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Employees rate satisfaction, security and stress

The majority of respondents say they deserve more money for the work they do, yet they're happy with their decision to stay in IT

Top-paying industries for IT 2011

Compare IT salaries across a sampling of industries and job titles.

How our 2011 Salary Survey was conducted

A look at the methodology used to conduct the 25th annual Computerworld Salary Survey.

IT pay: Still crazy after all these years

Annual salaries for generic job titles can't be ignored, says columnist David Foote, but premium pay for specialized skills is the real currency in today's IT talent marketplace.

Prepare your workforce for economic prosperity

Inevitably, you must make investments in your workforce in order to advance the business objectives of today and tomorrow, says Yoh's Joel Capperella. Here's how to make those investments count.

IT's superheroes snag new skills

Business superhero
More work? Bring it on! Where some see crushing workloads, these IT...
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