that seeks root access to the device, according to Trend Micro.

SAP headquarters in Walldorf, Germany.

SAP slaps a patch on leaky factory software

SAP's February round of critical software updates includes one for SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (xMII) that may be of interest to hackers and spies.

microsoft headquarters

Microsoft fixes 36 flaws in IE, Edge, Office, Windows, .NET Framework

Microsoft released its second batch of security updates for this year, addressing a total of 36 flaws in Internet Explorer, Edge, Office, Windows and .NET Framework.

internet of things control touch user

Government may tap into your IoT gadgets and use your smart devices to spy on you

The U.S. spy chief admitted the government might use your “smart” internet-connected devices to spy on you.

Poseidon hacker group behind long-running extortion scheme

Kaspersky Lab has linked a single group to a long-known campaign of cyberattacks that appears to be aimed at extorting corporate victims.


Setting up a Windows 10 picture PIN

How cool is it to draw on a picture to log into your Windows 10 PC? It's a lot cooler than remembering a bunch of letters and numbers. Here's how to set it up.

Google self driving car

U.S. regulator: A Google computer could qualify as car driver

The U.S. federal transport safety regulator is coming around to the view that rules could be updated so that computers in autonomous cars can be considered as drivers, but added that the rule-making could take some time.

hardware security embedded circuit board integrated controller

Google will stop accepting new Flash ads on June 30

Google is taking another step away from Flash, Adobe Systems' multimedia program that's been widely criticized for its frequent security vulnerabilities.

Internal Revenue Service IRS tax filing form 1040

Identity thieves obtain 100,000 electronic filing PINs from IRS system

The Internal Revenue Service was the target of an attack that used stolen Social Security numbers and other taxpayer data to obtain PINs that can be used to file tax returns electronically.

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Microsoft delivers major updates to Internet Explorer and Adobe Flash Player

This month Microsoft returns to form with 13 patches, with six rated as critical and the remaining seven rated as important. You’ll notice that MS16-010 is missing -- that’s because it was released last month on January 12th, with the...

Google Gmail Jon Postel

Google drives email users to up their Gmail security and privacy

Gmail has two new security features. Users get to see whether their email was or will be encrypted in transit, and also whether other senders have been authenticated...

smartphone encryption

FBI Director entreats tech firms to release encrypted data used in crimes and terror

FBI Director James Comey again implored tech companies on Tuesday to comply with court orders to reveal encrypted communications that law enforcement considers vital.

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